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Ramona Spring Festival kicks off pageant season

<strong><h2>Ramona Spring Festival kicks off pageant season</h2></strong>
Photos by Stacey BaileyThe street will be closed to accommodate all of the activities that will be happening. ■ By Stacey Bailey / Contributed Harvard Street will once again host the Ramona Spring Festival to kickoff the Ramona Pageant Season beginning on April 6. The street will be closed to accommodate all of the activities that will be happening. The festival will be held from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. All of the Harvard street merchants will be having specials on that day. The street will be lined with classic cars and on the stage located on the south end of Harvard there will be a variety of performances. Last year’s (more…)
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‘Play With Your Food’

<strong>‘Play With Your Food’</strong>
Dinner theater entertains Hemet audiences Mark LentineFrom right to left Melanie Rose Johnson, Noah Peterson, Frank Jaramillo, Paola Cifuentes, previous cast members of Play With Your Food Productions. ■ Mark Lentine / Contributed Nadine Gordimer, writer and activist once said, “A desert is a place without expectation.” And out here, in the sleepy little desert town of Hemet, we have the most unexpected taste of more cosmopolitan surroundings: dinner theater. Play With Your Food Productions is a wonderful little venue that’s been treating patrons to established and first-run plays for over a decade. “I had directed many shows at the high school, community and college levels, but nothing prepared me for (more…)
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HUSD music coordinator talks program and funding

<strong><h2>HUSD music coordinator talks program and funding</h2></strong>
Photo by Chris SmithDan Boulton (center blue shirt) during a recent rehearsal with Hemet High Jazz 2 at Hemet High school. ■ Jason Miller / Contributed Last month, the Chronicle featured the Hemet Unified Annual Jazz Festival. Recently, we sat down with the Director of Bands at Hemet High, Dan Boulton, who has served in that role since 2007. Before that Boulton, a native of California who grew up in Hemet, served at Dartmouth Middle School as their band director for eight years. Boulton oversees six bands which include the symphonic, concert, and marching bands along with “Jazz 1” and “Jazz 2,” which were featured at the aforementioned jazz festival along (more…)

Regional agency takes burden off city staff

Hemet relinquishes fee computation and collection responsibility to WRCOG ■ By Tom Jones / Contributed “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” That darogotory observation is often meant as a criticism of overly intrusive government intervention, but it’s not always the case as the City of Hemet recently acknowledged. The City of Hemet is a member of the Western Riverside Council of Governments, a joint powers agency comprised of the county and the 18 cities in Western Riverside County. Among other functions WRCOG administers the Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee program designed to provide transportation and transit infrastructure that mitigates the impact of new development both regionally and on local (more…)

Melendez introduces measures to repurpose high-speed rail funding and spur housing development

<strong>Melendez introduces measures to repurpose high-speed rail  funding and spur  housing development</strong> A. Melendez. ■ Jared Yoshiki / Contributed Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez, R-Lake Elsinore, announced today that she has introduced two measures called AB 553 and AB 264, which both seek to boost housing development in California. “It’s time to end the high-speed train to nowhere and admit that it was on the wrong tracks from the very beginning,” said Melendez. “We have a golden opportunity to work together and redirect past spending mistakes and focus on a real crisis facing California – housing.” AB 553 seeks to repurpose the remaining high-speed rail money to address California’s housing crisis. The Governor, in his state of the state address, indicated an unwillingness to (more…)

Hemet council approves mid-year budget

Budget adjustments reflect unforeseen revenue and expenditure changes ■ By Tom Jones / Contributed The Hemet City Council unanimously approved mid-year adjustments to the Fiscal Year 2018-19 budget at a city council meeting held on Tuesday, Feb 26. These adjustments will reflect changes in revenue and expenditures that were unforeseen at the time that the original budget was adopted in June 2018. On the revenue side of the adjustments, taxes on unsecured property have already exceeded the amount in the original budget and property taxes earmarked for the Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund increment came in higher than expected. The total mid-year revenue adjustments amounted to $175,000. Expenditure adjustments included $21,375 (more…)


DMV treats the elderly differently Dear Editor, To fill out your story on the DMV, here is my tale: Last November, I was 94 and renewal was on the calendar. I have had a clear record for years. When I went in, I was double-tested for the written or, at least, they tried. My first name is Salvatore, but the clerk gave me the wrong paperwork (for Salvador) and tried to make me take my written over. He missed 6, and I missed 1 question. When I refused to take the second test, and showed her the error, she got mad and said I had to take a driver’s test on (more…)
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Clergy Corner – Castles in the sand? Don’t do it!

<strong><h2>Clergy Corner – Castles in the sand? Don’t do it!</h2></strong>
File PhotoSusan Beckett. ■ By Susan Beckett / Contributed How many of you would love to own a beachfront home? And when I say beachfront, I mean right on the beach – sand and all. I sure would; I love the beach. But really, how smart is it to build a home there? A while back I heard reporter John Stossel speak on this very issue. Apparently, there’s a government program that helps bail out beachfront homeowners whose homes suffer damage or are destroyed when storms come. According to Stossel, these programs actually help homeowners build and rebuild on beaches. One government program pumps sand back onto beaches year after year, (more…)
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MSJC Art Gallery launches ‘Brace Yourself’ exhibit

<strong>MSJC Art Gallery launches ‘Brace Yourself’ exhibit</strong>
Mt. San Jacinto CollegeIn “Endless Europe,” an oil canvas painting by Nick Potter, the modernist architectural elements and furniture of Mies Van Der Rohe are symbols of success, however we are aware that something isn’t quite right. ■ Mt. San Jacinto College / Contributed The Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery is excited to announce the new exhibition “Brace Yourself,” which launched on Mar. 4 and runs through April 18 on the San Jacinto Campus. This exhibit, from guest curator and MSJC Associate Professor of Art Eileen Doktorski, brings together a collection of figurative works representing portraiture, architectural environments, hybrid images and performance art, each conveying a unique expression of human (more…)
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10th Annual Idyllwild Cinemafest graces the valley

■ Trinity Houston / Contributed The Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, one of California’s best known independent film festivals, entered its tenth season on Mar. 5 and will continue through Mar. 10, with a new look and a few very lofty goals. Setting its sights on an Oscar accreditation for 2020, the festival organizers promise a future full of great independent films and even more Hollywood star power. With a grand jury that includes A-Lister Anne Archer at its helm, renowned cinematographer Juan Ruiz Anchia, actress Irene Bedard (the voice of Disney’s Pocahontas) and Queen drummer Roger Taylor, among others, IIFC will hit its aluminum anniversary with a bang. With an (more…)