Trunk-n-Treat on Halloween

<strong>Trunk-n-Treat on Halloween</strong>
Local church offers fun and safe trick-or-treat alternative in Hemet Pixabay.comParents who are looking for a safe, fun, Halloween event can bring their kids to the Trinity Lutheran Church Trunk-n-Treat. ■ By Mary Hutton / Contributed Parents who are looking for a safe, fun, Halloween event can be assured that the Trinity Lutheran Church Trunk-n-Treat event will be the answer to their quest, according to event committee member Linda St. Jean. “We have established a good reputation with people who came previous years,” says Linda, “People know they will have a safe, fun time.” Trunk-n-Treat is a free, open-to-the-public event that will be held Oct. 31 from 4 – 7 p.m. (more…)

$7.5 million grant to fund countywide project

New program expands mental health access for kids in Riverside County ■ Riverside University Health System / Contributed Riverside County children through age 5 will receive expanded access to early intervention and mental health services through a new program that aims to position them for emotional, social and academic success in school and life, mental health advocates announced this week. One out of seven children between the ages of 2 and 8 have a diagnosed mental, behavioral or developmental disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “The first five years are a period of incredible growth and development in a child’s life—the brain and emotional health are developing,” (more…)

Hemet firefighters host 2018 open house

<strong>Hemet firefighters host 2018 open house</strong>
Public gets a close-up look at the people and equipment keeping them safe Photos by Cindy Boeing / The Valley ChronicleAt the annual Hemet Fire Department open house, firefighters demonstrate how they extract trapped victims from a vehicle after an auto crash, a scene that has played out lately too often on the local highways. ■ Chronicle News Staff The Hemet Fire Department opened its doors last weekend and invited the public in to see their equipment, people, and operations. The annual open house was a particular eye-opener for the children of Hemet who were awe struck by the size and complexity of the firefighters’ equipment. To see a ladder truck (more…)

Love rules at the pawn shop

A broken heart, a pawned ring and a trip to church all conspire ■ Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter When Mario Giacco from New York met Alex Johnson in Hemet things started to happen. It all started on a sort of blind date through Zoosk Dating Service, but wait…not to let the cart get ahead of the match-up! In the summer of 2017, Alex (yes, she is a girl) received an insurance settlement check after an accident. She decided to treat herself and a best friend to something nice. Off she went to the jeweler to find a suitable ring. “I had no idea exactly what I wanted that July afternoon (more…)

October takes on special meaning at The Wheelhouse

<strong>October takes on special meaning at The Wheelhouse</strong>
Hemet’s skate rink offers untapped family fun and exercise Jim VivancoThe Wheelhouse is one of the few roller skating rinks in southern California, and it’s located right here in Hemet. ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor When people who live in Hemet dryly say that there is “nothing to do” in town that is good family fun, they overlook one of the area’s most iconic landmarks: The Wheelhouse roller skating rink. Roller skating has been one of America’s favorite forms of recreation for more than 35 years since President Ronald Reagan declared October National Roller Skating Month. The fact that Hemet has one of the few roller skating rinks in (more…)

Hemet Public Library goes 24/7

<strong>Hemet Public Library goes 24/7</strong>
Library finds a way to meet mounting demand for services Photos by Dennis FletcherA library patron and her son (not pictured) use the 24-Hour Library to retrieve books after hours that were ordered online from the Hemet Public Library. ■ Dennis Fletcher / Contributed What do you do when faced with limited hours and staff but high community demand? The team at Hemet Public Library has tackled this problem through creative thinking and innovative solutions. “With only nine staff members, self-service has been the key to our success,” said Hemet Public Library Director Kathye Caines. “Solutions such as self-service checkout and computer and print management free up staff to be able (more…)

Make Hemet Great Festival re-energizes downtown

<strong>Make Hemet Great Festival re-energizes downtown</strong>
Crowd surprises vendors who twice must replenish food supplies Cindy Boeing / The Valley ChronicleThe festival was put on by the McPherson family and sponsored by The Valley Chronicle and Easy-Ad. ■ Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter The American flag majestically waved in the breeze as a brilliant sun rose from the east illuminating the debut of something new happening at the intersection of Harvard Street and Florida Avenue. Bales of hay reflected a golden glow to the developing scene that would soon become a celebration of downtown Hemet and the many businesses that came to be part of a grandiose event – the Make Hemet Great Festival. Food vendors scurried (more…)

Candidate Joel Lopez puts the homeless to work

<strong>Candidate Joel Lopez puts the homeless to work</strong>
Joel LopezOnce Lopez and his team of homeless workers got going, they expanded their territory to include many of the city’s commercial districts. Frustrated by street trash, the SJ City Council candidate takes action ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor While most people just complain about trash along the street or in vacant lots and bemoan the fact there are so many homeless people wandering around not working, San Jacinto City Council candidate Joel Lopez is doing something about it. Last week Lopez put the need to clean up trash around San Jacinto together with the need for homeless people to do something constructive with their time. He hired a (more…)

Library scores a hole-in-one with fall fundraiser

■ Dennis Fletcher / Contributed The seventh annual Gold Classic Fundraiser for the Hemet Public Library, organized by the Hemet Library Foundation took place last Saturday, Sept. 29, under beautiful blue skies and perfect weather for golfing. The annual fundraiser is a critical part of funding for the Hemet Library programs, which include keeping the library’s holdings current and a wide variety of services. As such, the Hemet Library is unique in the area. Hitting its enrollment goal, the 45 golfers that signed up each paid an average of $50 to participate in the event. Other sources of funds included the drinks sold and gift baskets, which allowed the event to (more…)

Strait – On: History of American transportation – California and the Supertrain

<strong>Strait – On: History of American transportation – California and the Supertrain</strong>
File PhotoThe United States is sorely behind in one aspect of public transportation: The super train. ■ Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter The American urge to travel began with the Pilgrims coming here from England in 1642. The Massachusetts was merely a jump off spot for all points west. From there, we have gone from ship to shank’s mare back to ships and then to the skies, ever and always seeking land beyond the horizon and finally, as a most recent ambition, beyond the horizons, into space. However, all transportation, as we know it, begins on the ground and that’s where to start in search of a super means to take (more…)