Real Estate

Transform bathrooms with technology

<strong>Transform bathrooms with technology</strong>

■ Metro service Technology is infiltrating every room of the house. Many new home buyers are millennials, and this tech-savvy demographic covets technological innovations. A recent survey by Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate indicates 77 percent of Generation X and Y home buyers want their homes equipped with the tech capabilities they have grown […]


Your vehicle has a recall… now what?

<strong>Your vehicle has a recall… now what?</strong>

■ Metro service Vehicles are expensive. When motorists drive their vehicles away from a dealership, they hope to travel many miles before they need to come back for maintenance. But manufacturers sometimes issue recalls that can affect drivers of both new and old vehicles. Recalls are safety precautions taken should a portion of a vehicle […]


A beginner’s guide to electric cars

<strong>A beginner’s guide to electric cars</strong>

■ Metro service Electric or hybrid vehicles can be smart additions to eco-friendly lifestyles. Although such cars were once science fiction, EVs are now increasingly more common and traversing roadways around the world. Thanks to several mainstream brands offering EVs and hybrid models, consumers are more informed than ever before about the benefits of a […]

Home & Garden

How empty-nesters can transform their homes

<strong>How empty-nesters can transform their homes</strong>

■ Metro Service After bringing home a bubbly baby boy or girl, it can be hard for parents to imagine that a day will come when their kids are off to college and then onto their own apartment or house. After spending decades nurturing and caring for children, parents are then left with a suddenly […]

Home & Garden

Go green in your lawn and garden this spring

<strong>Go green in your lawn and garden this spring</strong>

■ Metro Service Spring is a season of rejuvenation. As the cold days of winter drift away, spring blooms begin to sprout and grass regains its lush green look. Green is certainly a color that’s synonymous with spring. Gardening enthusiasts can find a way to make spring even more green by embracing several eco-friendly gardening […]

Home & Garden

Make laundry day more eco-friendly

<strong>Make laundry day more eco-friendly</strong>

■ Metro Service Protecting the planet is a goal for many people. Such a goal may seem like it should require a Herculean effort, but oftentimes the smallest and simplest efforts to protect the planet can have profound, long-lasting impacts. Laundry is a chore few people may look forward to, but one everyone must do. […]


Hemet’s finest continues to grow

<strong>Hemet’s finest continues to grow</strong>

Three newly hired police officers hit the Hemet streets ■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter A badge pinning ceremony was held for the Hemet Police Department’s newest recruit, Officer David McDonough, Monday morning, Feb. 26, in the upstairs police department administration lobby. McDonough was born and raised in Hemet and began his law enforcement career […]


School shooting threat at Hemet High deemed ‘not credible’

<strong>School shooting threat at Hemet High deemed ‘not credible’</strong>

■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter A photo started circulating around social media on Tuesday, Feb. 27 of a disturbing message left on one of the bathroom walls of Hemet High School, describing a school shooting to take place on Wednesday, Feb. 28. “Hemet High will be shot up on 2-28-18 by a sophomore girl […]


Impeding an emergency vehicle could cost a life

<strong>Impeding an emergency vehicle could cost a life</strong>

■ By Olivia Gildea / Reporter Roughly every one-and-a-half minutes in the United States, someone will suffer from cardiac arrest outside a hospital setting, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Did you know that within these cases, the chance of survival decreases seven to 10 percent every minute without medical assistance, and […]


Dr. Ruiz introduces bipartisan bill supporting families of law enforcement officers and firefighters

<strong>Dr. Ruiz introduces bipartisan bill supporting families of law enforcement officers and firefighters</strong>

■ Chronicle News Service On Feb. 23, Rep. Raul Ruiz, M.D. (CA-36), local public safety leaders, and families of fallen law enforcement officers and firefighters came together to announce the introduction of the Heroes Lesley Zerebny and Gilbert Vega First Responders Survivors Support Act. This bipartisan bill would update the Public Safety Officers’ Benefits (PSOB) […]