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Clergy Corner: Bridging the generational gaps

<strong>Clergy Corner: Bridging the generational gaps</strong>
Michael FalgoutPastor Michael Falgout strikes a pose with his family. ■ Michael Falgout / Contributed All families have their problems. More than a century ago, Thoreau wrote, “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.” I’m sure you’ve also seen such shortsightedness in youth. But, I have also seen as much generational prejudice among those of us who ought to be mature. Many despair about the future that will be in the hands of our youth. Such pessimism is, for me, an even greater cause for concern. Some say our problem is that the family unit isn’t what it used to be. They point to the rising (more…)
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FAITH IN BRIEF – August 9th, 2018

Bible Fellowship Church Missions Sunday 8/26 Come to our Adult Enrichment class at 8:30 am in the multipurpose room to get acquainted with Colin & Becca McDougall who have given their lives to missionary service in Africa. Learn what life in Africa is really like! Colin is a supervisor for Africa Inland Mission and works closely with other BFC missionaries, including Sonya Dilworth. Colin is a compelling speaker and will give a message on “The Sign of the Times” in our 10 am worship service. When asked how BFC could bless them, the McDougalls responded Colin needs $150 for books to take back to his leadership team in Africa and would (more…)
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Clergy Corner: How can we experience God?

<strong>Clergy Corner:  How can we experience God?</strong>
Know love that surpasses knowledge File PhotoRick Puls. ■ By Rick Puls / Contributed Years ago, my wife and I and our four children spent Christmas holidays in Hawaii. Nora was born and raised there, and we stayed with her mother, who lived on the north shore of Oahu, at Sunset Beach. Since it was winter, the surf was crashing on the beach in 20-30 foot waves. We saw crowds of people and television crews just down the beach broadcasting a surfing championship at the Bonsai Pipeline. Because the airline had over-booked the flight to Hawaii out of Los Angeles, my family opted to take a make-up flight an hour later. (more…)
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Clergy Corner: Defy chaos by abiding by the light of truth

<strong>Clergy Corner:  Defy chaos by abiding by the light of truth</strong>
File PhotoRabbi Erick Peretz. ■ By Rabbi Erick Peretz / Contributed “Be still and know that I am God.” This is something you must do; you must quiet your heart to cultivate inner peace. Turn a deaf ear to those anxious thoughts that weigh in upon you, creating pressure and uneasiness. Being still enables you to hear the holy whisper in the midst of the storm saying, “It is I; be not afraid.” We find peace as we surrender to God’s will for our lives, without regard to either the past or the future. The past is gone, after all, and the future is God’s business: all we have is the (more…)
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Clergy Corner: Imagine no Heaven? No way!

<strong>Clergy Corner: Imagine no Heaven? No way!</strong>
File PhotoSusan Beckett. ■ Susan Beckett / Contributed I love listening to “oldies but goodies.” It’s amazing how this sixty-something year old brain of mine can remember all those older songs and lyrics, actually singing along with great gusto most of the time. Matter of fact, I listened to a Fourth of July special this year that had the Temptations and the Beach Boys on stage, singing their old tunes. There I sat, on our brown leather sofa, singing along at the top of my lungs, loving every musical note. I recently heard the Beatles song Imagine, John Lennon’s signature song released back in 1971. I can’t, of course, hum it (more…)
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Clergy Corner: How do we know if Christianity is true?

<strong>Clergy Corner: How do we know if Christianity is true?</strong>
Its belief system provides us a foundation for understanding the meaning of life Courtesy of Dennis RasmussenDennis Rasmussen. ■ Dennis Rasmussen / Contributed Out of all the religions in the world, how do we know that Christianity is true? One way is to examine the system of truth, or worldview, present in Christianity to see if it corresponds to the real world. If we see that it does, we can have confidence that Christianity is objectively true. And if this is the case, we will have found something of great value, a justifiable foundation for all of life and thought. For example, what is the nature of final reality? The current (more…)
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Clergy Corner: You can teach a dog new tricks!

<strong>Clergy Corner:  You can teach a dog new tricks!</strong>
How can we tap into our own motivations to change and help others consider their own reasons to make changes? File PhotoRick Puls. ■ By Rick Puls / Contributed I have played guitar since I was 14 years old. My skills could be classified as intermediate and I constantly strive to improve. Since the internet is a great source of instructional material, I have downloaded dozens of lessons that demonstrate a variety of guitar playing techniques. The few times that I have played lead guitar with worship teams, I’ve simply found videos with the parts I needed to learn and mastered them before I showed up to practice with the group. (more…)
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FAITH IN BRIEF – July 5th, 2018

Unity Chapel Unity Chapel is a New-Thought-based fellowship, founded on the teachings of Jesus, the Christ. We welcome all seekers of spiritual truth. We are located at 140 N. Buena Vista, in Hemet. A 15 minute meditation begins at 9:30 a.m., followed by the Sunday service at 10:00 a.m. The public is invited to attend any classes offered on an ongoing basis. They are: A Course in Miracles – weekly on Tuesday from 1:00 to 2:30. A Course of Love – weekly on Wednesday from 1:00 to 2:30. Matters of the Heart studying Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “Living the Tao Te Ching” – every other Thursday from 10:00-11:30 am. For detailed (more…)
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Clergy Corner: So, what is in your spiritual bank account?

The divine never fails, and love never fails, and we will never fail if we use the love that is the divine The Center for Spiritual Living HemetReverend Rhonda Tretsven. ■ Rhonda Tretsven / Contributed Does anyone of us really understand that infinite account of our life? When speaking of spiritual wisdom? I believe we all understand – at some level – through our faith traditions that we have an infinite mental reserve account of love and faith with God. It is to this love and faith that we draw on when writing checks to the crises in our lives, not only for ourselves but for others. As spiritual beings, we (more…)
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Clergy Corner: A long walk in the right direction

<strong>Clergy Corner:  A long walk in the right direction</strong>
Photo fileSusan Beckett. ■ By Susan Beckett / Contributed One of the big controversies in churches today is the hot potato issue over the devil. It’s “to be or not to be” with many people. Sadly, to most, Satan is just the little red costumed guy on the side of the Deviled Ham can in the grocery store or the child dressed up like him at Halloween. Nothing more. Some people call him “Big Red” or the Bogeyman. But in 1 Peter 5:8 the Bible calls him your adversary, your great enemy. And more than that, we are told that he wants to devour us. That is probably why the verse (more…)