How to calculate the cost of a vehicle

File PhotoRichard Perry. ■ By Richard Perry / Contributed Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy! If you are budgeting for your family, business or even as a chairperson for a non-profit you should first determine what you can actually afford before you spend. As my grandma always said, “Live within your means.” So you ask: what does that mean in relation to a car? A lot actually. If you’re considering leasing or financing a vehicle, you should understand the total costs involved. That’s because the total amount you can spend is made up of a variety of factors such as: the approved loan amount, cash down payment, and trade-in amount. Consider (more…)

How to maintain car value over the long-term

<strong>How to maintain car value over the long-term</strong>
Metro ServiceMaintaining a vehicle’s interior can help owners protect its resale value. ■ Metro Service / Contributed When shopping for a new car, savvy buyers know finding the right car involves more than just finding the most comfortable or flashy vehicle. Numerous factors, including resale value, determine what makes a car the right car for a particular buyer. Various websites and automotive resources rank vehicles based on their potential resale value, and drivers can do much to ensure their cars and trucks maintain that resale value over the long-term. Pay attention to the exterior. Much like homes with strong curb appeal can help homeowners get the best price for their homes (more…)

What to expect when handling a deceased’s property

<strong>What to expect when handling a deceased’s property</strong>
■ By Richard Perry / Contributed Richard PerryBob Martinez. Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy! After three months in northern California, my wife, Bambi, is back home. As some friends know, she spent that time at her father’s bedside while he took his last breath from his battle with cancer. After his passing, me, my wife, family and friends met for a “Celebration of Life” in Paradise, California to honor the much loved and respected Bob Martinez. Bob, a retired mental health director for two different counties and Patton State Hospital in California, called me when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and asked if I would sell his motorhome for (more…)

Car-shopping tips for students and grads

<strong>Car-shopping tips for students and grads</strong>
StatePoint MediaStudents and their families will want to ensure they are getting a good value on vehicle purchases. ■ StatePoint Media / Contributed College is a time when many young people buy their first cars. But with the rising cost of a degree, students and their families will want to ensure they are getting a good value on vehicle purchases. Here are some great ways to get more bang for your buck: Go certified pre-owned. The last thing busy college students need is to sink time and money into regularly fixing a clunker. Rather than purchase a standard used car with an unknown history, consider a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle. CPOs (more…)

How to touch up your vehicle’s exterior

<strong>How to touch up your vehicle’s exterior</strong>
Metro ServiceMedium-sized chips, nicks and scratches are best addressed with touch up bottles. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Warm weather is synonymous with many things, including summer vacations. But for auto enthusiasts, spring, summer and even fall would not be the same without road trips. Road trips often instill a spirit of rejuvenation in drivers and their passengers, and there’s no reason that spirit cannot be applied to vehicles as well. Vehicle touch ups were once a realm reserved specifically for mechanics or the most ardent auto enthusiasts. But nowadays even weekend warriors can address the minor dings, chips and scratches on their vehicles, saving them both time and money. • (more…)

How to car shop as a new parent

Look for safety, interior design, space, and value File PhotoRichard Perry. Greetings from The Hemet Car Guy! I’m a grandpa now that we have just welcomed Hayden Joseph Collings to the world. My daughter Megan will be a great first-time mom. I remember myself as a first-time dad when she was born 30 years ago: preparing her room, childproofing the house, locking things up or putting them under sink cabinets, etc. In past articles, we wrote about good family cars and I’m sure Megan and Keith will be thinking about that as they take home our family’s newest bundle of joy. So now let’s talk cars with a baby on board! (more…)

Ride sharing takes to two wheels

<strong>Ride sharing takes to two wheels</strong>
Metro ServiceEnjoying the ride of a motorcycle can be easier to do than you think. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Many people who pine for the thrill of the open road feel that nothing beats traversing scenic roadways while riding a motorcycle. The wind in your hair and the vibration of the powerful engine can make for an unforgettable experience. But not every person has the time and resources to devote to owning and maintaining a motorcycle. For people who want the thrills of motorcycles without the work that comes with them, some new services that cater to part-time adventurers may be just the thing they need. Peer-to-peer rental has infiltrated (more…)

Top tips for buying teens their first cars

<strong>Top tips for buying teens their first cars</strong>
Metro ServiceStart teen drivers out with a vehicle that is not too flashy but gets high marks for safety. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Selecting a first car for a teenage son or daughter can be challenging. Newly licensed drivers probably want something sporty that also looks cool, while their parents no doubt want them behind the wheel of something sturdy, safe and reliable. According to the experts at, an automotive research and advice group, involving teens in the process of selecting a car helps teach them responsibility and learn lessons about money that may help them make smart choices in the future. Manage expectations. Cars are generous gifts and (more…)

What are the benefits of ride-sharing apps?

File PhotoRichard Perry. ■ By Richard Perry / Contributed Greetings from The Hemet Car Guy, In past articles I’ve written about the benefits and actual cost comparisons of owning a car versus using Uber and Lyft. All this time I thought the transportation apps were just bringing oodles of money in, and I wished I thought of the idea first. However, according to published sources like Business Insider, Bloomberg, Crunchbase, Future Advisor, and Forbes, it’s said the companies have been racking up substantial financial losses. Uber, which has never recorded an annual profit, lost $2.8 billion in 2016, and another $4.5 billion in 2017, according to published reports. Lyft, which is (more…)

How to recognize potential brake problems

<strong>How to recognize potential brake problems</strong>
Metro ServiceDrivers must address symptoms of a faulty braking system early on to reduce their risk of accidents. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Maintaining a vehicle is more than just a way to protect one’s financial investment. Vehicle maintenance can protect against accidents and make the road safer for drivers and their passengers as well as their fellow motorists. Fully functioning brakes are an important component of automotive safety. In its 2015 Crash Stats report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that brake-related problems accounted for 22 percent of crashes where vehicular failure was cited as the cause of the collision. Bad brakes are particularly notorious for rear-end collisions. Faulty, (more…)