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Are your home furnishings good for the planet and your family?

<strong>Are your home furnishings good for the planet and your family?</strong>
StatepointOpt for materials that consist of recycled or reused materials and/or those that biodegrade or can be easily recycled. ■ Statepoint More consumers are interested in selecting products that are good for the planet and their families, than ever before. While many understand what organic food is, confusion still exists when it comes to home furnishings. Simply put, what you bring into your home directly impacts the health and welfare of your family in terms of exposure to chemicals of concern, indoor air quality and comfort. With the deluge of products claiming to be environmentally sustainable, it’s important to know what to look for when furnishing your home. Here are some (more…)
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Tips to help new fathers bond with their babies

<strong>Tips to help new fathers bond with their babies</strong>
Metro ServiceFathers of babies who are bottle-fed can spend more time alone with their children, and give moms a much-needed break, without the fear of having nothing to feed them should they get hungry while mom is away. ■ Metro Service The birth of a child is a momentous occasion in the lives of parents. First-time parents may be especially moved upon seeing the birth of their child, having never before witnessed something so profound. When the time comes for parents to leave the hospital and take their newborns home, new moms and dads take on different roles. Moms who are nursing or handling the bulk of the bottle-feeding while spending (more…)
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6 reasons to spay or neuter pets now

<strong>6 reasons to spay or neuter pets now</strong>
Metro ServiceNeutering reduces the instinct to roam and get into trouble, which may contribute to the longer life expectancy. ■ Metro Service Upon adopting a companion animal, one of the first decisions pet parents should make, advise veterinarians and animal welfare experts, is to spay or neuter their new friend. Homeless animals are a global problem. Overpopulation continues to plague dogs and cats, and there are as many as 300,000 homeless animals euthanized in animal shelters every year, says The Humane Society of the United States. While many would be quick to assume these are puppies and kittens of “street” animals, the society notes that euthanized animals are often the offspring (more…)
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3 fun ways to spend President’s Day with the family

P■ Statepoint resident’s Day is around the corner. Here are three fun and educational ways to celebrate with kids. Visit a museum Check out a local American history museum in your area and head out to learn about past presidents. On the way home, ask kids to share some facts they learned. Head to the library Make reading fun by checking out books about American history. Whether it’s a biography of George Washington or a novel that takes place during the Civil War, this is a great opportunity to encourage a love of reading. The librarian can help you find age-appropriate reading material for your kids. Costume party Throw a presidential (more…)
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Fun ways your family can get fit together

<strong>Fun ways your family can get fit together</strong>
StatepointLet these four creative ideas help you turn each day into an opportunity to get fit and have fun as a family, without stepping foot into the gym. ■ Statepoint Is your fitness routine stuck in a rut? Searching for ways to spend more time with your family? Why not combine these goals? There are a variety of ways to lead an active lifestyle that are suitable for the whole family and can include children of all ages. Let these four creative ideas help you turn each day into an opportunity to get fit and have fun as a family, without stepping foot into the gym. As with any workout, it’s (more…)
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Tips for tackling picky eaters

M■ Metro Service any a parent understands the problems posed by picky eaters. Dinner table confrontations over vegetables can try parents’ patience, and kids busy refusing to eat their broccoli may not be getting all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow up healthy and strong. Recognizing that parents sometimes face an uphill battle when confronted with picky eaters, the American Heart Association (AHA) offers the following tips for dealing with picky eaters. Let kids pitch in on prep. The AHA recommends allowing picky eaters to help shop for groceries and prepare meals. Youngsters who pitch in may be more invested in their meals and therefore more likely to eat (more…)
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Pet owners: Tips to maintain a beautiful home

<strong>Pet owners: Tips to maintain a beautiful home</strong>
StatepointAfter walking the dog or letting the cat into the backyard, wipe paws before pets get a chance to track in mud and debris. ■ Statepoint For all the companionship pets provide, it’s fair to admit that they can mess up a clean, tidy home pretty quickly. But rather than sequester furry loved ones to certain rooms of the house or simply submit to the chaos, you can follow a few savvy tips to keep your home fresh with less work. Pet Grooming Brushing pets regularly is good for them — and good for flooring and furniture. Do so every couple days in order to keep your pets’ coats healthy and (more…)
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Helping kids find hobbies

<strong>Helping kids find hobbies</strong>
Metro ServiceBut some children may need a little more prompting, and parents of such boys and girls can take certain steps to help their youngsters find rewarding hobbies. ■ Metro Service Much like adults can benefit from participating in hobbies, children can reap rewards from engaging in hobbies. According to the Child Development Institute (CDI), hobbies give children a chance to express themselves. The CDI also notes that hobbies can play an important role in children’s self-discovery and boost their self-esteem. Some children may discover hobbies on their own, requiring little if any assistance on the part of their parents. For example, some kids may display an interest in music that (more…)
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Eco-friendly suggestions for expecting parents

E■ Metro Service xpecting parents want their babies to be born healthy and stay healthy throughout their lives. The environment into which children are born can go a long way toward determining the health of newborns. Before the news that a child is on the way arrives, men and women may give little thought to the products they use around their homes. But the moment expecting parents learn their families are about to get bigger is a great time to begin reexamining certain practices around their homes and instituting some changes where necessary. Reconsider lawn care practices. While past studies examining a link between pesticide exposure and birth defects were less (more…)
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3 home projects to transform your yard into a refuge for birds

<strong>3 home projects to transform your yard into a refuge for birds</strong>
(c) Jeffrey Schwartz – Fotolia.comCreating a bird-friendly yard does not have to be at odds with your desire to have a beautiful garden. ■ Statepoint Millions of wild birds are killed each year flying into windows, including private homes. Birds face other dangers, too, in your yard, whether they are migrating or flying locally. Everyone, but especially those who enjoy having birds visit their yards and gardens, should take steps to make their homes a safer place for birds. “Birds are part of a healthy ecosystem. Turning your home into a refuge for birds is good for the environment, saves lives and can add beauty to your garden,” says Spencer Schock, (more…)