Hemet and San Jacinto voters put democracy into action

<strong>Hemet and San Jacinto voters put democracy into action</strong>
Election-night results now, absentee-ballot tallies later in the week ■ Chronicle News Staff Voters from throughout the Valley went to the polls on Tuesday and cast their ballots for their preferred candidates and gave a thumbs up or down on some 15 measures that were on the ballot including one authorizing a $150 million Hemet school bond and others bringing the business of growing and selling marijuana in Hemet further into mainstream life. Polls opened at 7 a.m. and voters had a full 13 hours – until 8 p.m. – to cast their votes. Voter fever was high, and pollsters had predicted a large turnout compared to prior years as Gov. (more…)

Deadly mosquitos sneak into Riverside County

<strong>Deadly mosquitos sneak into Riverside County</strong>
Watch for headache, fever, stiff neck, disorientation, or coma Photos by Riverside County, Environmental Health Vector Control postcardAedes Aegypti – Yellow Fever Mosquito. ■ By Gena Estrin / Contributed Two mosquito species, the Yellow Fever mosquito (Aedes Aegypti) and Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes Albopictus,) have recently been found in Riverside County. They are capable of transmitting several viral diseases: Zika, West Nile, Dengue, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, and more. What can you do to protect you, your family, and neighbors? Early detection and control of these disease carrying culprits is easy to do. In the case of the aforementioned mosquitos, they are both container breeding mosquitoes. They lay single eggs just above (more…)

Community gives back to Community Pantry

<strong>Community gives back to Community Pantry</strong>
Fundraiser at Hemet Applebee’s a big success Photos by Dennis FletcherCommunity Pantry officers present at the pancake breakfast are, (from left) Barry Richilin (board member), Leonard Gleason (board member), Akeylah Johnson (board member), Michelle Seman (board treasurer), Liz DuBrille (board VP), Jim Lineberger (executive director). ■ By Dennis Fletcher / Contributed Last Saturday, Oct. 20, the Community Pantry found out how much Hemet appreciates the good work they do at a fundraiser pancake breakfast made possible by Applebee’s Restaurant. The Community Pantry exists to bring needed food to families and other individuals in need. Board members Jim Lineberger (Executive Director), Liz DuBrille (Vice President), – Michelle Seman (Treasurer), and board members (more…)

Casino resort keeps it natural

<strong>Casino resort keeps it natural</strong>
Designs offer rustic look inside and out Photos by Soboba Band of Luiseño IndiansA water feature that will welcome guests at the Soboba Hotel porte-cochère, is being installed. ■ By Mike Hiles / Contributed The Soboba Casino Resort is continuing to progress as level six of the hotel adds headboards and bed frames to its rooms and the back-of-house operations is accepting regular deliveries of furniture, fixtures and equipment. A tree, laden with LED lights is the centerpiece of the feature bar at the Soboba replacement casino. Irrigation is done and landscaping has begun in the parking lot area and around the pool. Asphalt has been completed on some of the (more…)

Tigers drag down the Blackhawks

<strong>Tigers drag down the Blackhawks</strong>
CIF Southern Section Div. 7, round one – San Jacinto edged out La Quinta 30-20 Photo by Corey EvanThings got rather messy during last Friday night’s CIF match. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter A lot can happen in 23 years; four presidents have come and gone, 12 Olympiads played, and roughly 4000 episodes of “The Price is Right” have aired. All that and many more historic moments have happened since the last time the San Jacinto High School football team has played the La Quinta Blackhawks in 1995. And on Friday Nov. 2, the two teams finally met again for round one of the CIF Southern Section Division 7 playoffs. (more…)

Knights pierced by D’Backs

<strong>Knights pierced by D’Backs</strong>
Girls Volleyball: Dartmouth bitten off their four-year streak by Diamond Valley, winning the championship 2-nil Photos by Corey EvanThe Diamondbacks are number one, having ended Dartmouth’s four-year winning streak. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter One can’t help but root for an underdog… or in this case, the under-snake. Going up against the four-time Valley League champion Dartmouth Middle School Knights on Nov. 1, the girls volleyball team of Diamond Valley Middle School had a lot to prove. But the Diamondbacks did start off with one big advantage: home court advantage. The snake pit, a.k.a. the Diamondback Gym, was standing-room only for the 2018 championship match. Action shot taken during last (more…)

HHS Broadcasting: behind the scenes

<strong>HHS Broadcasting: behind the scenes</strong>
The Chronicle goes behind the scenes at the Hemet High Multimedia Department Photos by Corey EvanJosie Collier interviews a fellow student for the Thursday broadcast. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter Every public school student past and present remembers listening to the morning announcements: A teacher or a student reads the bulletin into the loudspeakers, while half the class tunes it out and chats with their peers. But when it’s on video, students pay more attention and it becomes memorable. This is why Hemet High School transmits its morning announcements to students every day on video. The Valley Chronicle spent the morning of Thursday, Nov. 1 at the Hemet High School (more…)
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Clergy Corner: Should Christians have a Bucket List?

File PhotoSusan Beckett. ■ By Susan Beckett / Contributed As kids, most of us had big dreams for the future. We wanted to grow up to be astronauts, famous athletes or even celebrated movie stars. As a child, I faithfully watched the Mickey Mouse Club and just knew in my little heart of hearts that someday I too would be a Mouseketeer, singing and dancing my way across the TV screens of America! I believe as children we dreamed of “being” something amazing, but it seems as we grow older we add to those ambitions and also want to “achieve” and “do” extraordinary things. There’s an interesting term we use today (more…)
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SJHS Culinary Arts facility grand opening

<strong>SJHS Culinary Arts facility grand opening</strong>
New program seeks to provide a school-wide culture Photos by SJHSSJHS Student Keyanna Brown served event guests vegetable pizza, a catering favorite. ■ San Jacinto Unified School District / Contributed San Jacinto Unified School District’s San Jacinto High School has a shiny new Culinary Arts facility, already put into action for the ribbon-cutting event held on Oct. 24, from a dream made real through a three-year Career Technical Education (CTE) grant from the California Department of Education (CDE) awarded in February of 2016. Dr Vince Record, Director College & Career cuts ribbon for new facility. Two classrooms and an unused snack bar in the school’s 500 Building were repurposed for a (more…)
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MSJC nursing students awarded scholarships

<strong>MSJC nursing students awarded scholarships</strong>
Students take advantage of new pathway agreement with Loma Linda University Photo by MSJCMembers of the Mt. San Jacinto College Foundation and Superintendent/President Dr. Roger Schultz stand with students who received scholarships during the RN Scholarship Reception on Nov. 1. ■ Mt. San Jacinto College / Contributed The Mt. San Jacinto College Foundation awarded scholarships to 41 MSJC nursing students on Nov. 1 during a scholarship event at Menifee Lakes Country Club. Scholarships disbursed totaled $30,800. Some of the MSJC nursing students plan to take advantage of the new pathway agreement between MSJC and Loma Linda University to complete a Bachelor’s of Science and Nursing (BSN). Loma Linda University (LLU) School (more…)