Out with the old, in with the new

<strong>Out with the old, in with the new</strong>
SJ Council approves new wastewater vehicles to better aid storm aftermaths It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it! ■ Jacob Doane / Contributed In the last few weeks the storms and floods have brought about the realization that our wastewater storm and water divisions are, in terms of equipment, behind the times. Water and Utilities Superintendent Arthur Mullen spoke about the “Vactor 2100 that has been in service to San Jacinto for 14 years, is used on a daily basis, and is used an average of 10 hours a day.” He goes on to claim the Vactor 2100 as the first and only response to any wastewater emergencies, e.g, (more…)

K-9 Waylen to take the place of a fallen friend

<strong>K-9 Waylen to take  the place of a fallen friend</strong>
San Jacinto City Council approves funding for new police dog Jacob DoaneWaylen with his new handler Cpl. Jeff Hurd. ■ Jacob Doane & Chris Smith / Contributors The San Jacinto City Council unanimously approved funding to pay for a new police dog to replace the city’s beloved Wyatt who died recently from a rare brain tumor. During a city council meeting held on Dec. 18, San Jacinto Police Lt. Chief John Salisbury presented “Waylen” to the council as a candidate for the vacancy created when Wyatt died. This presentation was met by unanimous approval from the city council. The single question raised about the proposed purchase of the new K-9 was (more…)

SJ Council approves renewal of development plan

<strong><h2>SJ Council approves renewal  of development plan</h2></strong>
Project for intersection of Cottonwood and Sanderson will bring big names to San Jacinto Planning Commission Staff Report 01-29-19A bird’s eye graphic of the development zone and the businesses already in place. ■ Jacob Doane / Contributed Exciting things are happening in San Jacinto. For nearly a decade, the lot on Cottonwood and Sanderson Avenues has held a CVS and more recently a Shell gas station. During a recent San Jacinto City Council meeting, a representative for SRC, LP and SJSA Investments, LLC, the two partners who each play a role in the development of that area, came to ask the council to renew the development plan they had agreed to (more…)

State of emergency declared for recent storms

<strong>State of emergency declared for recent storms</strong>
San Jacinto Emergency Response Personnel recognized in the field by city council Jacob DoaneThe waters covered the roads and center dividers on the Ramona Expressway. ■ Jacob Doane / Contributed Special mention was recently given to the men and women of the San Jacinto emergency response city personnel by San Jacinto City Council members. At a council meeting held on Tuesday, Feb 19, their efforts were recognized for aiding the public during extreme flooding throughout the valley brought on by recent heavy storms. The recognition was offered initially by Councilwoman Crystal Ruiz. “During the rains I drove down Sanderson, water up to my door and our staff was right there. Blocking (more…)