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Clergy Corner: New Year – new you!

■ SUSAN BECKETT / Contributed You probably know “The List” by now: Eat better. Lose weight. Save more and quit smoking. We yawn and think – here we go again. It’s the same old New Year’s resolutions that roll around each year! But they do beat the alternatives: Rob a bank. Steal a car. Commit identity theft. Get drunk. You’re probably thinking, geez, where is she going with this? Well, I’m that ever-hopeful person who thinks that just maybe this year, things can really be different. Perhaps we can come up with some type of blueprint for 2019 that will make a difference in our lives. At least we can give (more…)

Battle for the Bell 2018

<strong>Battle for the Bell 2018</strong>
Photos by Corey Evan / The Valley ChronicleThe San Jacinto Tigers bask in the glory after winning the famous Battle for the Bell football game 21-7 against the Hemet High Bulldogs. San Jacinto keeps the historic bell for the 5th straight year ■ BY Corey Evan / Reporter NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First published: Oct. 18, 2018 It was a cloudy, blustery Friday night in the San Jacinto Valley. But on both sides of San Jacinto High School Tiger Stadium, spirits were as sunny as a summer day. On the north side of the grandstands, the visiting Hemet High fans were arrayed in red and gold. At the south end, fans rocked (more…)

Tigers shot down by Centaurs

<strong>Tigers shot down by Centaurs</strong>
Photos by Corey EvanCoach Aric Galliano is very proud of his 2018 Tigers for just getting to the finals. Culver City took CIF Division 7 Championship title from San Jacinto, 61-21 ■ BY Corey Evan / Reporter NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Nov. 29, 2018 Many football teams only ever dream of the day they make it to the Championship finals in their division. For San Jacinto High School, that dream came true on Saturday, Nov. 24, having conquered La Quinta, squeaked past Riverside’s Notre Dame and squeezed Valencia of Placentia to make it to the CIF Division 7 Championship against the Culver City Centaurs. Could these local thoroughbreds possibly take (more…)

Soboba Tribe contributes $1 million toward pool at San Jacinto High

<strong>Soboba Tribe contributes $1 million toward pool at San Jacinto High</strong>
Courtesy of San Jacinto Unified School DistrictA million-dollar check is presented to the San Jacinto Unified School District to help fund the Soboba Aquatics Center at the high school. Joining in the groundbreaking ceremony on June 6 were School Board Member Deborah Rex, with her grandsons Jared and Logan Hollist; Sherry Smith, assistant superintendent of Educational Services; Jasmin Rubio, Board member; Matt Hixson, assistant superintendent of Personnel Services; Trica Ojeda, Board member; Seth Heeren, assistant superintendent of Business Services; Willie Hamilton, clerk of the Board; John Norman, Board president; Superintendent Diane Perez; and from the Soboba Tribal Council: Sergeant-at-arms Rose Salgado, Treasurer Kelli Hurtado and Vice Chairman Isaiah Vivanco. School district (more…)

Rocky Horror rings in the new year at HHT

<strong> Rocky Horror rings in the new year at HHT </strong>
Historic Hemet TheatreThe New Year’s Eve crowd excitedly participated in the traditional interactive viewing experience of Rocky Horror Picture Show ■ Susan Carrier / Contributed NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Jan. 4, 2018 As advertised, The Historic Hemet Theatre’s “Craziest New Year’s in Town,” was an over-the-top celebration where over 200 cult fans danced to “The Time Warp” during the annual New Year’s Eve showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Prop bags filled with squirt guns, toilet paper, noisemakers, playing cards, confetti and more were distributed at the door — all part of the fun for the 1975 cult classic film. Dozens of Rocky “virgins” came forward to have their forehead (more…)

Hemet couple gets package with scaly stowaway

<strong>Hemet couple gets package with scaly stowaway</strong>
Photos courtesy of Riverside County Animal ServicesThe Brummets pose for a photo with Officer Beck and the bearded dragon. ■ RIVERSIDE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF ANIMAL SERVICE / Contributed NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published June 14, 2018 A couple in the Hemet area discovered a bearded dragon inside a package delivered to them on Wednesday June 6. Al and Chris Brummett ordered a bicycle from as a gift for one of their granddaughters. Mr. Brummett made the startling find after unboxing the bicycle. He was in the midst of his assemble job when he noticed a critter in the box staring back at him. “At first I freaked out because he (more…)
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For the first time A comic convention hosted in Hemet

For the first time <strong> A comic convention hosted in Hemet</strong>
Photos by Kyle Selby / The Valley ChronicleA Jedi knight and an Imperial TIE fighter pilot joined the fun on Saturday at Hemet’s first “Get Your Comics-On” convention. Local creators and artists debut their works ■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter NEW YEAR’S REVIEW First Published: Jan. 18, 2018 The “Get Your Comics-On” comic convention debuted at the Hemet Public Library Saturday, Jan. 13. The seven-hour event showcased the works of some of the valley’s most talented creative minds. Throughout the day, various creators held panels about everything from the process of self-publishing to the importance of equality in ink. Art classes were taught, belly dancers danced, and some documentaries about (more…)
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Coin collecting for beginners

<strong>Coin collecting for beginners</strong>
Metro ServiceCoin collecting is a worthwhile hobby and can sometimes be a financially savvy investment. People have been collecting coins for about as long as coins have been made. That’s a passion that has endured for centuries, since roughly 600 to 800 BC. Coin collecting is a worthwhile hobby and can sometimes be a financially savvy investment. Coin collecting, or numismatics, is the study and collection of ancient and/or modern currency. This currency is largely coins, but extends to paper money as well as tokens and other related objects of monetary significance or minted legal tender. Many people are drawn to numismatics because of the continuous search for currency with anomalies (more…)
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Beyond Sushi: How to enjoy sake at home

<strong>Beyond Sushi: How to enjoy sake at home</strong>
StatePoint MediaWhether you’re mixing up cocktails or searching for a dinner pairing, consider sake. Sake, made from fermented rice, is an up-and-comer in the world of wine and spirits, and Americans consume about 35 percent of all sake exported from Japan, according to John Gauntner’s Sake World. Often remembered as that simple, warm drink consumed exclusively at sushi bars and Japanese restaurants, it’s sometimes notorious for its associations with sake-bomb-induced debauchery. To gain a better understanding of this complex beverage, here are five common sake myths – debunked! 1. Sake is too strong. False! The association of sake with strong alcoholic drinks may be more connected to an attitude of yake-zake, (more…)
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Get back on track with healthy, low-fat dining

<strong>Get back on track with healthy, low-fat dining</strong>
Metro ServiceSmoked Haddock on a Nest of Potatoes Recipe for Smoked Haddock on a nest of potatoes At the start of a new year, many people resolve to get in shape and lose weight. Diet and exercise have long been the ideal recipe for shedding pounds. In order to do so, a person must create a calorie deficit, which occurs when a person burns more calories than he or she consumes. Healthy, low-fat and low-calorie foods can help people create a calorie deficit. This recipe for Smoked Haddock on a nest of potatoes from Sue Kreitzman’s “Low Fat for Life Cookbook” (DK) checks in at just 221 calories per serving with (more…)