Russ Brown determined to win seat in his own right

<strong>Russ Brown determined to win seat in his own right</strong>
Photo by Rusty StraitHemet City Councilman Russ Brown. ■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter This reporter had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with Hemet City Councilman Russ Brown at the Four Seasons retirement community on Hemet’s far west side. Seated behind the microphone at his position during city council meetings, he appears somewhat reserved. However, on the patio at Four Seasons sporting slacks and an open collar short sleeve sports shirt he is exactly the opposite. Relaxed and unassuming, he presents himself in a way that you’d doubt he ever had a problem in the world. Brown comes from almost three decades of law enforcement in (more…)

A woman with a mission

<strong>A woman with a mission</strong>
Assembly candidate DeniAntoinette Mazingo’s life of service Courtesy Deni MazingoDeni Mazingo, candidate for State Assembly 42nd District. ■ By Rusty Strait / Senior Reporter DeniAntoinette “Deni” Mazingo is the Democratic candidate running against incumbent Chad Mayes in California’s 42nd Assembly District this November. I sat down for an interview with her early this week and to say I got an earful of ambition and energy would be an understatement. Under the new California election rules, the two top vote-getters run against each other despite party. In the 42nd District, those two happened to be a Democrat and Republican – just like in the old days. Mazingo left a thriving legal practice (more…)

Proposition 6 is a grassroots initiative

<strong>Proposition 6 is a grassroots initiative</strong>
Pixabay.comIf Prop. 6 passes, California’s gas and car tax would still be in the top five among all 50 states. ■ By Jon Coupal / Contributed Proposition 6 is an initiative measure appearing on the ballot less than one month from now that would repeal the tax hike on gasoline and cars imposed by Sacramento politicians last year without a vote of the people. If Prop. 6 passes, California’s gas and car tax would still be in the top five among all 50 states. Supporters of Prop. 6, those advocating for the repeal of the tax hikes, have focused their campaign on several compelling points including California’s overall tax burden (highest (more…)

Cities struggle with the homeless

<strong>Cities struggle with the homeless</strong>
Trends suggest having to face the challenge head-on Photos by PixabayThe homeless are on the streets often due to economic or health issues, usually mental health. ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor Editor’s Note: This is the third in a three-part series on the homeless crisis in other parts of the country and how local areas are dealing with it. Since we first reported on the homeless encampment in Minneapolis, four persons have died there. The city is really struggling because it is committed to doing something to help people – but what? The people there don’t want to move because they say they feel safe when they are all (more…)

Former SJ councilman steps back into the ring

<strong>Former SJ councilman steps back into the ring</strong>
Steve DiMemmo is set to tackle San Jacinto’s toughest jobs File PhotoSteve DiMemmo, candidate for San Jacinto City Council. ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor There are people who care about their community, and there are people who get into gear to do something about improving their community. San Jacinto City Council Candidate Steve DiMemmo is both. A former law enforcement officer who has successfully started and run a number of businesses in fields ranging from construction to health care, DiMemmo is a can-do guy who has a lot to offer when it comes to solving big challenges. “I’m interested in solving problems, not passing the buck,” says DiMemmo when (more…)

Defenestration involves jumping or being thrown from the top, Part 1

■ By John Bush / Contributed Trump’s ultimate, but figuratively, defenestration can only be brought about most quickly by the citizens most worthy to benefit from his lofty fall. That will come about only by them all running as one to the ballot box. The midterms are now most important in bringing this about and coming first we shall start this process now, post haste. The next and best chance for us after this will be the 2020 primaries and general elections throughout our country. That may be far too late! Why is this so? Well for one thing the IQ of the population in our country is representative of the (more…)

Voter guides offered for upcoming election

<strong>Voter guides offered for upcoming election</strong>
County voter information on the way for Nov. 6 consolidated general election Metro ServiceIf you want to register, update your address or change your political party preference you must complete a voter registration application. ■ County of Riverside / Contributed On Oct. 3, approximately 990,000 voter information guides started going out to Riverside County voters for the consolidated general election on Nov. 6. Material in the voter information guide will help voters make informed choices. Voters may mark their selections on the voter information guide and use it to help them complete their official ballot at the polls. The Registrar of Voters recommends that voters review the materials before casting an (more…)

Proposition 3 improves water quality

Statewide water bond to be on November ballot for vote ■ By Matteo Crow / Contributed Voters in the San Jacinto Valley area should pay close attention to Proposition 3, a statewide water bond on the November ballot. Finally, we have a water bond that recognizes how fire affects our watersheds, and provides funding to both prevent fires and treat burned areas after fires pass through. Proposition 3 includes $50 million for Cal Fire to improve our watersheds, reduce fire danger, remove hazardous trees, thin regrowth after fires, and otherwise restore our watershed. California is completely dependent on a clean, safe, and reliable water supply. We live in a state prone (more…)

Prop 6 will help working families

California’s cost of living is hurting the middle class ■ By Jon Coupal / Contributed Perhaps the most contentious issue on the November ballot is Proposition 6, which would repeal the massive increase in both California’s gas tax and the car tax. Proposition 6 was placed on the ballot by a grassroots coalition of taxpayers and small business groups. It is opposed by well-financed interests including labor organizations, construction companies and other interests that make money from transportation projects. Those interests are financing a multi-million-dollar disinformation campaign claiming that the state’s roads and bridges are unsafe because Californians’ taxes were too low. It would be funny if it wasn’t so expensive. (more…)

City Council candidate engages community

<strong>City Council candidate engages community</strong>
Photos by Stacie OlsonStacie with her two youngest children. ■ Taj Shorter / Reporter As the Nov. 6 election day approaches, it is important to be made aware of which local candidates will potentially be holding a seat on city council. One candidate who has already made an impression in the local community is known for her commitment and hard work attacking the homeless problem in Hemet. Stacie Olson, a Hemet resident off and on for over 30 years, will be running for District 2 against incumbent Russ Brown. Originally from Long Beach, she moved to the Hemet area in 1987 when her oldest son was just 6 months old. She (more…)