COMMUNITY NEWS – March 22, 2018

■ By Melissa Diaz Hernandez / Editor March to end gun violence The march will begin at 10 a.m. on March 24 at Gibbel Park, 2500 W. Florida Ave., Hemet and will be followed by a rally at the park with speakers who are students, victims of gun violence, and others who are concerned about the proliferation of assault weapons in our society. A sign-making event for the march will be held from 5-7 p.m. on March 23 at Juniper Terrace Mobile Home Park Clubhouse, 530 W. Devonshire Ave., Hemet. Materials are donated by the Democrats of Hemet-San Jacinto club. An Evening of Art The Hemet Valley Art Association (HVAA) is (more…)
Arts & Culture

The stars of Idyllwild Film Festival sit down to chat

<strong>The stars of Idyllwild Film Festival sit down to chat</strong>
Photos by Kyle Selby / The Valley ChronicleTop left to right: Festival director Stephen Savage, executive producer Trinity Houston and celebrity chairman Wolfgang Bodison. Bottom: Actresses and co-hosts Erika Christensen and Violet Spataro with Captain Leonard Purvis of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. ■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter The 2018 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema concluded with its awards ceremony Sunday, March 11. However, in the days preceding the event, I sat down with several of the filmmakers and actors to discuss their impressions of Idyllwild and their processes behind the camera. Check it out. Actress Erika Christensen (“Traffic,” “Parenthood,” “Ten Days in the Valley”) was invited to the festival (more…)
School Life

Hemet Unified School District announces its salutatorians

<strong>Hemet Unified School District announces its salutatorians</strong>
■ Chronicle News Service Last week, The Valley Chronicle honored Hemet Unified School District (HUSD) valedictorians for the 2017/18 academic year. This week we honor the district’s salutatorians. The HUSD board has developed the following guidelines to determine who is selected as each school’s valedictorian and salutatorian. The calculation to select valedictorian(s) and salutatorian(s) is the sum of the student’s Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) combined Evidence-based Reading and Writing and Math scores multiplied by the student’s weighted grade point average (GPA). The student’s weighted GPA is determined from grade 9 through fall semester grade 12. The student’s total SAT score for Evidence-based Reading and Writing and Math scores is determined against (more…)

SJ selects new planning director

<strong>SJ selects new planning director</strong>
Travis Randel comes to SJ after serving 12 years in Riverside City of San JacintoTravis Randel, new planning/community development director for San Jacinto. ■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter Travis Randel has been selected as the new Planning/Community Development Director for the city of San Jacinto and officially began Monday, March 12. Previously, Randel worked for the City of Riverside for 12 ½ years beginning as a planning technician and working his way up to a position as principal planner for Public Information and Zoning Assistance. San Jacinto City Manager Rob Johnson, who selected Randel, says he is an asset due to his prior knowledge of how to streamline an application (more…)

State Auditor also questions Measure U spending

<strong>State Auditor also questions  Measure U spending</strong>
California State Auditor website, source Fiscal Year 2017-18 General Fund Budget for the city of HemetThe California State Auditor points out that the presentation is misleading. ■ By Melissa Diaz Hernandez / Editor The California State Auditor added an update to Hemet’s Corrective Action Plan and Assessment pointing out that the city of Hemet seems to be misleading the public on how it intends to spend the funds generated by Measure U, the 1 percent sales tax passed by voters in November 2016. Earlier this month, The Valley Chronicle reported what appeared to be an absorption of Measure U funds into the general fund after the Hemet City Council approved 2017-18 (more…)

Lullaby of algebra: How mixing music and math helps engage students

■ By Carolyn Jones / EDSOURCE Jami Jorgensen is the human jukebox of quadratic equations. “Anything that’s an algorithm, I have a song for it,” said the energetic middle-school math teacher in Hayward Unified, in the east Bay Area. “I must have 100 songs. At least.” Jorgensen, who teaches 7th– and 8th–grade math, leads her students in ditties, chants and dance moves to help them remember basic formulas in algebra and geometry. A lesson on monomial exponent rules becomes: “You thought we were done Having fun, But if your exponent is zero, Your base simplifies to one.” Jorgensen said that weaving music into math lessons has boosted her students’ test scores, (more…)

Ramblin Man: Bullying

■ By David Porter / Contributed I’ve been reading a lot about bullying lately and realize now that I was bullied a lot more in school than I ever realized. It wasn’t really a problem for me because my self-esteem was high enough to counterbalance it. Sure, I got picked last for dodgeball and pickup baseball games, but I didn’t think it was because people didn’t like me. It was because I wasn’t very good. I would have picked me last, too. I got picked on a little, I guess, but I was fortunate that I never thought of it as systemic. I wasn’t picked on by everybody; just a couple (more…)

The White House ‘Exitus’

■ By Bob Franken / Columnist There’s a lot of talk about the Trump presidency unraveling. Big mistake. That assumes it was ever raveled. Now, however, it is about to be Hopeless. Yes, that’s a cheesy pun to note that Hope Hicks, who has been among the most trusted of Donald Trump’s aides since even before he became a candidate, is departing the pressure-cooker White House. Although still in her 20s, Trump leaned heavily on her as his only front-stabber in a sea of intrigue. She ended up as communications director, but she’s not the first one to bail or be bailed from that spot. Remember Sean Spicer, who provided one (more…)

GOP starts to wise up; will Dems follow?

■ By Thomas D. Elias / Columnist California’s top two primary system is living up to its “jungle primary” nickname more this spring than ever, with dozens of candidates vying in both statewide and district races across the state for rare, elusive spots on the November general election ballot. Before Proposition 14 passed in 2010, every political party recognized by the state got one slot and no more in the fall runoff. But now only the two leading primary election vote-getters make the final, regardless of their party. Over three election cycles since voters adopted the system, this has created dozens of one-party races for legislative and congressional seats and once (more…)


Nuevo woman killed on Ramona Expressway A 29-year-old Nuevo woman was killed early Friday, March 16, in a crash in Lakeview that involved a dairy big-rig, according to the Riverside County News Source. The collision happened at about 4:10 a.m. in the area of the Ramona Expressway and Bridge Street south of Mystic Lake, according to Tawny Cabral of the Riverside County Fire Department. The driver of the Toyota Prius, identified as Amanda Guzman, reportedly plowed into the back of the eastbound dairy truck, according to news reports. Guzman reportedly died at the scene about 20 minutes after the crash, according to authorities. The California Highway Patrol is investigating the crash. (more…)