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7 ways to save on food

<strong>7 ways to save on food</strong>
Metro ServicePlanning ahead and storing food properly are two ways to help reduce the cost and save on food. ■ Metro Service Food is a necessity and an expense that simply cannot be avoided. A 2012 Gallup poll found that Americans reported spending $151 on food per week. Around one in 10 said they spent $300 or more per week, and those with higher incomes tend to spend more on weekly food bills than people who earn less. Compounding high food bills is the fact that people tend to waste food. According to the American Chemistry Council, roughly 80 billion pounds of food are thrown out every year in the United (more…)
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Pet-friendly business is booming

<strong>Pet-friendly business is booming</strong>
Metro ServiceBusinesses that cater to families and pets can capitalize on their customers’ love of spending time with their pets. ■ Metro Service If the sound of whimpers and the sight of sad puppy dog eyes have pet owners rethinking their decision to leave their furry friends behind when hitting the town, it may come as a relief to such owners that more and more businesses are becoming pet-friendly. There was a time when pets were boarded while their owners went on vacation or left to their own devices while the family went shopping or out for a bite to eat. But this is no longer the case. Businesses are recognizing (more…)
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Dining out with children

<strong>Dining out with children</strong>
Metro ServiceExplore various strategies for successful dining out with children. ■ Metro Service Dining out at restaurants can be an enjoyable activity and a break from kitchen duties at home. Many people in both the United States and Canada dine out at least once a week. According to a Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey, 58 percent of American adults say they visit a restaurant during the week. The Canadian Restaurant Food Association has found around 23 percent of Canadians dine out once a week. Even busy families want to indulge. However, parents of young children may avoid restaurants because of apprehension about the experience. Getting ready for the restaurant excursion can (more…)
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Celebrate Thanksgiving with foods from the first feast

<strong>Celebrate Thanksgiving with foods from the first feast</strong>
Metro ServiceChances are lobster and other seafood made an appearance when pilgrims and Native Americans broke bread together in 1621. ■ Metro Service Thanksgiving is celebrated each November in the United States and each October in Canada. People traditionally gather around the dinner table flanked by friends and extended members of their families to give thanks for the blessings they enjoyed throughout the year as they dig into a delicious feast. Turkey is typically the centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal. Although turkey can be a delicious and nutritious addition to the table, individuals looking to expand their culinary horizons may want to borrow from the other foods believed to have been (more…)
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Get kids excited about volunteering

<strong>Get kids excited about volunteering</strong>
Metro ServiceVolunteering is great for all ages – especially children. Be patient when it comes to finding a volunteer opportunity your children will enjoy. ■ Metro Service Volunteering benefits people of all ages, but can be especially beneficial to children. Studies have indicated that teenagers who volunteer are less likely to become pregnant or use drugs. In addition, in a review of 60 studies on child engagement, Child Trends found that children who participate in civic engagement programs are likely to be more involved in school, to graduate from high school and to hold more positive civic attitudes than those who do not get involved in such programs. Getting kids to (more…)
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Recognize and relieve sources of pets’ stress

<strong>Recognize and relieve sources of pets’ stress</strong>
Metro ServicePet owners can take these simple steps to help reduce their pet’s stress. ■ Metro Service Stress can affect anyone, even household pets. Although life may seem footloose and fancy free for companion animals, they have their share of stressors as well. It may be hard to believe that dogs, cats, birds, and other animals can suffer from stress. But certain situations or scenarios may trigger a stressful response in pets, and pet owners should learn to recognize such stressors and do what they can to help pets avoid them. Research indicates that stress, especially constant sources of stress, can impact pet health and well-being. A 2011 study published in (more…)
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PET OF THE WEEK – November 9, 2017

<strong>PET OF THE WEEK – November 9, 2017</strong>
The Ramona Humane Society.Felicity. “Felicity” – Muted Tortoiseshell DSH female Beautiful inside and out. Felicity came to us as a stray so we estimate her age to be 1 year, and weight at 5.9 pounds. She is a total sweetheart, loves to hang out with humans. Very sweet little girl. Felicity is spayed, litter-box trained, up to date on shots, good w/other kitties and is available NOW. ID #125621 / R216099 “Lady” – Chihuahua female Mix The Ramona Humane SocietyLady. “Lady” really is a little lady. She is sweet and loving and not pushy or hyper at all. She came to us as a stray with a micro-chip. Her owner of (more…)
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Gifting ideas for budget-conscious families

<strong>Gifting ideas for budget-conscious families</strong>
Metro ServiceHomemade items, such as those created by amateur woodworkers, often make for unique, thoughtful and inexpensive holiday gifts. ■ Metro Service The holiday season is a magical time of year when many people celebrate their faith and express their love and appreciation for their families. Such expressions are often made through the exchange of gifts, which can stretch families budgets. The National Retail Federation reports that retail sales in November and December of 2016 reached $658.3 billion, marking a 4 percent increase over the same period a year prior. For budget-conscious families, entering the holiday spending fray can have lasting effects that cast a pall over their finances for months (more…)
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Sugar skull tradition and Día de los Muertos

<strong>Sugar skull tradition and Día de los Muertos</strong>
Metro ServiceThe day coincides with the Catholic All Souls Day and All Saint’s Day and incorporates many different traditions. ■ Metro Service Halloween costumes may go away right after October 31, but the celebration of the macabre and spirits do not get buried so quickly. El Día de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead) is celebrated in central and southern Mexico during the early days of November. The day coincides with the Catholic All Souls Day and All Saint’s Day and incorporates many different traditions. One of the more recognizable traditions is the creation of “calaveritas de azucar,” or “sugar skulls.” These are decorative or edible skulls made from either (more…)
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Preserve carved pumpkins in various ways

<strong> Preserve carved pumpkins in various ways</strong>
Metro ServiceHelp preserve your carved pumpkins with these easy tips. ■ Metro Service Jack-o’-lanterns and other carved pumpkin designs are frequently the centerpieces of Halloween festivities. The twinkling lights and orange glow of jack-o’-lanterns can add ambiance to any autumn event. The trouble with carving pumpkins is that most people want to do it right away, only to discover their pumpkins wilt and decay long before Halloween. Nothing ruins Halloween more than visiting a home to trick-or-treat and not getting candy. Equally disappointing is a sad pumpkin display withering away on a front porch. Even though all pumpkins will eventually rot, certain tips can keep carvings from collapsing too soon. Choose (more…)