Community News – November 8, 2018

Hemet Jeep Club History The Hemet Heritage Foundation will feature the history of the Hemet Jeep Club at the Foundation’s monthly meeting on Monday, Nov. 13 from 7-8:30 p.m. This month, the Foundation will meet at the Hemet Historic Depot, 100 W. Florida Ave., inside the Hemet Museum. The Foundation normally holds its monthly meetings on […]

Arts & Culture

Giving the gift of music this holiday season

<strong>Giving the gift of music this holiday season</strong>

■ StatePoint Media / Contributed What’s your favorite song? Are you thinking of it now? How does it make you feel? Music is powerful. It can encourage, inspire, motivate and bring joy. There is even scientific evidence that music can ease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health and contribute to mental acuity. There are some crazy great […]

Arts & Culture

Elvis comes to Hemet

Impersonator set to perform at Datillo’s Nov. 27 ■ By Rusty Strait / Contributed Few musical stars are non-generational. Elvis Presley was certainly one of them. His soul-searching vocals seem to haunt the very heart and soul of American music lovers. His love of family, especially his mother, endeared him to mothers who saw him […]

Arts & Culture

Barbers and razors create new opportunities in Hemet

<strong>Barbers and razors create new opportunities in Hemet</strong>

■ By Rusty Strait / Contributed When the Mercados set out to do something, they don’t fool around. Husband and wife, Alex and Cristy credit Eric Root who is the internationally recognized hair stylist to the stars of Broadway and Hollywood for the beginning of their journey. “When Eric decided to give up his beauty […]


How to calculate the cost of a vehicle

■ By Richard Perry / Contributed Greetings from the Hemet Car Guy! If you are budgeting for your family, business or even as a chairperson for a non-profit you should first determine what you can actually afford before you spend. As my grandma always said, “Live within your means.” So you ask: what does that […]


How to maintain car value over the long-term

<strong>How to maintain car value over the long-term</strong>

■ Metro Service / Contributed When shopping for a new car, savvy buyers know finding the right car involves more than just finding the most comfortable or flashy vehicle. Numerous factors, including resale value, determine what makes a car the right car for a particular buyer. Various websites and automotive resources rank vehicles based on […]


Screen time tied to health issues

<strong>Screen time tied to health issues</strong>

■ Metro Service / Contributed Do you feel panicked if you leave home without mobile phone in hand? Do you find it difficult to sit in the house without browsing the internet on your devices? Are your children spending much of their classroom hours on tablets? Screen time has taken over most people’s daily lives, […]


How to utilize social media to help your community

<strong> How to utilize social media to help your community</strong>

■ Metro Service / Contributed Social media changed the world. Despite their relative infancy, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are now ingrained in the everyday lives of billions of people across the globe. Though it has its critics, social media also has the potential to affect positive change. Grassroots fundraising efforts such as […]


How to embrace –digital– organizational tools

<strong>How to embrace  –digital– organizational tools</strong>

■ Metro Service / Contributed When internet usage switched from mere fad to fully functional, few people may have imagined just how profound — and mobile — it would become. While electronic use was largely stationary as recently as a few years ago, it’s now second nature for users to send and receive information on […]


Online banking safety tips

<strong>Online banking safety tips</strong>

■ Metro Service / Contributed In the digital era, many errands that once required leaving the house can be conducted from the comforts of home. Groceries can be ordered online and delivered to consumers’ doorsteps, while bills can be paid online, saving men and women from having to drive to their nearby post office. Online […]