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‘Southern strategy’ letter offensive

Dear Editor:

I was greatly offended by “The Southern strategy” letter that Richard S. Flores sent to your paper and you published.
To compare the Republican Party and its candidates to the likes of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini is, in itself, deeply inflammatory and prejudicial.
I am a Republican who voted for Gary Johnson. However, none of my Republican friends who voted for Trump are captives of the Southern Strategy, but, like Republicans across our great country, they were concerned that the Democrats were not addressing our nation’s most pressing problems.
Trump’s winning votes did not come from the south, but from disgruntled Democrats and Independents in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.
Please, Mr. Flores, face the facts and educate your organization accordingly. Thank you.

Peter Kohl, Hemet

Dear Santa…please send volunteers to Ramona Animal Shelter

Dear Editor:

Would you please help me get a letter to Santa? I’m worried he won’t get it in time if I mail it and I’ve heard Santa is a loyal reader of The Valley Chronicle. Thank you very much!
Dear Santa:
Every year, for decades, you’ve lovingly and generously brought me presents. May I please humbly request a big gift that will help so many others?
For 33 years, the Ramona Humane Society has been in my life when I needed them the most. I’ve received unconditional love from four perfect puppies that they’ve rescued and nurtured. When my last two passed on at the age of 17, and after I retired from work, they welcomed me with open arms as a volunteer.
The staff is wonderful! I see such dedication and kindness toward each fur-guest in their care. At this time of year, volunteer help would be deeply
appreciated for so many diverse tasks. They are so grateful for dog walkers and cat cuddlers, but now if they could have people dedicate just one hour of help, it could make a world of difference. Helping in the front office by filing paperwork or answering phones, caring for the farm animals they shelter, or helping run the washing machines would mean so much.
Santa, after you deliver each gift, could you please sprinkle love in each heart and gently whisper in each ear, “Ramona Humane Society would cherish your time and talents. Please volunteer in any way you can.”
Volunteering with dedicated, compassionate people who love animals is the greatest gift I could imagine. Please ask them to come to 690 Humane Way in San Jacinto. I eagerly look forward to meeting each one.
Love you forever, Santa!

Debbie Hostutler, Hemet

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