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Family Life & Pets

Entertaining in a pet-friendly home

<strong>Entertaining in a pet-friendly home</strong>
Metro ServiceSome pets can be the life of the party. Others may have to sit out the festivities. Even in pet-friendly homes, certain concessions may need to be made when entertaining. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Pet lovers often find their companion animals to be the center of their worlds. Data from the ASPCA says approximately 44 percent of all American households have a dog and 35 percent have a cat. Similarly, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, in partnership with Hill’s Science Diet, found that roughly 35 percent of Canadian households have a dog, while 38 percent have a cat. Cats and dogs are cherished family members, earning gifts and premiere (more…)
Family Life & Pets

Prevent lost pets with these simple tips

<strong>Prevent lost pets with these simple tips</strong>
Metro ServiceLeashes are vital tools for keeping pets from wandering off and getting lost. ■ Metro Service / Contributed No pet parent wants their pets to escape the house, car or yard and become lost. But curious pets have a way of getting out on their own, which not even the most watchful pet owners can always prevent. The American Humane Association estimates that more than 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen in the United States every year. One in three pets will become lost at some point during its life. While it is impossible to prevent every situation that may lead to a lost pet, pet owners (more…)
Family Life & Pets

How to identify and stop cyberbullying

<strong>How to identify and stop cyberbullying</strong>
Metro ServiceChildren, adolescents and young adults can be the victims of a pervasive type of abuse called cyberbullying. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Today’s students have many new things to contend with as they navigate the school year. As a greater number of schools transition to providing lessons, homework and tests on digital devices, students spend much more time online. This connectivity can have many positive results. However, the same availability also opens up students of all ages to various dangers. One of these dangers is a more invasive form of bullying called “cyberbullying.” The global organization says nearly half of kids have been bullied online, with one in four (more…)
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Create a safe and enjoyable backyard play area

<strong>Create a safe and enjoyable backyard play area</strong>
Metro ServiceWhen young children are part of a household, homeowners may benefit by designing yards that are both functional and fun. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Homeowners often aspire to have attractive backyards that look like they belong in a magazine. While these can be picturesque and functional for adults, they may not be entirely practical for homeowners who have young children, especially when the majority of the yard is covered with paving stones or concrete. When young children are part of a household, homeowners may benefit by designing yards that are both functional and fun. Incorporating safe play areas for kids is one way to unlock the potential of both (more…)
Family Life & Pets

What parents should know about their child’s eye health

<strong>What parents should know about their child’s eye health</strong>
StatePoint MediaPlenty of children don’t know what seeing clearly looks like. ■ StatePoint Media / Contributed Parents know that seeing clearly is important for their kids’ success in the classroom, but many are not taking their child to get annual eye exams. This is a problem because plenty of children don’t know what seeing clearly looks like. According to a recent study by VSP Vision Care, the largest not-for-profit vision benefits provider in the U.S., and market research agency YouGov, eight-in-10 parents (83 percent) agree that a regular eye exam helps kids do their best in school, but four-in-10 (41 percent) wait until their child complains about their vision to schedule (more…)
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Pets and holiday gifting

<strong>Pets and holiday gifting</strong>
Metro ServiceMany people want to lavish extra attention on their animals by way of presents. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Furry, finned and feathered friends help make a house a home. These companions are more than just pets; they’re often cherished family members. So it should come as no surprise that, come the holidays, people want to lavish extra attention on their animals by way of presents. The American Pet Products Association says pet owners spend billions of dollars on their pets each year. The majority of pet owners plan to gift their pets on holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas. says that pet presents are not a (more…)
Family Life & Pets

What kids can do in the face of bullying

<strong>What kids can do in the face of bullying</strong>
Metro ServiceThe effects of bullying can be severe, affecting those involved long after their school days have ended. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Many adults may recall being bullied or witnessing bullying when they were in school. Despite that, it’s important that adults, including parents and educators, not see bullying as an inevitable part of growing up. The effects of bullying can be severe, affecting those involved — including the bullied, the bullies and those who merely witness bullying — long after their school days have ended. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, bullying has been linked to various negative outcomes, mental health issues, substance abuse and (more…)
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Recognize and treat common pet parasites

<strong>Recognize and treat common pet parasites</strong>
Metro ServiceParasites can be a problem for companion animals. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Cats and dogs are beloved members of the family, and when they aren’t feeling well, it can put a damper on all family activities. Parasites can be a problem for companion animals. Fortunately for family pets, parasites are highly treatable. It is quite common for pets to become affected by external or internal parasites in their lifetimes. Fleas and ticks are examples of external parasites that feed on animals, and these same parasites may serve as intermediate hosts for other parasites that will develop internally. The internal parasites commonly seen in cats and dogs manifest themselves as (more…)
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Traveling with pets? What to know

<strong>Traveling with pets? What to know</strong>
StatePoint MediaIf you plan on bringing your furry friend along on your next adventure, make sure to prepare properly. ■ StatePoint Media / ContrIbuted Do your upcoming travel plans include pets? Whether you’re flying to an exciting destination or hitting the road, these suggestions can make the journey easier for animals and humans alike. Prep your pet: Traveling can prove stressful to animals, so don’t catch your pet off-guard. Before leaving town, practice taking short rides in the car or spending time in a carrier. This will help your pet get used to the experience. If you haven’t already microchipped your pet, this may be a good opportunity to do so. (more…)
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How to keep dogs safe and content

<strong>How to keep dogs safe and content</strong>
Pixabay.comIt’s important to know how to care well for man’s best friend. ■ Metro Service / Contributed Every day a family welcomes a pet into their home. According to Greger Larson, director of the University of Oxford’s paleogenomics and bi-archaeology research network, dogs, without a doubt, were the first domestic animal. While researchers know they were tamed and used for work, little is known about when dogs moved from primarily providing utility to being pets. Pet industry statistics and data from the ASPCA indicate there are now roughly 78 million dogs living as pets in households across the United States. The Canadian Pet Outlook Market says Canada is home to roughly (more…)