City forms investment committee to oversee city funds

City council members passed motion to create advisory committee for Hemet taxpayer dollars ■ By Taj Shorter / Reporter The City of Hemet has passed a motion to establish a committee to oversee the city’s investments. At a special meeting held on June 20, the city council voted to establish a committee to oversee the City of Hemet’s investments. Membership on the Investment Advisory Committee for Management Investment of the City’s surplus funds will include City Treasurer Judy Oltman, City Finance Director Lorena Rocha, Councilmembers Karlee Meyer and Linda Krupa, and a soon to be appointed finance advisor. The council also adopted a resolution approving the City’s Investment Policy for Fiscal (more…)

11 questions for the City of Hemet

Sue Savage address to the city council on June 12 meeting ■ Sue Savage / Contributed In a regular meeting of the Hemet City Council on June 12, Hemet resident Sue Savage addressed the council with a series of questions regarding the city’s policies on investing taxpayer money. The three-minute speech raised a number of issues about how City Treasurer Judith Oltman is managing the city’s investments. Mayor Michael Perciful later told citizens attending the meeting that the city is planning on forming an oversight committee to create more transparency regarding how Hemet invests its funds. Following is Savage’s speech posing a list of questions to the council. No answers were (more…)

Can Hemet balance the budget without Measure U funds?

Council wrestles with proposal shining light into a dark tunnel ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor The City of Hemet has a balanced budget! Well, more precisely, it could have a balanced budget for the first time in years. That is, if – and it’s a big “if” – city council can eat the frog when it comes to using Measure U funds to help close the existing $3.4 million gap between next year’s anticipated revenues and expenses. At this point, however, part of the council is balking at the prospect of that unpleasant task. At last Tuesday night’s council meeting the council heard, once again, from Measure U Oversight (more…)

Mayor proposes committee to oversee city investments

City treasurer under the gun to defend her investment policies ■ Taj Shorter / Reporter On Tuesday night at a city council meeting, Mayor Michael Perficiul suggested the implementation of a finance committee to oversee the city’s investment portfolio. The announcement followed by a report by City Treasurer Judith Oltman explaining her position on the city’s investments. Oltman is being challenged by a citizen’s group that is leading a recall of the city treasurer because of their disappointment in her handling of taxpayers’ dollars. Local Hemet resident Sue Savage and her husband Pat Savage are leading the petition drive to recall the city treasurer published in The Valley Chronicle’s May 17 (more…)

June 5 primary county and state results

<strong>June 5 primary county and state results</strong>
Outstanding votes pending to be counted, mostly mail-in ■ Chronicle News Staff It seems the results of the current elections are coming to a head. There are 27 candidates for Governor in the June 5 primary, 11 for Lieutenant Governor, and 8 candidates for Secretary of State. For statewide candidates the top two will move to the general election in November. Outcomes for Riverside county and local offices will be final except for Sheriff and Superintendent of schools where there were four candidates a piece. Some five measures were submitted to voters covering everything from park bonds to rain capture systems. Preliminary results are published below. Approximately 102,000 vote-by-mail, 14,000 provisional (more…)

Mayor Pro-Tem Karlee Meyer says city council doesn’t “get no respect!”

<strong>Mayor Pro-Tem Karlee Meyer says city council doesn’t “get no respect!”</strong>
Meyer responds to public commentary raising concerns over budget Courtesy Reelrundown.comRodney Dangerfield: “I don’t get no respect!” City of HemetKarlee Meyer: “A little bit of respect would be great!” ■ Chronicle News Staff Hemet City Council held a special meeting last Thursday, May 24, to discuss the preliminary fiscal year 2018-2019 operating budget. What should have felt like a normal city council meeting turned into something akin to a Rodney Dangerfield stand up, whose famous catchphrase was, “I don’t get no respect!” Towards the end of the Thursday evening agenda, after a few presentations from members of the public, City Manager Allen Parker addressed the sense of mistrust between the public (more…)

Hemet city council struggles to balance budget

<strong>Hemet city council struggles to balance budget</strong>
Measure U Oversight Committee challenges a grab for Measure U money Chris Smith/The Valley ChronicleA member of the public addresses the city council regarding the 2018-2019 operating budget. ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor Hemet City Council is struggling. It’s struggling over a $3 million shortfall in the 2018-19 budget. It appears the idea of moving Measure U money into the general fund may be a political dead duck. The irony is that the money raised by Measure U is beyond what was estimated. There seems to be some “extra money” that is about equal to the shortfall in next year’s general fund. Well, maybe a third of the shortfall. (more…)

Fear and opportunity in immigration politics

<strong>Fear and opportunity in immigration politics</strong>
Trump politics give immigration rights advocates new challenges Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of AmericaAs the midterm elections draw nearer, Trump and company will rev up the fear machine, but the champions of immigrants’ rights have a unique opportunity not only to challenge lies with facts, but also to move the discourse in a new direction. ■ By Andrew Moss / Contributed With each passing week, the battle of words over immigration intensifies, as Trump administration officials continue honing their favorite rhetorical weapon: fear. This past week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared that people crossing the border illegally will be charged with criminal offenses instead of facing civil deportation (more…)

5 candidates for Assembly District 42, and 3 are Republicans

<strong>5 candidates for Assembly District 42, and 3 are Republicans</strong>
Photo source: Gary Jeandron for State Assembly34-year public servant Gary Jeandron. ■ By Melissa Diaz Hernandez / Editor Assemblyman Chad Mayes, 42nd District, has four other candidates vying for his seat. Last week, The Valley Chronicle covered the Democratic and Green Party candidates, DeniAntionette Mazingo (Democrat) and Carol A. Bouldin (Green Party) running to replace Mayes. Now, we will cover the three Republicans, Gary Jeandron, San Jacinto Councilman Andrew Kotyuk and incumbent Chad Mayes. All five candidates are competing for one of the top two spots for November’s general election. Meet Gary Jeandron In his candidate statement, Jeandron talks about his roots consisting of the Banning/Beaumont Pass and the San Jacinto (more…)

Meet the Democratic and Green Party candidates running for the 42nd Assembly District

<strong>Meet the Democratic and Green Party candidates running for the 42nd Assembly District</strong>
Photo courtesy of Deni For AssemblyDemocratic candidate DeniAntionette Mazingo. Carol A. Bouldin Facebook pageGreen Party candidate Carol A. Bouldin ■ By Melissa Diaz Hernandez / Editor In addition to the three Republicans in the race for the 42nd Assembly District, there are two other candidates: DeniAntionette Mazingo (Democrat) and Carol A. Bouldin (Green Party). Mazingo and Bouldin are two newcomers running on progressive platforms. The 42nd Assembly District includes cities encompassing parts of Riverside and San Bernardino Counties including Hemet and San Jacinto. Meet DeniAntionette Mazingo Mazingo is a Hemet resident. She has been a practicing attorney for the last 16 years and also provides pro bono services. According to her (more…)