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San Jacinto kicks off Christmas

<strong>San Jacinto kicks off Christmas</strong>
Photos by Dennis FletcherHot chocolate servers left to right: Valley Wide supervisor JB, 1st time volunteer Heather Manzana, baseball player Tyler Mercer, and happy recipient Galilea Cordon. Christmas tree lighting first of several activities ■ Dennis Fletcher / Contributed Valley-Wide Recreation and Park District has rolled out a number of holiday events in San Jacinto, Hemet and Menifee. Festivities began Friday, Nov. 30 with a Christmas Tree Lighting at Regional Park in San Jacinto located at 901 West Esplanade Avenue. The event began at 5:30 p.m. and featured the Christmas tree lighting around 6 p.m. The evening included the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas with complimentary hot cocoa and coffee (more…)
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Visit these festively named locations

<strong>Visit these festively named locations</strong>
The official Christmas Tree lighting in San Jacinto took place last Friday at Valley-Wide Regional Park in San Jacinto. The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are some of the most anticipated, jolly and busy moments of the year. People partake in all sorts of traditions in the name of holiday festivity. Trimming the tree or caroling with friends may be some of the more standard holiday protocol. However, there are always opportunities to bring new traditions into the mix. People bitten by the travel bug may want to include visiting new towns and cities as part of their holiday plans. In fact, it can be fun to take in (more…)
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FilmStruck a casualty of Time Warner acquisition

Will smaller services be gobbled up by the big fish? ■ By Jim Hitt / Media Columnist On Nov. 29, FilmStruck will have ceased operations. It catered to film enthusiasts. The streaming service focused on older films from Warner Bros., RKO and other studios. It also included the Criterion Collection, comprised of important films from around the world and included the works of directors such as Jean Renoir, Federico Fellini, and Akira Kurosawa. American directors included Samuel Fuller, Howard Hawks and John Ford. FilmStruck was owned and operated by Time Warner, which in June of this year was bought by AT&T. The mega-company also owns HBO. On Oct. 26, AT&T announced (more…)
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Ramona Bowl presents new ‘Alessandro’

<strong>Ramona Bowl presents new ‘Alessandro’</strong>
Ramona BowlEli comes to the role of Alessandro with a performing background that is in many ways as multidimensional and contrasted as the tale of Ramona itself. Eli Santana embraces the role alongside Kayla Contreras in Christmas Parade ■ Stacey Bailey / Contributed The Ramona Bowl is presenting their new Alessandro, Eli Santana in the Hemet Christmas parade. He will be appearing with Kayla Contreras who has played the title character, Ramona, for the last four years. “Ramona” is presented every year in April and May and tickets are already on sale. Eli comes to the role of Alessandro with a performing background that is in many ways as multidimensional and (more…)
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What’s Streaming? Deadwind is a ‘Nordic noir’ par excellence

<em>What’s Streaming?</em> <strong>Deadwind is a ‘Nordic noir’ par excellence</strong>
The protagonist is a good cop going through tough times (Finnish: Karppi) is a Finnish crime drama and Nordic noir television series directed and created by Rike Jokela, starring Pihla Viitala, Lauri Tilkanen, Jani Volanen, and Tommi Korpela. ■ By Jim Hitt / Media Columnist When I first spied this title, I thought it another show along the lines of American Horror Story, which only goes to show titles can be deceiving. Deadwind is Nordic noir. The term film noir refers to a certain kind of American movies released after World War II that involved flawed protagonists and crime. Films such as Double Indemnity and Murder, My Sweet were dark (more…)
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Memories and Moments: A pantoum

By Dixie Ayala Seems like yesterday Memories triggered by a smell, song, or thought Remembering something so vivid it takes me back in time Some moments and memories are wonderful, some sad, some bad Memories triggered by a smell, song or thought The moment my mom passed away; the day my dad was diagnosed with cancer Some moments and memories are wonderful some sad, some bad My Grandma Rose reading Peter Rabbit so many times, I knew it by heart The moment my mom passed away; the day my dad was diagnosed with cancer Dancing with my daughter in the sawdust at the fair My Grandma Rose reading Peter Rabbit so (more…)
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The blues comes to Hemet

<strong>The blues comes to Hemet</strong>
Photo Courtesy Lil A and the AllnightersLocal area blues fans won’t have to travel to the coast to hear great blues thanks to Derby’s Bar and Grill. Lil A and the Allnighters, a blues band with credits that include The Doheny Blues Festival, appeared before a packed house at Derby’s Nov. 2. Based on the the enthusiastic reception, Derby’s is bringing the band back on Saturday, Dec. 8 for another rockin’ show. Owner Jesse Vivanco told the Chronicle the band also will be performing at least once a quarter in 2019. Details on those dates will be forthcoming. Derby’s is located at 2860 W. Florida Ave., Hemet. (more…)
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A woman of ‘True Value’

<Strong>A woman of ‘True Value’</strong>
Local business owner follows in her husband’s footsteps Photos by Rusty StraitCarolyn Truskowski took over True Value Hardware after her husband, Rick, passed away in February. ■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter All my life I’ve been reminded by someone that a woman has more to her than being a homemaker. I recently found out that the old adage means more than mere words. On February 15, one of Hemet’s most beloved individuals passed away. Rick Truskowski, owner of True Value Hardware in Hemet for many years, was known to everyone in the valley for his generosity and patriotism. We mourn him and miss him still. However, the story didn’t (more…)
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Olivera’s Cake Gallery: A Hemet landmark

Deciding which cake is the right one could get challenging Photos by Robin Underwood / The Valley ChronicleOlivera’s Cake Gallery is a Hemet landmark and the source of special wedding cakes in the Valley for nearly 30 years. ■ Robin Underwood / Contributed Hooking people from first bite for nearly 30 years, Olivera, owner of Olivera’s Cake Gallery, has been offering more than just a cure for that sweet tooth. Client tales attest to Olivera’s high level of customer care throughout the years, while painting a picture of her creative concepts and original designs displayed in each piece. Take the tale of Mrs. Riley, a lifelong valley resident. Just hours before (more…)
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Giving the gift of music this holiday season

<strong>Giving the gift of music this holiday season</strong>
StatePoint MediaMusic can enhance the holiday spirit with a few unique gift ideas. ■ StatePoint Media / Contributed What’s your favorite song? Are you thinking of it now? How does it make you feel? Music is powerful. It can encourage, inspire, motivate and bring joy. There is even scientific evidence that music can ease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health and contribute to mental acuity. There are some crazy great benefits to be had from something that almost everyone already enjoys. This holiday season consider some creative ways to share these incredible benefits. Give the gift of music. Here are a few thoughtful holiday gift ideas to bring music, joy and much more (more…)