High-paying professions for women

<strong>High-paying professions for women</strong>
Metro ServiceEven though a gender wage gap may exist, women can still pursue careers that are known to be well-paying. ■ Metro Service Much of the talk centered on women in the workforce concerns the disparity between earnings when compared against men in the same positions. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the earnings difference between women and men varies with age, with younger women in the country more closely approaching pay equity than older women. Still, Pew Research Center says the female median annual earnings is around 83 percent of what men earn in the United States. The gender pay gap exists to some extent in every country (more…)

5 effective ways to alleviate job stress

<strong>5 effective ways to alleviate job stress</strong>
Take time to practice stress relief to benefit your health Metro ServiceProlonged stress can take a toll on the body. ■ Metro Service Stress affects everyone at some point in their lives and does not discriminate based on gender, nationality, ethnicity, economic status, or age. The American Institute of Stress says job-related stress costs businesses millions of dollars each year due to unanticipated absences. In fact, work is the foremost source of stress for many adults. Although not all stress is bad and stress responses can motivate people to perform more effectively, repeated stress is a problem. The National Institute of Mental Health says routine stress that becomes chronic can suppress (more…)

7 steps to leave a job gracefully

<strong>7 steps to leave a job gracefully</strong>
Metro ServiceLeaving a workplace on good terms is essential. ■ Metro Service Deciding to leave a job is seldom an easy decision. However, it’s a more common decision than many people may know, as the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates the average worker holds 10 different jobs before age 40. People change jobs for a variety of reasons. Some do so because of better opportunities elsewhere, while others simply need a change. Regardless of what’s motivating a job change, leaving a place of employment can elicit various emotions, including some that may contribute to negative thoughts about a current employer. But it’s always best to leave a job gracefully, which (more…)

Global markets are in turmoil

<strong>Global markets are in turmoil</strong>
How Italy’s political crisis is affecting U.S. stocks Metro ServiceThese falls affecting the U.S. markets are bad news for stocks. ■ By Taj Shorter / City Reporter The global markets were recently impacted by Italy’s ongoing and worsening political crisis. Italy is the third largest economy within the eurozone and their government bonds took the biggest hit – causing investors to seek money security elsewhere. Many are wanting to stay out of the Italian nation’s troubled assets during this time. The U.S. Treasurys have in turn taken a major hit with investors moving money around for safekeeping, which is evident in the fact that the U.S. 10-year yield is down to (more…)

Bankruptcy in a nutshell

<strong>Bankruptcy  in a nutshell</strong>
Photo courtesy of Melissa RaskeyMelissa Raskey, Attorney at Law SBN 219242 ■ By Melissa Raskey / Contributed Bankruptcy is the legal system’s remedy for debts owed to creditors by a person or entity, and that person or entity that owes the debt no longer has the ability to pay. Bankruptcy is governed by the federal law found in Title 11 of the United States Code. As federal law, it supersedes any conflicting state law under the operation of the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. Bankruptcy is very similar in every state, with the exception of what we call “exemptions.” Exemptions are a set dollar amount provided under the governing law allowing (more…)

Finding work after 50

<strong>Finding work after 50</strong>
Metro ServiceSome hiring managers may surprise older applicants, viewing them as potentially more reliable than younger workers simply looking to gain some experience in a particular industry before moving on to the next opportunity. ■ Metro Service Unemployment isn’t easy for anyone, regardless of their age. But unemployed men and women over 50 may find it especially difficult to find work. Whether it’s a byproduct of age-related discrimination or any of a host of additional variables, jobless older workers often struggle to find work. In a 2016 analysis of government figures, the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis at the New School estimated that the jobless rate for workers 55 and (more…)

Higher salaries and more jobs may be coming for U.S. workers

<strong>Higher salaries and more jobs may be coming for U.S. workers</strong>
StatepointAccording to the PNC Economic Outlook, optimism is running at historic highs in all categories that the semiannual survey of small and medium-size business owners evaluates. ■ Statepoint Small and mid-size business owners are feeling more optimistic than they have for a long time, suggests a new survey, and experts say this could mean positive things for the overall economy—including for workers’ salaries and job-seekers’ prospects. According to the PNC Economic Outlook, optimism is running at historic highs in all categories that the semiannual survey of small and medium-size business owners evaluates. This is reflected by the 85 percent of respondents who selected a positive emotion to describe how they feel (more…)

Former SJ city council member opens community pharmacy

<strong>Former SJ city council member opens community pharmacy</strong>
Photo by Kyle Selby/The Valley ChronicleSteve Di Memmo opened United Family Pharmacy early February 2018. United Family Pharmacy offers walk-ins, home deliveries, hospice & in-home care, and more! ■ By Kyle Selby/Reporter Steve Di Memmo, formerly a councilmember on the San Jacinto City Council, has left his responsibilities as a city official behind, and is now focusing on serving the community in a much more personal approach. Di Memmo opened United Family Pharmacy in San Jacinto just last month, and he admittedly is doing great. “I kind of started it because of my wife, actually,” said Di Memmo. “If she got sick, they would have to fill the prescriptions, and then (more…)

Hemet’s El Zarape Mexican Restaurant is where it’s at

<strong>Hemet’s El Zarape Mexican Restaurant is where it’s at</strong>
Photo by Melissa Diaz Hernandez/The Valley ChronicleThe shrimp ceviche. Great food, staff and company make this hidden treasure a go-to ■ By Melissa Diaz Hernandez/Editor In a valley where Mexican restaurants are in abundance, El Zarape not only delivers great food, but a great experience. Nestled in a strip mall at the east-end of Hemet, the restaurant provides an inviting atmosphere that makes you want to stay a little while longer. The staff is attentive and the company is fantastic. Patrons are social and warm, and to top it off, Rocky Zharp entertains. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better! The family-owned restaurant opened Jan. 16, 2015. They strive (more…)

Western Dental opens new office in Hemet

<strong>Western Dental opens new office in Hemet</strong>
Photo courtesy of Western DentalHemet dental staff from left to right: Michelle Parrott, Carlos Legorreta, Mariana Gonzalez, Eva Manriquez, Associate Dentist Dr. Maria Fajardo, Managing Dentist Dr. Thang Le, Luis Vasquez, and Robe Guy ■ Chronicle News Service Western Dental & Orthodontics, one of the nation’s leaders in accessible, affordable oral healthcare, announced March 23 that it has opened a new state-of-the-art dental office at 2091 W. Florida Ave., Ste. 100, in Hemet. Western Dental’s new office houses nine general dentistry chairs, an orthodontics bay with six chairs, and four private treatment rooms. Patients will have access to comprehensive dental services, including general dentistry, orthodontics, dental implants, oral hygiene services and (more…)