A history of America’s transportation, Part 2

The covered wagon—‘Go west young man’ ■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter The covered wagon and stagecoaches superseded more rudimentary means of travel in the United States, both for commerce and personal travel. Of course, the old story of East and West never meeting became the national challenge. Until the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the Ohio River was our western frontier and for several years thereafter. It wasn’t until sometime afterward that wagon trains began to assemble in great numbers to cross the mighty Mississippi and venture into what was then known as the wild, wild west. As delineated in last week’s episode, Americans have always been on the move—by (more…)

White House honors Hemet area officer for valor

<strong>White House honors Hemet area officer for valor</strong>
DA Investigator Chad Johnson and colleagues join ranks of nation’s most elite officers Photo courtesy of The White HouseSenior Investigator Chad Johnson (far left) stands alongside five other recipients of the Medal of Valor during the ceremony Feb. 20 at The White House while President Donald Trump leads a round of applause. ■ By Olivia Gildea / Reporter Hemet resident and San Bernardino County District Attorney Senior Investigator Chad Johnson was awarded the Medal of Valor Feb. 20 at The White House for acts of courage and selflessness during the Dec. 2, 2015 San Bernardino terrorist shooting. Johnson was one of five other law enforcement officers to be awarded the medal (more…)

Soboba’s replacement casino taking shape

<strong>Soboba’s replacement casino taking shape</strong>
Photos courtesy of Soboba Band of Luiseño IndiansConstruction workers continue to work on framing for the Soboba replacement casino and resort in San Jacinto. ■ By Mike Hiles / Contributed The Soboba Band of Luiseño Indians replacement casino and resort project is starting to show off its design as framing is almost complete and preparation for roofing is taking place. “Concrete work is 100 percent done and structural steel installation is 100 percent done,” said Tom Groenendal, Senior Superintendent for C.W. Driver. “The majority of the framing is done and we will start the roofing soon.” He said each of those events are milestones in any construction project and he is (more…)

Dr. Ruiz hosts hundreds of veterans at the third annual Veteran’s University

<strong>Dr. Ruiz hosts hundreds of veterans  at the third annual Veteran’s University</strong>
Photo courtesy of the office of Congressman Raul Ruiz, M.D.Veterans at the 2018 Veterans University at Agua Caliente Resort in Rancho Mirage. ■ Chronicle News Service On March 3, Rep. Raul Ruiz, M.D. (CA-36), hosted the third annual Veteran’s University, an event designed to empower veterans, their families, and all attendees to advocate for themselves and their fellow veterans and ensure they receive the benefits they have earned. This year, more than 500 veterans, family members, and community members attended workshops on crucial topics that included mental health, VA benefits, exposure to burn pits, home ownership and more. Over a dozen organizations like Loma Linda VA Medical Center, Burn Pits 360, (more…)

Hemet Historic Theatre gets new life as a foundation

<strong>Hemet Historic Theatre gets new life as a foundation</strong>
Photo by Melissa Diaz Hernandez/The Valley ChronicleHere in Hemet, there is a dedicated group of volunteers convinced that Martin’s old theatre can once again become a vibrant center of Hemet’s Downtown District. ■ By Susan Carrier / Contributed Built in 1921 by William Martin, the movie house in the center of Hemet’s downtown district is one of the oldest in the nation. For five decades, the venue was a cultural center of the community, bringing sights and sounds from around the world to this small town. Long before television and the internet exploded our world view, movie houses were a very popular source of entertainment and education. The Hemet Theatre was (more…)

Slew of gun violence threats plague schools in Hemet

<strong>Slew of gun violence threats plague schools in Hemet</strong>
Juveniles detained after show of force and investigations by sheriff and police departments Photos courtesy of AnonymousThe threats written on the wall tiles of a Hemet High School bathroom (left) and West Valley (right) bathroom, just a day apart. ■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter Last Thursday, The Valley Chronicle reported on a warning scrawled on the walls of a Hemet High School bathroom, claiming that a student would “shoot up” the school. “Hemet High will be shot up on 2-28-18 by a sophomore girl the first on my list is Dr. Shaws b**** a** don’t be in my way,” was the disturbing message written in a girls’ bathroom stall, first (more…)

Strait On: America’s transportation history Part 1: Native Americans

<strong>Strait On: America’s transportation history Part 1: Native Americans</strong>
Walking on two feet got us started on the path to moving about the country Reporter’s note: The San Jacinto Valley was once the gateway from all points east into Southern California, and I will discuss that part of our local history in an upcoming episode. In the meantime, first things first. Photo by Rusty Strait/The Valley ChronicleRusty Strait, Senior Reporter. ■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter When discussing transportation, few of us realize that we human beings were the first form of transportation anywhere. Call it shanks mare or merely barefoot in the grass, Homo sapiens’ first form of transportation was by foot patrol and so the first method (more…)

Hemet’s finest continues to grow

<strong>Hemet’s finest continues to grow</strong>
Three newly hired police officers hit the Hemet streets Photo by Kyle Selby / The Valley ChroniclePolice Chief Rob Webb (right) welcomes Officer David McDonough (left) to the Hemet Police Department. ■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter A badge pinning ceremony was held for the Hemet Police Department’s newest recruit, Officer David McDonough, Monday morning, Feb. 26, in the upstairs police department administration lobby. McDonough was born and raised in Hemet and began his law enforcement career in 1999 with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. He worked there for 18 years at several stations including Hemet/San Jacinto, Cabazon, and Moreno Valley. “The opportunity to serve my community,” McDonough said, describing what (more…)

School shooting threat at Hemet High deemed ‘not credible’

<strong>School shooting threat at Hemet High deemed ‘not credible’</strong>
Photo by Hemet Unified School DistrictHemet High School. ■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter A photo started circulating around social media on Tuesday, Feb. 27 of a disturbing message left on one of the bathroom walls of Hemet High School, describing a school shooting to take place on Wednesday, Feb. 28. “Hemet High will be shot up on 2-28-18 by a sophomore girl the first on my list is Dr. Shaws b*** a** Don’t be in my way.” The photo was photographed and shared by multiple students and parents Tuesday morning, and shortly thereafter, Hemet High School and Riverside County Sheriff immediately began investigating. The following passage is an official statement (more…)

Impeding an emergency vehicle could cost a life

<strong>Impeding an emergency vehicle could cost a life</strong>
PhotoCredit: Melissa Diaz Hernandez/The Valley ChronicleWhile it’s understandable that many of us “have places to go and people to see,” it should be taken into account that obstructing the path of emergency vehicles affects more than just our daily commute time–it affects peoples’ lives. ■ By Olivia Gildea / Reporter Roughly every one-and-a-half minutes in the United States, someone will suffer from cardiac arrest outside a hospital setting, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Did you know that within these cases, the chance of survival decreases seven to 10 percent every minute without medical assistance, and on average less than 10 percent of patients will survive the trip (more…)