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Transform bathrooms with technology

<strong>Transform bathrooms with technology</strong>
Metro ServiceInstead of having to blast the volume on the portable speaker you use in the bathroom, a wireless speaker is built into some shower-heads. ■ Metro service Technology is infiltrating every room of the house. Many new home buyers are millennials, and this tech-savvy demographic covets technological innovations. A recent survey by Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate indicates 77 percent of Generation X and Y home buyers want their homes equipped with the tech capabilities they have grown accustomed to. Many of these involve smart innovations, including those that can transform one of the most private rooms in the house—the bathroom. Automated home theater rooms and Wi-Fi-enabled home security (more…)
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San Jacinto Valley home values continue to rise

<strong>San Jacinto Valley home values continue to rise</strong>
As Reported by MRMLSHere are the summaries of the recent real estate sales in the San Jacinto Valley. ■ By Matt McPherson / Columnist San Jacinto and Hemet home prices are slowly, but surely, continuing to rise throughout the valley. San Jacinto saw an increase of 7 percent over last year, whereas Hemet saw an increase of 4 percent. Currently the average home price in Hemet is coming in at $232,388 and San Jacinto at $264,007 maintaining the valley as one of the most affordable markets in the Inland Empire. The slower increase can be attributed to the stagnant market during the holidays, in addition to speculation of rising interest rates. (more…)
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Home security for the do-it-yourselfer

<strong>Home security for the do-it-yourselfer</strong>
Photo by Metro ServiceWhile full-service setups that include professional installation and monitoring are available, some homeowners may want to investigate the highly customizable DIY kits now available. ■ Metro service Feeling secure at home is a priority for many people. Many people consider installing security systems in their homes to improve their sense of well-being. Whether one owns or rents, individuals may be surprised to learn that do-it-yourself security systems can be savvy investments. The right system can help people protect their belongings and their families, but sorting through the various security systems on the market can be a daunting task. While full-service setups that include professional installation and monitoring are (more…)
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The benefits of child-safe home improvements

<strong>The benefits of child-safe home improvements</strong>
Metro ServiceAlarms can be set to sound anytime a window or door is breached, which can deter curious children from trying to leave the house without permission. ■ Metro service All family members should be considered when home improvements are being planned, especially the youngest household residents who may not be responsible enough to avoid accidents and injuries. According to a recent Vital Signs report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), accidental injuries are a leading cause of death among the country’s youth – with one fatality occurring every hour from something entirely preventable. The CDC notes that the leading causes of child injury include suffocation, drowning, (more…)
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Media rooms now edge out home theaters

<strong>Media rooms now edge out home theaters</strong>
Metro ServiceGuests can converse in media rooms while enjoying a show, streaming music or gaming. ■ Metro Service Not so long ago many homeowners were racing to outfit their homes with home theater spaces. If spaces allowed, homeowners would transform rooms into dark, theater-like retreats, complete with large screens, surround sound and reclined seating. Interest in such spaces has waned in recent years, with many homeowners opting for media rooms instead. So what is the difference between these spaces? According to HGTV, a home theater is a room designed to replicate the experience of the cinema. A media room is a multipurpose space where people can gather to enjoy any type (more…)
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Did you know?

■ Metro service City dwellers looking to buy rather than rent an apartment may come across real estate listings categorized as “co-ops.” While co-ops can exist anywhere, notes that they are most common in big cities, comprising as much as 75 percent of the housing inventory in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Co-op is short for “cooperative,” and people who buy into a co-op are not technically buying property but shares in an entity that owns the property where investors will ultimately live. The bigger the apartment in the building, the more shares the buyer will own. Residents of a co-op typically elect fellow residents to serve (more…)
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A contrast in development styles

The difference between San Jacinto and Hemet is widening in terms of both residential and commercial development activity File PhotoMatt McPherson ■ Matt McPherson / Columnist Already a month into 2018 and the San Jacinto Valley is seeing record setting development in the city of San Jacinto, while the city of Hemet struggles to attract retail and businesses. In San Jacinto, residential developments are around every corner with commercial real estate struggling to keep up with the growing population and economy. Whereas in Hemet, an out of control homeless industry, $100 million sales tax impact, rampant crime, and other demographic issues have caused many businesses to leave, let alone attract any (more…)
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What is the tiny house movement?

<strong>What is the tiny house movement?</strong>
Sixty-eight percent of tiny house people have no mortgage, and 78 percent own their home. Photo by Metro ServiceTiny houses may appeal to eco-friendly prospective homeowners looking to cut costs. ■ Metro service The tiny house movement has transformed the way many people look at housing and how it can help them downsize not only their residences, but also their lives. Living small has been embraced as an eco-friendly way to cut costs and simplify life. According to the tiny house resource The Tiny Life, the typical American home is 2,600 square feet, while the typical tiny house is between 100 and 400 square feet. Many tiny homes are smaller than (more…)
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Exploring condos and townhouses

<strong>Exploring condos and townhouses</strong>
Metro ServiceCondos and townhouses have similarities and differences, but both can be ideal places to live for those who desire help with maintenance and worry-free living. ■ Metro service Individuals have many options when seeking places to call home. Among those options are condominiums and townhouses. While quite similar, condos and townhouses are different. Learning what sets these residences apart can help people find the right fit for them. Condominiums Condos are private residences owned by an individual or family in a private building. According to, condos are similar to apartments. However instead of paying rent, condo dwellers own the space. Condos share common areas, such as pools, recreation rooms, (more…)