SJHS choir sets tone for Christmas

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Teacher Keith Still leads his advanced symphonic choir at the SJHS Icons of Christmas Concert.

The San Jacinto High School choir hosted its annual Christmas concert last Thursday

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

If you go to the big box stores and shopping malls for your Christmas shopping, you probably feel some of those old Christmas songs are a bit played out. But when you hear them performed live, it’s a different story, especially if your kid sings them.

San Jacinto High School families got to hear their kids sing a selection of Christmas classics at the annual Christmas Choir Concert last Thursday. Entitled “Icons of Christmas,”Keith Still’s beginning, jazz, and advanced ensembles took part in performing the familiar, the off-the-wall, and the truly amazing. This time around, Mr. Still and his classes infused Christmas symbols into their story.

We wanted to remind the audience of the major ideas behind Christmas; Bells, christmas lights, but most importantly… Jesus, the reason of the season. We can’t really share that necessarily in a public setting, but we can sing about him, we can enjoy that as sort of our center point.” Keith Still

The tone of the show started off with excitement, then progressed through the range of emotions one feels throughout Christmas. Along the way, the selection of songs highlighted different symbols of Christmas, as Still pointed out.
School board clerk Willie Hamilton, board member Trica Ojeda, Assistant Superintendent of Ed Services Sherry Smith, Dr. Frank Jimenez and other school district members were present to support the performers and express gratitude to parents.
The show was presented to two sold out crowds and was a complete success. On behalf of his choir classes, Still expressed his appreciation to those parents and members of the San Jacinto Unified School District who helped make this year’s concert possible. Besides, it also served as a nice little getaway from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas shopping season for the parents. We all know teens like shopping, so for them this concert was just fun to watch.

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