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Cawston elementary school’s unforgettable red ribbon assembly

<strong>Cawston elementary school’s unforgettable red ribbon assembly</strong>
Photos by HUSDStudents and staff got to meet with members of the Hemet Fire Department and take a look at one of the fire trucks. ■ Hemet Unified School District / Contributed Staff members at Cawston Elementary School surprised their students with an unforgettable school assembly. On Monday, Oct. 29, students were visited by members of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Hemet Fire Department, and California Highway Patrol (CHP). Students were shown undercover police vehicles and a helicopter, which landed on the field in the middle of the Red Ribbon Week Assembly. Students and staff members were educated about Officer Enrique Camarena, who was killed in an undercover operation involving drugs. (more…)

Hemet delivers on new businesses, development, and projects

<strong>Hemet delivers on new businesses, development, and projects</strong>
The Mayor’s State-of-the-City address in its entirety Chris Smith / The Valley ChronicleMayor Michael Perciful delivers the 2018 Hemet State of the City address Nov. 1 to a packed house at the Lodge at Four Seasons. ■ Michael Perciful / Contributed Editor’s Note: Following is a transcript of Mayor Michael Perciful’s State of the City Address delivered to an audience of Hemet Chamber of Commerce members Nov. 1 at the Lodge at Four Seasons in Hemet. It has been edited slightly for print without changes to meaning. This is Part 1 in a series that will continue to run until the full transcript is published. Our City has accomplished many highlights (more…)

Florida Avenue – political football

File PhotoRusty Strait. ■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter For as long as memory allows Florida Avenue, a.k.a State Highway 74, has been a political football with blame tossed back and forth between the City of Hemet and CalTrans, like kids slinging snowballs in the winter. Meanwhile, the public suffers. Florida Avenue should be called “Suicide Lane” because driving in any direction – East to West or North to South, and any variation thereof, is a chance to literally take your own life. Some of the busiest cross streets do not have left turn signals. For instance, at Yale Street and Kirby. Cars dart in and out and change lanes (more…)

The Inland Empire’s religious melting pot

Hemet serves the needs of many different faiths ■ By Ann Smith / Contributed I read with interest, Chris Smith’s article on the Presbyterian Church of Hemet in the Oct. 25 edition of The Valley Chronicle. I attended The Hollywood Presbyterian Church for several years myself while I was searching for my religious pathway. That was the period when the nationally recognized Rev. Lloyd John Ogilvie led a mega-congregation of 3,000 plus in the mid- to late 70’s. (Ogilvie was the Hollywood minister who in 1995 was elected U.S. Senate Chaplain but at the same time was the target of a lawsuit by a woman who claimed he talked her out (more…)

A senior moment in Hemet

■ By Dolly Baxter / Contributed I decided to spend time with a senior citizen named Peggy who lives in a senior community for my observation report. She is a 91 year old woman who is recently widowed after 65 years of marriage and lives alone. She has a caregiver named Delores who comes in to help her three days a week, but for the remainder of the week she is alone. I chose Peggy to observe because she lives in the same community as my great aunt and I wanted to observe the behaviors of someone who used to live with a loved one for so long to then suddenly (more…)

Emergency preparedness do’s & don’ts

<strong>Emergency preparedness do’s & don’ts</strong>
■ Mike Olin, President of Country Lake C.E.R.T. / Contributed The following information is important for all C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) personnel to be aware of, as well as the general public. Consider the following Do’s and Don’ts, and how these rules could impact you during and following an emergency or disaster where you live. – Have a telephone contact outside California to report where you are and your condition. – Carry in your car: Disaster emergency kit with food & water that will last you 3 days, First Aid supplies, Fire Extinguisher, Blankets, Flash light & extra batteries, Tool kit. – Have extra cash on hand in small denominations. (more…)

PUBLIC SAFETY BRIEFS – November 8, 2018

About the Coroner’s Bureau The Coroner’s Office was established on May 2, 1893. On January 4, 1999, the Coroner’s Office consolidated with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, becoming the 42nd county in the state to consolidate the Coroner’s Office with the Sheriff’s Office. In 2015, over thirteen thousand deaths were reported to the Riverside County Coroner’s Bureau. The Coroner investigates and reports on all violent, sudden or unusual deaths of persons within the County as established by California law. The Coroner may hold an inquest if the circumstances warrant. The inquest may be held with or without a jury, at the Coroner’s discretion and shall be open to the public. Mandatory (more…)

San Jacinto musical talent surfaces

<strong>San Jacinto musical talent surfaces</strong>
modernracket.comHuerta believes in love and equality, but not the rampant drug culture of the sixties. Manny Huerta’s Modern Racket makes an impression beyond the Valley ■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter Manny Huerta is a 25-year-old 2011 graduate of San Jacinto High School and has musical ambitions that reach far beyond the Valley. However, his current focus is on bringing what he calls Modern Hippie music to the local community. “When I say hippy,” he explains, “it is not the sixties hippies of Timothy Leary.” His band is called Modern Racket. “I got the name from noticing how everything seems to be modernized. We went from silent movies to talkies, (more…)

HHT announces new season of tribute concerts

<strong> HHT announces new season of tribute concerts</strong>
Hemet Historic TheatreBrad Ford and Fortunate Son were in town with their number one tribute to John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival. ■ By Susan Carrier / Contributed On Saturday, Nov. 3, with an auditorium packed with CCR fans, the Historic Hemet Theatre announced its next season of Tribute Mania concerts to begin in January of 2019. Brad Ford and Fortunate Son were in town with their number one tribute to John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival. This show is one of HHT’s most requested groups and tickets were sold out three weeks ahead. The band was “on fire” all night. Brad told the crowd that they had really looked forward (more…)

Pet of the Week

<strong> Pet of the Week </strong>
  “Player One” – Shepherd male Mix (Senior) Player One is a gorgeous, unassuming, sweet boy, a wee bit shy at first, but willing to make new friends. He was brought here due to a move. They told us he loves car rides & sleeps inside, doesn’t jump fences or chew on household items. He has been known to get into the garbage on occasion. He is 10 yrs. old & weighs 27.5 pounds. He sure hopes he gets a great home. Player One is up to date on shots, gets along well w/dogs & cats, de-wormed and he will be neutered prior to his adoption. ID #146652 / R225605   (more…)