San Jacinto musical talent surfaces

<strong>San Jacinto musical talent surfaces</strong>
modernracket.comHuerta believes in love and equality, but not the rampant drug culture of the sixties. Manny Huerta’s Modern Racket makes an impression beyond the Valley ■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter Manny Huerta is a 25-year-old 2011 graduate of San Jacinto High School and has musical ambitions that reach far beyond the Valley. However, his current focus is on bringing what he calls Modern Hippie music to the local community. “When I say hippy,” he explains, “it is not the sixties hippies of Timothy Leary.” His band is called Modern Racket. “I got the name from noticing how everything seems to be modernized. We went from silent movies to talkies, (more…)

HHT announces new season of tribute concerts

<strong> HHT announces new season of tribute concerts</strong>
Hemet Historic TheatreBrad Ford and Fortunate Son were in town with their number one tribute to John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival. ■ By Susan Carrier / Contributed On Saturday, Nov. 3, with an auditorium packed with CCR fans, the Historic Hemet Theatre announced its next season of Tribute Mania concerts to begin in January of 2019. Brad Ford and Fortunate Son were in town with their number one tribute to John Fogerty and Creedence Clearwater Revival. This show is one of HHT’s most requested groups and tickets were sold out three weeks ahead. The band was “on fire” all night. Brad told the crowd that they had really looked forward (more…)

DVAC 13th Annual Festival of Arts

<strong>DVAC 13th Annual Festival of Arts</strong>
“Awakening to the Arts” theme showcases local talent within the valley DVACFestival of Arts is a “festival that celebrates all forms of arts.” During this event at The Arts Center, the gallery that is run by the Diamond Valley Arts Council, there were many performers that participated. ■ Kathleen Prokop / Contributed On Saturday, Oct. 20, and Sunday, Oct. 21, art lovers at the Diamond Valley Arts Council participated in the 13th Annual Festival of Arts. Kathy Callicott, who chaired this year’s Festival of Arts, said that the reason why the Festival of Arts was a success was because of the participation. “Hopefully, we can build on that next year” she (more…)

Tickets for Neil Diamond tribute going fast

<strong>Tickets for Neil Diamond tribute going fast</strong>
Hot August Night set to perform in Hemet mid-November Photos by Hemet Historic TheatreDean Colley and his showcase band, Hot August Night, are known across the country as the number one tribute to the music of Neil Diamond. ■ By Susan Carrier / Contributed The last time Dean Colley brought his Tribute to Neil Diamond to Hemet, the last few tickets sold out at the door. This time when the “Hot August Night” band arrives on Saturday, Nov. 17, there will be no tickets left to be found. With two weeks left before the event, there are fewer than 50 tickets remaining. Dean Colley’s look-alike and sound-alike performance will bring any (more…)

Free blues night at Derby’s

<strong>Free blues night at Derby’s</strong>
Lil ‘A’ and the Allnighters perform in Hemet for a night of rock and blues Photos by Jesse VivancoLil A and the Allnighters go deeper into the well of blues than most bands and yet come up with a sound that is pure, cool and fresh. When they are on the bandstand dance floors don’t stand a chance. ■ Chronicle News / Staff Lil ‘A’ and the Allnighters will be performing at Derby’s Bar and Grill for a free “Blues Night” show on Friday, Nov. 2. A passionate quintet of young men playing West Coast blues as only they can, with Legit Harmonica Stylist Alex Lil ‘A’ Woodson leading his band (more…)

Foreigner tribute thrills the crowd at HHT

<strong>Foreigner tribute thrills the crowd at HHT</strong>
Rock ‘n’ roll fans go nuts over Kyle Frost’s high-energy performance Photos by Hemet Historic TheatreAndy Gustafson, left, defies gravity on the bass as Andy Qunta, right, trades his keyboards for a guitar and still sounds great. ■ By Susan Carrier / Contributed Kyle Frost and his band, 4NR, hit the stage at the Historic Hemet Theatre with their high-energy tribute to Foreigner on Saturday Oct. 20. Kyle is a big fan of Hemet’s old movie house. In fact, it is his favorite venue to play. “The auditorium has great acoustics which makes for great music. But when you add in hundreds of cheering fans, there is just nothing like it,” (more…)

Ramona Bowl presents Boo at the Bowl

<strong>Ramona Bowl presents Boo at the Bowl</strong>
Halloween themed event expected to have great turn out for this year’s festivities Photos by Stacey BaileyThe Candy Trail from last year’s event was one of the many spooky attractions at the Bowl. ■ By Stacy Bailey / Contributed This year the Ramona Bowl is presenting their safe and fun-filled Halloween event on Friday, Oct. 26 and 27 from 6 to 9 p.m. and on Sunday, Oct. 28 from 4 to 7 p.m. Tickets are five dollars presale, available at the Ramona Bowl Ticket office, or six dollars at the door. If you bring one of the flyers available throughout town you can still get the five dollar price at the (more…)

CCR Tribute will return to HHT

<strong>CCR Tribute will return to HHT</strong>
Photos by Hemet Historic TheatreFortunate Son has earned lots of fans, performing twice at the Historic Hemet Theatre in the past couple years and becoming one of the most requested shows. ■ By Susan Carrier / Contributed Combining timeless classics from Creedence Clearwater Revival and favorite hits from John Fogerty, Fortunate Son has earned a reputation as top-notch tribute show. Here in the valley, the group has earned lots of fans, performing twice at the Historic Hemet Theatre in the past couple years and becoming one of the most requested shows. HHT has become lead singer Brad Ford’s favorite place to perform. On Saturday, Nov. 3, Fortunate Son will hit the (more…)

Concerts for the discerning ear

<strong>Concerts for the discerning ear</strong>
Hemet Community Concert Association begins new season on Sunday, Oct. 14 Photo by Jarabe MexicanoThe five-member ensemble, Jarabe Mexicano, performs Oct. 14 at Crossroads Baptist Church, 433 S. San Jacinto St., Hemet. ■ By Ann Smith / Contributed Hemet Community Concert Association, a 42-year-old cultural icon, has brought to town an amazing amount of high quality music on a consistent basis. Anyone who complains there is a lack of cultural diversity in Hemet should attend one of Hemet Concert Association’s events. Even as a musician myself, I was blown away by the quality of music when I began attending. Equally impressive is the way the organization is run. HCCA is an (more…)

Cars tribute makes latest hit at HHT

<strong>Cars tribute makes latest hit at HHT</strong>
Heartbeat City visits Hemet to give memorable tribute performance Photos by Hemet Historic TheatreHeartbeat City played the entire album, “The Cars” which launched the Hall of Fame band’s new wave sound in 1978. ■ By Susan Carrier / Contributed On Saturday, Oct. 6, Heartbeat City was in town to perform their Tribute to the Cars at the Historic Hemet Theatre. From the first song, it was easy to see why this band has earned a reputation as the nation’s top tribute to The Cars. Funky costumes and wigs added to the illusion that The Cars had stepped onto the stage. But it was the sound, a stunning recreation of that unique (more…)