Police shoot, kill knife-wielding San Jacinto man

Longtime resident suffering possible mental illness threatens family member ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor A San Jacinto man was shot and killed by sheriff’s deputies Thursday night, Dec. 20, in downtown San Jacinto after he allegedly threatened people with a knife. The Riverside County Sheriff’s department has released little information on the officer-involved shooting, which happened about 7:30 p.m., nor by press time had it identified the victim who was rushed to an area hospital and died there from his injuries. The initial call came in to police as a domestic disturbance. Varying accounts of what happened exist, but apparently the man was in a disturbed state of mind (more…)

Casino job fair draws some 1,000 eager applicants

<strong>Casino job fair draws some 1,000 eager applicants</strong>
Chris Smith / The Valley ChronicleThe Soboba Casino job fair Monday at the Soboba Country Club drew about 1,000 people who stood in line for hours waiting to be interviewed for some 400 positions. Hundreds wait for shuttles, then wait in line to be interviewed ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Nov. 29, 2018 The line was long, the wait was frustrating, but for some, the payoff was like hitting the jackpot. When you have been unemployed – or underemployed – or have had to endure a long commute everyday, finding a new job is like getting a new lease on life. Monday, Nov. 27, (more…)

Webb named Hemet’s 17th chief of police

<strong>Webb named Hemet’s 17th chief of police</strong>
Photos by Kyle Selby / The Valley Chronicle(Left to right): City Councilwoman Bonnie Wright, Mayor Michael Perciful, Chief Rob Webb, Mayor Pro Tem Karlee Meyer, Councilwoman Linda Krupa, and Councilman Russ Brown. Police Chief Rob Webb promises zero tolerance and positive attitude ■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Jan. 25, 2018 Former Deputy Police Chief Charles “Rob” Webb was officially sworn in as Chief of Police of the Hemet Police Department Tuesday evening, Jan. 23. “Tonight, I have the honor and the privilege of administering the oath of office to our 17th police chief in the 108 year history of the Hemet Police Department,” Hemet Mayor (more…)

Fire threatens Idyllwild

■ Chronicle news Staff NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Jul. 26, 2018 Fire broke out in the San Jacinto Mountains near Idyllwild Wednesday causing evacuations and a major air and ground assault to quench the spreading blaze that may have been set by an arsonist. At press time, the CHP had closed all roads into Idyllwild and Mountain Center from Hemet, Banning, and Palm Springs and had issued an evacuation order to residents in the southwest area of the popular mountain community. Fires reportedly were burning in several locations along Highways 74 and 243. A main fire was reported to be west of the sewer ponds below Idyllwild Arts. Police reportedly (more…)

Man escapes injury after confrontation with police

Shootout results in house being riddled with bullet holes ■ Chronicle news Staff Hemet police and a man living on Rafferty Road engaged in exchange of gunfire Wednesday evening, Dec. 26, but no one was hurt, according to police. Police said they were called to the residence in the 2900 block shortly after 6 p.m. when neighbors said the man had left his home and was outside brandishing a firearm. When police arrived, a confrontation ensued, and officers opened up on the man but apparently didn’t hit him. His residence, however, was left riddled with bullet holes, according to news reports. The man was quickly taken into custody and was being (more…)

Candidate Joel Lopez puts the homeless to work

<strong>Candidate  Joel Lopez  puts the homeless to work</strong>
Photos by Joel LopezCrews comprised of the city’s homeless help clean up San Jacinto. Frustrated by street trash, the SJ City Council candidate takes action ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Oct. 4, 2018 While most people just complain about trash along the street or in vacant lots and bemoan the fact there are so many homeless people wandering around not working, San Jacinto City Council candidate Joel Lopez is doing something about it. Last week Lopez put the need to clean up trash around San Jacinto together with the need for homeless people to do something constructive with their time. He hired a squad (more…)

Candidate Krupa says Hemet may be ready for pot

<strong>Candidate Krupa says Hemet may be ready for pot</strong>
Photos by Chris Smith / The Valley ChronicleKrupa and school board candidate Rob Davis exchange pleasantries during a meet-the-candidates evening at the Hemet Elks Lodge. Citizens to decide if medicinal marijuana shops make sense ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Sept. 27, 2018 The times they are a changin’. That line from the 1964 Bob Dylan song of the same name could have been playing in the background of the Elks Lodge Monday night when Hemet City Councilwoman Linda Krupa addressed the Hemet San Jacinto Valley RWF (Republican Women’s Club Federated ) as part of a quartet of speakers to address the conservative group on (more…)

The view from a hospice room

How to finally get the best treatment you could ever imagine ■ Bracha Sarah Meyerowitcz / Contributed NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Jan. 18, 2018 I’ve been blessed with 73 years of life, so I can’t say that I’ve been cheated out of any time. Even as I lie dying in the palliative care section at the Loma Linda VA hospital, I feel fortunate. No one joins the Army, Air Force, Navy, or Marines thinking that they will get wonderful end-of-life care; they just go out to serve. I thought I was going to be able to die in my own home, but with my being less and less able even (more…)

City services slashed to fund pensions, and now your taxes are going up, too!

Local ‘public safety’ taxes are really public employee ‘pension taxes.’ ■ Steven Greenhut / Contributed NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Jan. 4, 2018 In the coming months and years, California voters can expect to see a variety of tax increases pop up on their local election ballots. They will be called “public safety” taxes to hire more police or firefighters or “parks” or “library” taxes to pay for those popular public services. But don’t be fooled. Any new tax proposal is in reality a “pension tax” designed to help the California Public Employees’ Retirement System make up for shortfalls in its investment strategy. In fact, liberal interest groups are getting ready (more…)

Man and woman assassinated on SJ highway

<strong>Man and woman assassinated on SJ highway</strong>
Photo by Kyle Selby / The Valley ChronicleLopez’s father, Carlos, holds a candle in the sky for his daughter. Hundreds of friends, family, coworkers, and classmates came to the vigil honoring Lopez, Saturday night. Woman’s family and friends honor her memory in candlelight vigil ■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Jan. 11, 2018 Friends, family, classmates, and coworkers of Lauren Lopez shared warm embraces and wiped each others’ tears at a heartfelt candlelight vigil Saturday night at Team Quest Athletic Center in San Jacinto. “Justice for Lauren,” was the mantram everybody was murmuring, as they lit up the gym’s parking lot with handheld candles in Lopez’ (more…)