Bad breath in pets can be a sign of poor health

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Dogs are supposed to have some of the cleanest mouths, so bad breath can be a sign that something more serious is going on.

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If you’ve ever experienced dry mouth, you know how uncomfortable it can be. Unfortunately, your pet can get dry mouth too, and it can lead to more serious issues down the line and can also be a sign of health issues.
Dry mouth is a condition where saliva loses its protective benefits and leads to an overgrowth of odor-causing bacteria and plaque accumulation, as well as increases the risk of periodontal disease.
While such diseases as diabetes can contribute to dry mouth in pets, the most common cause is medication. It is believed that medications increase the risk of developing complications due to dry mouth by 40 percent. This side effect is far-reaching. Medications for allergies, anxiety, urinary incontinence, osteoarthritis pain, heart conditions, high blood pressure and more can all contribute to dry mouth.
While most pet parents are not aware their furry friends have dry mouth because they may still drool even with the condition, watching out for bad breath can help, as it is often a red flag that something is wrong.
Experts say that you don’t need to wait until this becomes an issue to protect your pet’s health.
“Prevention is always the best medicine,” says Pamela K. Bosco, president of Pet King Brands.
Bosco recommends Oratene Brushless Oral Care for pets, an easy-to-use oral care product line that doesn’t require brushing. Whether it’s the water additive, breath freshening spray or brushless toothpaste gel, the enzymes in its formula work to replenish what is missing in order to help restore healthy oral flora, as well as destroy odor-causing bacteria and remove plaque biofilm. The products can help prevent complications due to dry mouth and will benefit any dog or cat, especially those on medications, aging pets, or those pet parents averse to brushing.
Oral health is crucial to a pet’s overall health. Be sure to pay special attention to the state of affairs in your pet’s mouth by taking steps to prevent dry mouth, a condition that can lead to serious health issues when left untreated.

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