Harvest McPhestival hopes to make Hemet great – again

<strong>Harvest McPhestival hopes to make Hemet great – again</strong>
Pumpkin carving contest promises serious prize money Cindy Boeing/The Valley ChronicleThe video game truck was a big draw at the first Make Hemet Great Festival, which overall attracted about 1,000 people. ■ Chronicle News Staff The parking lot behind The Valley Chronicle once again will be the scene this weekend of the second Make Hemet Great Festival complete with pumpkin carving and pet costume contests, food vendors, trade booths, balloons, muscle cars, video game truck, and music by Rocky Zharp and the Blues Crackers. “We’re planning on making this a regular feature of downtown,” says Matt McPherson, a realtor and businessman whose family owns the parking lot on Harvard Street across (more…)

Presbyterians work to reverse sliding attendance

<strong>Presbyterians work to reverse sliding attendance</strong>
With a long history and prior success, First Presbyterian looks to the future Photos Courtesy of First Presbyterian Church of HemetThe original First Presbyterian Brown Church built in Hemet in 1911. ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor My grandmother used to pay me to go to Sunday school. In a way, it was my first job. I never saw it as, “Here’s your fee for spending an hour learning about Jesus.” It was more of a tip: “Here’s a quarter for the collection plate – and here’s a quarter for you!” “Aw Grandma!” I would squirm because it felt a little dishonest. I would think, “I’m getting paid as much (more…)

Your preview of the upcoming state ballot measures

■ Chronicle News Staff Editor’s Note: Voters in November will be asked to weigh in on nearly a dozen ballot measures. Many are good intentions that involve pledging California taxpayers to providing new services, but paying for them with borrowed money. Through bonds, these measures often commit taxpayers to taking out huge loans that require paying lenders millions of dollars in interest over multiple decades. (One wonders if some of these aren’t sponsored by the state’s banking industry for the amount of interest they generate for investors.) We urge all residents, particularly those who are retired and on fixed incomes, to think carefully before voting yes on any of the bond (more…)

Grieving family seeks DUI law reform

<strong>Grieving family seeks DUI law reform</strong>
Loved ones of pregnant mother killed in head-on crash want proper justice Zach KincaidKrystil Kincaid was eight months pregnant when she was struck and killed in a head-on collision. ■ Chronicle News Staff The grieving family of Krystil Kincaid, a woman who was killed with her unborn child in a head-on crash last month, is petitioning for change in California’s DUI laws and the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office is looking for additional witnesses and information in the case. On Sept. 9 Marcos Forestal, a 28 year-old professional boxer originally from Cuba, was driving a blue BMW southbound down Warren Road in Hemet when his car somehow collided head on with (more…)

Undocumented students’ week of action

MSJC hosts week of events to encourage local advocacy in support of DACA ■ Mt. San Jacinto College / Contributed Mt. San Jacinto College joined the California Community College Chancellor’s office and other community colleges in hosting a week of events starting Monday, Oct. 15, to support undocumented students. The “Undocumented Students Week of Action” is designed to encourage local advocacy in support of students who are part of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, according to the Chancellor’s office. MSJC had a host of events scheduled Monday through Thursday with topics that ranged from financial aid and citizenship to watching films like “A Better Life.” There was also (more…)

A ride to remember her

<strong>A ride to remember her</strong>
Local motorcyclists join second annual Lesley Zerebny Memorial Ride David KlingLesley Zerebny was gunned down on Oct. 8, 2016 by John Hernandez Felix. Riders have been commemorating her death with an annual event for motorcyclists to participate in. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter It’s been two years since Palm Springs Police Officers Lesley Zerebny and Jose Gilbert Vega were gunned down by John Hernandez Felix. But for David Kling, a 30 year veteran of the California Highway Patrol who is now a part-time officer at the Palm Springs Police Department, it still feels like only yesterday that his daughter Lesley was taken from him. The San Jacinto Valley community is (more…)

Trunk-n-Treat on Halloween

<strong>Trunk-n-Treat on Halloween</strong>
Local church offers fun and safe trick-or-treat alternative in Hemet Pixabay.comParents who are looking for a safe, fun, Halloween event can bring their kids to the Trinity Lutheran Church Trunk-n-Treat. ■ By Mary Hutton / Contributed Parents who are looking for a safe, fun, Halloween event can be assured that the Trinity Lutheran Church Trunk-n-Treat event will be the answer to their quest, according to event committee member Linda St. Jean. “We have established a good reputation with people who came previous years,” says Linda, “People know they will have a safe, fun time.” Trunk-n-Treat is a free, open-to-the-public event that will be held Oct. 31 from 4 – 7 p.m. (more…)

$7.5 million grant to fund countywide project

New program expands mental health access for kids in Riverside County ■ Riverside University Health System / Contributed Riverside County children through age 5 will receive expanded access to early intervention and mental health services through a new program that aims to position them for emotional, social and academic success in school and life, mental health advocates announced this week. One out of seven children between the ages of 2 and 8 have a diagnosed mental, behavioral or developmental disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “The first five years are a period of incredible growth and development in a child’s life—the brain and emotional health are developing,” (more…)

Hemet firefighters host 2018 open house

<strong>Hemet firefighters host 2018 open house</strong>
Public gets a close-up look at the people and equipment keeping them safe Photos by Cindy Boeing / The Valley ChronicleAt the annual Hemet Fire Department open house, firefighters demonstrate how they extract trapped victims from a vehicle after an auto crash, a scene that has played out lately too often on the local highways. ■ Chronicle News Staff The Hemet Fire Department opened its doors last weekend and invited the public in to see their equipment, people, and operations. The annual open house was a particular eye-opener for the children of Hemet who were awe struck by the size and complexity of the firefighters’ equipment. To see a ladder truck (more…)

Love rules at the pawn shop

A broken heart, a pawned ring and a trip to church all conspire ■ Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter When Mario Giacco from New York met Alex Johnson in Hemet things started to happen. It all started on a sort of blind date through Zoosk Dating Service, but wait…not to let the cart get ahead of the match-up! In the summer of 2017, Alex (yes, she is a girl) received an insurance settlement check after an accident. She decided to treat herself and a best friend to something nice. Off she went to the jeweler to find a suitable ring. “I had no idea exactly what I wanted that July afternoon (more…)