Hemet Library 7th annual golf tournament

<strong>Hemet Library 7th annual golf tournament</strong>

Foundation helps the community by supporting adult literacy ■ Hemet Library Foundation / Contributed The Hemet Library Foundation is a non-profit fundraising organization that assists the Hemet Library with financial support in the fight against illiteracy. Proceeds of the Foundation’s 7th Annual Golf Classic, scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 29, go toward the Public Library’s Adult […]


PET OF THE WEEK – September 13, 2018

<strong>PET OF THE WEEK – September 13, 2018</strong>

“Blue” – Lab/Pitbull male Mix What a beauty. Blue was brought to us by previous owner because they couldn’t take care of him anymore. He’s 3 years old & weighs 87.9 pounds. He’s a sweet boy and would love a second chance at happiness. He is all ready to give his heart. Very eager to […]

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Reflections of the New Year – Yom Kippur

<strong>Reflections of the New Year – Yom Kippur</strong>

Final Day of Atonement and the Lord’s closing of “The Book of Life” ■ By Gena Estrin / Contributed Talmud definition: the body of Jewish civil and ceremonial law and legend comprising the Mishnah and the Gemara. There are two versions of the Talmud: the Babylonian Talmud (wich dates from the 5th century A.D but […]

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HHT reveals new lobby decor

<strong>HHT reveals new lobby decor</strong>

Renovations underway projected for 100th anniversary in 2021 ■ By Susan Carrier / Contributed The Historic Hemet Theatre began Season Three of the Tribute Mania Concert Series on Saturday Sept 8, celebrating the reveal of new lobby decor and staff uniforms. The new lobby decor was designed by Steve Covington (owner of Downtown Deli and […]


Fear and loathing on the car-shopping trail

<strong>Fear and loathing on the car-shopping trail</strong>

New cars; you love ‘em but you hate ‘em ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor There is nothing like a new car. Even if it’s a used car, it’s new in the heart and mind. There is much angst when you are shopping for a new car. The biggest fear is: “WILL I GET […]


9 things all drivers need to know about their tires

<strong>9 things all drivers need to know about their tires</strong>

■ StatePoint Media / Contributed Today’s cars are packed with impressive features. Stability control. Ride assist. Ever-more-powerful engines. But no matter what technology makes its way into your car — it’s your tires that connect it to the road, making their construction and maintenance critical for safe, effective driving. So, what do you need to […]

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Food expired? Don’t toss it just yet

<strong>Food expired? Don’t toss it just yet</strong>

■ Metro Service / Contributed Do you freeze foods well before the expiration date? Check the milk to make sure it will last the week? Throw out items the moment they pass over the stamped deadline? If so, you may be doing so unnecessarily and even contributing to the vast food waste problem across the […]

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Prediabetes and high blood pressure can be managed: What to know

<strong>Prediabetes and high blood pressure can be managed: What to know</strong>

■ StatePoint Media / Contributed Even as chronic diseases like prediabetes and high blood pressure touch more and more Americans, physicians are urging patients to keep in mind that early detection is key, and that chronic disease can often be managed with lifestyle changes. “To confront our increasing chronic disease burden, patients must be aware […]

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Top tips for starting an exercise routine

<strong>Top tips for starting an exercise routine</strong>

■ StatePoint Media / ContrIbuted Kickstarting a fitness regimen is often the hardest step. Need some motivation? Try out these ideas for getting started and sticking with the program. Get social. A personal trainer can be expensive, but a friend is free and potentially just as motivating. Besides, a little friendly competition never hurt anybody. […]

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Can diet prevent breast cancer from spreading?

<strong>Can diet prevent breast cancer from spreading?</strong>

■ Metro Service / Contributed Healthy diets that include plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables that can boost the body’s natural immune system can help people in their fight against cancer. While some foods, namely unhealthy, high-fat/high-caloric foods, are best avoided, women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer who want to prevent the spread […]