Will Florida Avenue divided median change Christmas Parade route?

On Saturday my family and I performed our third annual walk down Florida Avenue as participants in the Hemet Christmas Parade. This is a wonderful event with a wide variety of local businesses and organizations. The parade has grown in size since our first attendance, walking with the Northern & Southern Kung Fu Association (Red Tiger Kung Fu and Little Tao Dragon, both in Hemet). I enjoy seeing the smiling faces of the people who attended the parade. It brings a sense of a community and greatness we need here in the Valley.
The parade has followed the same route for at least the three years I have attended. Queue up on Palm Avenue and walk down Florida Avenue to the west side of Hemet Valley Mall. A median is slated to divide Florida Avenue sometime in the near future; I simply cannot visualize the parade having the same feel going down one half of a divided road.
The parade was set to begin at 10 a.m; we arrived just before 9 and found our group along Palm Ave. I would estimate there were around 1,000 people in the parade queue. This year we were further back, staged near the Forest River facility. I realized a missed opportunity for the city to capture a bit of money as we were all waiting there with no place to spend money on drinks or snacks. There is a Starbucks at Florida and Palm avenues but one facility cannot handle this many people. You could also have gone into the Walmart Neighborhood Market, but when it is cold and I am outside I would prefer a real doughnut and a cup of black coffee. But as stated, which was good news for my arteries, there was no place for me to get a doughnut.
As we walked down Florida Avenue I can see businesses we have in town and realized how far apart they all are. The route is not so far, around 1.5 miles, but the gaps in like business, numerous empty lots and varying architectural styles makes this stretch of road feel much longer. Good thing there were lots of attendees to act as a counterbalance. At the end of the parade route, in Gibbel Park, there were various vendors set up; but we did not manage to enter this area, and based on the traffic leaving the area, I would guess most did not either.
I still cannot figure out why the parade route does not include the Downtown district. I have always found this to be a potential focal point for Hemet; it is the only place that has character. Hopefully the median will force a change to the route and the planners can think of ways to capture monies from attendees and participants. If the parade ended in the Downtown area, Vendors could still set up as others do for the farmers markets. This could also be a boost to the eateries in the area as there is more selection. (Not that I did not enjoy my arctic cod from Red Robin.) Citizens could also use this opportunity to visit local governmental agencies, as they are all within walking distance.
Thanks to everyone who attended the parade, which marked the end to another great year for me and my family in the valley.

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