Council approves 11 new police and fire vehicles

<strong>Council approves 11 new police and fire vehicles</strong>
Assigned cars said to increase police ‘boots on the ground’ File photos ■ By Tom Jones / Contributed The Hemet City Council recently authorized the purchase of seven new police vehicles and four emergency response vehicles for the police and fire departments. The fully equipped police cars are to be purchased under an assigned patrol vehicle plan, first implemented in 1994, that increases police visibility, patrol time and useful life of each vehicle. By assigning vehicles rather than using pooled patrol cars, down time at the beginning and end of shifts is eliminated allowing officers to stay in-service for the entire length of a shift adding about 60 minutes per day, (more…)

Report from newly elected DB42 member

<strong>Report from newly elected DB42 member</strong>
Francisco Ramos joins Executive Board of California Democratic Party File PhotoFrancisco Ramos joins Executive Board of California Democratic Party. ■ Francisco Ramos / Contributed Editor’s note: This report was filed by Francisco Ramos, recently elected to the California Democratic Party Convention for District 42. What a huge day Saturday was! The results are in. Our Deep Blue 42 ticket won 5 out of 7 of the “Other than self-identified female” spots, with two of our DB42 members becoming first alternates. Also, DB42 won three self-identified female seats. I am proud to announce, that I came in number one for the Executive Board and also in the “Other than self-identified female“ category. (more…)

Should U.S. Government abide by the international law it created and claims to uphold?

■ Lawrence Wittner / Contributed The Trump administration’s campaign to topple the government of Venezuela raises the issue of whether the U.S. government is willing to adhere to the same rules of behavior it expects other nations to follow. During the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, U.S. foreign policy was characterized by repeated acts of U.S. military intervention in Latin American nations. But it began to shift in the late 1920s, as what became known as the Good Neighbor Policy was formulated. Starting in 1933, the U.S. government, responding to Latin American nations’ complaints about U.S. meddling in their internal affairs, used the occasion of Pan-American conferences to proclaim a nonintervention (more…)

Please, Governor, don’t derail the bullet

■ Jon Coupal / Contributed Even before California’s High Speed Rail bond proposal appeared on the ballot in November 2008, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association commissioned a study in conjunction with the Reason Foundation because of deep concerns about the project’s viability. The study, published in September 2008, just prior to the election, confirmed our worst fears. Specifically, the executive summary of the nearly 200-page document warned: “The CHSRA plans as currently proposed are likely to have very little relationship to what would eventually be built due to questionable ridership projections and cost assumptions, overly optimistic projections of ridership diversion from other modes of transport, insufficient attention to potential speed restrictions (more…)

Referendum for the Florida Avenue median

■ Chronicle News Staff Why not discard intermediaries, all with hidden agendas in the raised curb median on an eight-mile stretch of Florida Avenue/Highway 74 and get the real feeling for this project from the residents of Hemet. During the last several weeks, a number of citizens purporting to represent various segments of the overall population regarding the Florida Avenue median have expressed their opinions either in favor of or against the project. When Caltrans was confronted with the accusation that they have not involved the city sufficiently in the process, the state agency claims to have been in contact with city authorities since 2013. A “great project” Back then, Traffic (more…)

Traffic stop reveals over 100 ID theft victims

<strong>Traffic stop reveals over 100 ID theft victims</strong>
Hemet Police Department24 year-old Laurence Lennon Bealer from Hemet. Hemet Police Department47 year-old Laura Leigh Maynard from Hemet. ■ Chronicle News Staff Last month, Task Force Officers (TFO) of the Hemet/San Jacinto Valley Gang Task Force discovered personal identifying documents affecting over 100 victims of possible identity theft after pulling over two suspects in Hemet. On Jan 29, Hemet TFOs conducted a routine traffic stop for a vehicle code violation in the 100 block of South Girard Street in Hemet. Officers identified the driver as 24 year-old Laurence Bealer and the passenger as 47 year-old Laura Maynard. Both suspects are residents of Hemet. Bealer was on probation for identity theft at (more…)

Idyllwild man missing in mountains

<strong>Idyllwild man missing in mountains</strong>
As tempratures dip lower, family fears for his safety Riverside County SheriffPiotr Hopper-Jasinski has been missing since Monday in the mountains around Idyllwild. ■ By Chris Smith / Advisory Editor Authorities and Idyllwild residents were desperately searching Wednesday, Feb. 20, for a 62-year-old man who had been missing for more than 48 hours in the chilly mountains surrounding the arts community. Piotr Hopper-Jasinski was described as white, 6-foot-1, 170 pounds who was last seen wearing a dark gray jacket, dark green pants, a teal-green beanie, and black boots. Sgt. Ken Reichle of the Riverside Sheriff’s Hemet Station said that Hopper-Jasinski suffers from numerous medical conditions, and his family reported that his (more…)
Faith & Fellowship

Clergy Corner – Bridging the generational gaps

<strong>Clergy Corner – Bridging the generational gaps</strong>
File PhotoPastor Michael Falgout strikes a pose with his family. ■ Michael Falgout / Contributed All families have their problems. More than a century ago, Thoreau wrote, “Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.” I’m sure you’ve also seen such short sightedness in youth. But, I have also seen as much generational prejudice among those of us who ought to be mature. Many despair about the future that will be in the hands of our youth. Such pessimism is, for me, an even greater cause for concern. Some say our problem is that the family unit isn’t what it used to be. They point to the (more…)

Amethysts are the gemstone for February

<strong>Amethysts are the gemstone for February</strong>
We talk to local artists who craft amethyst jewelry Agnes Kennedy and Ralph NatividadAgnes Kennedy and her son, Ralph Natividad, in front of their jewelry stand at the Fall Bazaar at Trinity Lutheran Church circa 2008. The mother-son team is a pair of local jewelry artists who to this day use semi-precious stones, including amethyst crystals and beads, to fashion jewelry. ■ Dennis Fletcher / Contributed Earlier this month, we ran an article about how Valentine’s Day got its name and date in our Gregorian Calendar. A side story within that tale is how the month of February got its name in ancient times from a Roman festival called Lupercalia. This (more…)

Lady Eagles dent Spartans’ armor

<strong>Lady Eagles dent Spartans’ armor</strong>
Women’s basketball: MSJC beats MiraCosta, 100-76 Photos by Corey EvanRaena Lasley tries to stop MiraCosta’s Unique Fradiue from making a shot. ■ By Corey Evan / Reporter Maintaining a winning team is hard work for any coach. But Chris Mozga has done so, maintaining a winning women’s basketball team at Mt. San Jacinto College. But would these screamin’ Lady Eagles keep their winning ways going against the visiting MiraCosta Lady Spartans on Friday, Feb. 8? The Eagles got off to a rocky start in the first quarter, gaining an early lead before the Spartans turned it into a see-saw battle. The Spartans took over the lead briefly, but the Eagles got (more…)