Voter guides offered for upcoming election

<strong>Voter guides offered for upcoming election</strong>
County voter information on the way for Nov. 6 consolidated general election Metro ServiceIf you want to register, update your address or change your political party preference you must complete a voter registration application. ■ County of Riverside / Contributed On Oct. 3, approximately 990,000 voter information guides started going out to Riverside County voters for the consolidated general election on Nov. 6. Material in the voter information guide will help voters make informed choices. Voters may mark their selections on the voter information guide and use it to help them complete their official ballot at the polls. The Registrar of Voters recommends that voters review the materials before casting an (more…)

Proposition 3 improves water quality

Statewide water bond to be on November ballot for vote ■ By Matteo Crow / Contributed Voters in the San Jacinto Valley area should pay close attention to Proposition 3, a statewide water bond on the November ballot. Finally, we have a water bond that recognizes how fire affects our watersheds, and provides funding to both prevent fires and treat burned areas after fires pass through. Proposition 3 includes $50 million for Cal Fire to improve our watersheds, reduce fire danger, remove hazardous trees, thin regrowth after fires, and otherwise restore our watershed. California is completely dependent on a clean, safe, and reliable water supply. We live in a state prone (more…)

Prop 6 will help working families

California’s cost of living is hurting the middle class ■ By Jon Coupal / Contributed Perhaps the most contentious issue on the November ballot is Proposition 6, which would repeal the massive increase in both California’s gas tax and the car tax. Proposition 6 was placed on the ballot by a grassroots coalition of taxpayers and small business groups. It is opposed by well-financed interests including labor organizations, construction companies and other interests that make money from transportation projects. Those interests are financing a multi-million-dollar disinformation campaign claiming that the state’s roads and bridges are unsafe because Californians’ taxes were too low. It would be funny if it wasn’t so expensive. (more…)

City Council candidate engages community

<strong>City Council candidate engages community</strong>
Photos by Stacie OlsonStacie with her two youngest children. ■ Taj Shorter / Reporter As the Nov. 6 election day approaches, it is important to be made aware of which local candidates will potentially be holding a seat on city council. One candidate who has already made an impression in the local community is known for her commitment and hard work attacking the homeless problem in Hemet. Stacie Olson, a Hemet resident off and on for over 30 years, will be running for District 2 against incumbent Russ Brown. Originally from Long Beach, she moved to the Hemet area in 1987 when her oldest son was just 6 months old. She (more…)

McDonald’s may be coming to former Kmart site

<strong>McDonald’s may be coming to former Kmart site</strong>
Hemet Planning Commission approves proposals for commercial developers Google MapsThe closed Kmart building and surrounding area at State Street and Stetson Avenue has been approved by the Hemet Planning Commission for development by several businesses including McDonald’s. ■ Matt McPherson Real Estate / Columnist At last Tuesday’s Hemet Planning Commission meeting some details were revealed about the property located at the northwest corner of State Street and Stetson Avenue in south Hemet. Currently, a Starbucks, Subway, doughnut shop, and Chinese restaurant stay busy at the corner of the property, but the 7.64-acre lot to the rear has remained vacant since Kmart closed its doors in 2014. Three applications have been submitted (more…)

Caltrans set to build median despite public pushback

■ Chronicle News Staff Should Caltrans continue with the plan to install a median on Florida Avenue? This was once again the hot topic for debate at a Hemet City Council meeting on Sept. 11. One speaker at the meeting, Marie MacDonald, addressed the council to express the concerns from the public that many feel are not being taken into consideration as much as they should be. Caltrans and city officials have held several meetings over the past two years regarding the proposed median strip. “Residents of Hemet have repeatedly expressed their concern, their opposition, to the proposed median by Caltrans to be constructed for the full length of Florida Avenue,” (more…)

The homeless: Contrasts in treatment

<strong>The homeless: Contrasts in treatment</strong>
How other cities are addressing their tent cities Photos by Chris Smith / The Valley ChronicleThe homeless camp in Minneapolis is one of the largest in the state with some 200 residents, but officials have no plans to raze it. ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor Editor’s Note: This is the first in a three-part series on homeless outside Hemet and how cities are dealing with it. When one travels to the Midwest, as I had occasion to do recently, one thinks of wheat fields, clean parks, and The Mall of America. As it turns out, however, other parts of the country have the same challenges of crime and homelessness (more…)

Rent-seeking opponents of repealing the gas tax are getting desperate

<strong>Rent-seeking opponents of repealing the gas tax are getting desperate</strong> use of taxpayer dollars for political advocacy is strictly prohibited by law. ■ By Jon Coupal / Contributed There’s an old saying in business: Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door. But not everyone builds their success on creating better products or providing better services. There are some that specialize in manipulating the laws and the government as a strategy for increasing profits. This has sometimes been called “rent seeking,” in the sense that it might apply to a storybook troll under a bridge, collecting “rent” as if he owned the right of way. There are trolls under the bridges in California this (more…)

Is the United States mostly populated by racists?

■ Chronicle News Staff Of course, the answer to the question is no. Quite the opposite. Most Americans are peace loving, law abiding, God fearing people who live their lives by the Golden Rule: do unto others as you want done unto you. There’s no doubt that tolerance is practiced by most Americans as it relates to diverse people and customs that constitute the fabric of our country, educating their children to be respectful, polite and considerate to all. This behavior should not be confused with condescension but rather as a sincere desire to learn and understand these differences and perhaps even become a part of a very important segment of (more…)

Taxpayer danger lurks beneath California’s employment numbers

<strong>Taxpayer danger lurks beneath California’s employment numbers</strong>
Pixabay.comCalifornia’s labor force has seemingly hit a plateau — an unusual occurrence given the strength of the national economy. ■ By Jon Coupal / Contributed On a superficial level, things look pretty good in California. Sure, we have big problems with wildfires and other periodic disasters, but the state’s finances have made a strong recovery since the depths of the recession. Indeed, Gov. Brown has repeatedly touted the multi-billion-dollar surplus and the state’s balanced budget. But objective assessments from government experts and academicians have warned of troubling aspects of the state’s financial condition. These include mega projects we can’t pay for, business flight out of California, unfunded pension obligations in the (more…)