Hemet firefighters host 2018 open house

<strong>Hemet firefighters host 2018 open house</strong>
Public gets a close-up look at the people and equipment keeping them safe Photos by Cindy Boeing / The Valley ChronicleAt the annual Hemet Fire Department open house, firefighters demonstrate how they extract trapped victims from a vehicle after an auto crash, a scene that has played out lately too often on the local highways. ■ Chronicle News Staff The Hemet Fire Department opened its doors last weekend and invited the public in to see their equipment, people, and operations. The annual open house was a particular eye-opener for the children of Hemet who were awe struck by the size and complexity of the firefighters’ equipment. To see a ladder truck (more…)

Love rules at the pawn shop

A broken heart, a pawned ring and a trip to church all conspire ■ Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter When Mario Giacco from New York met Alex Johnson in Hemet things started to happen. It all started on a sort of blind date through Zoosk Dating Service, but wait…not to let the cart get ahead of the match-up! In the summer of 2017, Alex (yes, she is a girl) received an insurance settlement check after an accident. She decided to treat herself and a best friend to something nice. Off she went to the jeweler to find a suitable ring. “I had no idea exactly what I wanted that July afternoon (more…)

October takes on special meaning at The Wheelhouse

<strong>October takes on special meaning at The Wheelhouse</strong>
Hemet’s skate rink offers untapped family fun and exercise Jim VivancoThe Wheelhouse is one of the few roller skating rinks in southern California, and it’s located right here in Hemet. ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor When people who live in Hemet dryly say that there is “nothing to do” in town that is good family fun, they overlook one of the area’s most iconic landmarks: The Wheelhouse roller skating rink. Roller skating has been one of America’s favorite forms of recreation for more than 35 years since President Ronald Reagan declared October National Roller Skating Month. The fact that Hemet has one of the few roller skating rinks in (more…)

Hemet Public Library goes 24/7

<strong>Hemet Public Library goes 24/7</strong>
Library finds a way to meet mounting demand for services Photos by Dennis FletcherA library patron and her son (not pictured) use the 24-Hour Library to retrieve books after hours that were ordered online from the Hemet Public Library. ■ Dennis Fletcher / Contributed What do you do when faced with limited hours and staff but high community demand? The team at Hemet Public Library has tackled this problem through creative thinking and innovative solutions. “With only nine staff members, self-service has been the key to our success,” said Hemet Public Library Director Kathye Caines. “Solutions such as self-service checkout and computer and print management free up staff to be able (more…)

Oldlympics Awards Banquet 2018

<strong>Oldlympics Awards Banquet 2018</strong>
Tuesday evening capped off record-breaking Oldlympics season with accolades and appetizers galore Photo by Corey EvanThe winners were fantastic. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter Few local sporting competitions create as much buzz as the Oldlympics. And this year, the games set new records! The 34th Annual Oldlympic Games concluded their gangbuster season on Tuesday, Oct. 2, with their annual awards banquet which was so well attended that participants had to park down the street from the Valley-wide Gymnasium on Esplanade Avenue. This also included some cases of double-parking, for which we are not naming names. This year, the Oldlympics saw their greatest turnout to date: A total of 645 participants (more…)

Titans felled by bird strike

<strong>Titans felled by bird strike</strong>
Tahquitz football had tough game against Citrus Hill last Friday Photo by Corey EvanAnd the food was wonderful, and plentiful! ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter Having two undefeated teams on the gridiron is the football illustration of the age-old conundrum: an unstoppable force versus an immovable object. That conundrum played out at Tahquitz High School on Friday, Oct. 5, as the as-of-yet undefeated Tahquitz Titans welcomed the equally undefeated Citrus Hill Hawks. The Titans received the opening kickoff, and then the two teams got to work. After struggling with one another for seven minutes, the Hawks drew first blood with Dee “Money” Miles bringing in the first 31-yard rushing touchdown (more…)

Lady Mustangs render Hawks flightless

<strong>Lady Mustangs render Hawks flightless</strong>
Girls Volleyball: West Valley defeats Citrus Hill at Senior Night beating the Hawks to take spot in CIF for first time in three years Photo by Corey EvanMolia Tuia serves up trouble for Citrus Hill. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter Being at the top of your game means staying on top of your game. The West Valley High School volleyball girls had to keep this in mind on Friday, Oct. 5, for two reasons: 1) It was their senior night in the Mustang gym. 2) The Citrus Hill Hawks were in town for a game. One can safely assume you don’t need any further reasons. The Hawks served first this (more…)
Faith & Fellowship

Clergy Corner: What it means by saying grace

<strong>Clergy Corner: What it means by saying grace</strong>
File PhotoMichael Falgout. ■ Michael Falgout / Contributed It was our oldest son who first brought it to my attention. “Why do we say, ‘Thank you, seed,’ before we eat dinner?” The simple answer is: we don’t. But, when our youngest says grace before our evening meal, that is what it sounds like. I honestly don’t know who was the first among us to pray, “Thank you, Father. Thank you for this day. Thank you for this food that we have received. Amen.” But, somehow, it stuck, and was passed down from brother to sister until the last part was shortened to: “Thank you f’th’s day. Thank you f’th’s…ceiv’d (sounds like: (more…)
School Life

SJUSD College Kickoff event

<strong>SJUSD College Kickoff event</strong>
Countywide celebration encourages students to explore college options SJUSDSJHS students Nadia Talamantez and Hennesy Martinez participated in College Kickoff events last year. ■ By SJUSD / Contributed San Jacinto Unified School District (SJUSD) held its annual College Kickoff on Wednesday, Oct. 10, as part of the Riverside County College Kickoff Day events. College Kickoff is an opportunity to promote the college application season and help students throughout Riverside County recognize the importance of planning for their college and career endeavors. SJUSD is committed to ensuring that all of its students graduate college and are career ready. All 14 schools participated in activities promoting college and careers, which enabled all students to (more…)
School Life

West Valley preps students for elections

<strong>West Valley preps students for elections</strong>
Student government registers future student voters Photos by HUSDStudents signed up to pre-register and register for the upcoming fall elections. ■ Hemet Unified School District / Contributed The California Department of Education, along with the State of California, observed High School Voter Education Week from Sept. 17-28. In recognition of the week, the CDE and State of California emphasized the importance of ensuring that students are learning to become active and engaged citizens. West Valley High School Student Government students used Tuesday, Sept. 25 and Wednesday Sept. 26 to help register high school students in time to vote in the fall elections. Students worked with retired educators from the Four Seasons (more…)