5 stand-out Mother’s Day gift ideas

<strong>5 stand-out Mother’s Day gift ideas</strong>
(c) WavebreakmediaMicro/stock.Adobe.comFrom laundry to dishes—an IOU ticket to take care of the chores she would usually handle will give Mom an opportunity to take more time for herself to read a book or go out with friends. ■ Statepoint Need a Mother’s Day gift that truly shines? Take these fun and practical ideas into consideration. 1. A clean house. Let Mom take a load off now and again. Hire a cleaning service once a month for a year, or if you’re on a budget, do it yourself. From laundry to dishes—an IOU ticket to take care of the chores she would usually handle will give Mom an opportunity to take more (more…)

Firefighters and hospital staff train to fight multi-story blaze

<strong>Firefighters and hospital staff train to fight multi-story blaze</strong>
Firefighters and hospital staff train to fight multi-story blaze Photos by Melissa Diaz Hernandez/The Valley ChronicleHemet’s Battalion Chief Kevin Kuhlman (left) and Fire Chief Scott Brown (right) running the incident command post. ■ Melissa Diaz Hernandez / Editor A planned, joint emergency drill occurred at Hemet Valley Medical Center (HVMC) on Thursday, April 26. American Medical Response (AMR), the Hemet Fire Department (HFD), Riverside County Emergency Management Department (EMD), Cal Fire, Soboba Fire Department, the Hemet Police Department (HPD) and HVMC coordinated a drill that included smoke (fog machines), staged injured-patients, and a front-row seat for media. According to Hemet’s Fire Chief Scott Brown, it has been a few years since (more…)

Golf event raises funds for two women battling cancer

<strong>Golf event raises funds for two women battling cancer</strong>
Photo by Michelle WiesenFrom left to right: Fundraiser sponsor Michelle Wiesen, Sally Salter, Beth Swanson, and Golden Era Golf Course Community Events Director Linda Greilich. ■ Jim Wiesen / Contributed Golden Era Golf Course hosted 54 golfers last month for a fundraiser for two women, Beth Swanson and Emma Salter, battling cancer. Beth Swanson is the office manager for Idyllwild School, and Emma Salter went to Idyllwild School (K-8) and graduated from Hemet High School. Salter played sports for the Hemet Unified School District (HUSD) and graduated about seven years ago. Idyllwild School is part of the HUSD. “It was a great day,” said co-sponsor Jim Wiesen. “The community support was (more…)

From commemorative event to a commercial celebration

<strong>From commemorative event to a commercial celebration</strong>
A perspective on Cinco de Mayo comparing mexican versus american viewpoints Photo by Metro ServiceThe influence of Cinco de Mayo in the United States citizens. ■ By Gabriela Cerrillo / Contributed Why does Cinco de Mayo have such an influence in the United States (principally in areas that border Mexico) but does not have the same importance in Mexico? From limited regions in Mexico celebrating a minor battle in the war between Mexico and France, Cinco de Mayo has become an enormous commercial celebration in the United States with the consumption of Mexican food, beer, and margaritas. Why is Cinco de Mayo such a big deal in the U.S.? My questions (more…)

A garden made with heart

<strong>A garden made with heart</strong>
Jacob Wiens teacher kick-starts school garden Stephanie McCravey-Cooper/Jacob Wiens ElementaryA young student holds some garden-grown strawberries in March 2018. ■ Olivia Gildea / Reporter Jacob Wiens’ Heart & Soil Garden Club meets twice a week after school. The students, led by fifth grade teacher Stephanie McCravey-Cooper, do everything from turning compost and monitoring the life cycles of ladybugs and butterflies, to planting seeds, harvesting the fruit and vegetables, and of course, eating them. Last year, the school grew so much okra and squash that they decided to set up a booth at the Harvest Festival and sell them out of brown paper bags. As if that doesn’t sound magical enough, they (more…)

19-year-old SJ mother dies in crash on Ramona Expressway

<strong>19-year-old SJ mother dies in crash on Ramona Expressway</strong>
Kayla Castro leaves behind a 1-year-old son as family raises money for funeral Photo: Kayla Castro/gofundme.comKayla Castro, 19, and 1-year-old son, Alex, share a moment of intimacy. Castro was killed April 18 in a head-on crash on the Ramona Expressway. ■ Chronicle News Staff A young San Jacinto mother who had returned to college in an effort to better her life was killed last week when she lost control of her car on the Ramona Expressway and plowed head-on into another vehicle, according to news reports. The accident occurred on Wednesday, April 18, after Kayla Castro reportedly was speeding toward an area hospital where her brother, Juan, was recovering from a (more…)

Ramona’s tourism boom

<strong>Ramona’s tourism boom</strong>
How ‘Ramona’ did for California what ‘Harry Potter’ did for England Photo courtesy of the Ramona BowlAn oxcart was used to promote “Ramona” around the region, including the Mission Inn. ■ By Ramona Bowl / Contributed Helen Hunt Jackson’s “Ramona” sparked a tourism boom in California much like “Harry Potter” created tourism for England. The most important woman in the history of California never lived. She is the fictional heroine of Helen Hunt Jackson’s 1884 wildly popular novel “Ramona.” Her mark on Southern California’s landscape and on the social memory in the region is indelible, even today. She boosted D.W. Griffith’s film career, offered gainful employment to Loretta Young and Dolores (more…)

Soboba fire department expands

<strong>Soboba fire department expands</strong>
A dozen new faces to be added Photo courtesy of Soboba Band of Luiseño IndiansSoboba Fire’s Joey Mendoza, left, assists a paramedic candidate with his skills testing on a state-of-the-art mannequin during a recent day of hiring at the Soboba Reservation. ■ By Mike Hiles / Contributed Many job-seekers just have to practice answering questions in a sensible way or making sure they have professional-looking attire for their interview. For the 56 applicants at the Soboba Fire Department, the process was a little more intense. Fire Chief Randy Sandoval said 12 positions need to be filled and that testing has been completed for three firefighter paramedic positions, three firefighter EMT (emergency (more…)

Strait On – History of American transportation, Part 6: Urban

<strong>Strait On – History of American transportation, Part 6: Urban</strong>
From horse-drawn carriages to electric trains, people could now get to work Photo by Rusty Strait/The Valley ChronicleRusty Strait, Senior Reporter. ■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter The first urban transportation in the United States came into existence in cities on the East Coast in 1829, having originated in France. Urban “mass transit” has included horse-drawn omnibuses, streetcars, cable cars, electric streetcars, trolley coaches, gasoline and diesel buses, underground and above-ground rail rapid transit, ferries, and commuter rail services. It did not happen in one fell swoop. Years of inventions and improvements brought us to modern day urban transportation. Between 1829 and 1844, New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore sported (more…)

Ramona our history, our legacy

<strong>Ramona our history, our legacy</strong>
Photo courtesy of the Ramona BowlThe 1928 movie poster of “Ramona” starring Dolores Del Rio. The film was thought to have been lost. However, a copy was located in the Czech Republic in 2010 and loaned to the Library of Congress so a digital copy could be created. ■ Ramona Bowl / Contributed When Helen Hunt Jackson wrote her story “Ramona,” she intended it to be a tale of injustice and the abuse of the Native Americans. Little did she know that it would turn out to be one of the most enduring love stories of the 20th century. Biographer Ruth Odell wrote of Jackson, “Her contact with the Indians set-off (more…)