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Photo courtesy by Michelle Sanchez
Michelle Sanchez’s beagle takes center stage in this Halloween photo.

■ By Mary Ann Morris / Editor

Who’s cuter? Little Miss Mollie Moppet or Koala the Chihuahua? Last month we advertised a Cutest Pet Contest. The following five photos represent the finalists from all the entries we received.
What do you think about Sheriff Paco? His owners think he’s pretty darn cute even if he refused to smile for the camera. Michelle Sanchez thinks her little Beagle looks pretty proud amid the Halloween decorations. He definitely feels as though he is the center of attention. Angelina Bagstad loves her little puppy, Uno, even though he is saying “I didn’t do it!” amid the destruction of one of her favorite chairs.
Please email with your vote for the Cutest Pet! The winner, their pet and their prize will be featured in a future edition of The Valley Chronicle. Congratulations to the finalists!

Photo courtesy by Daniella Suarez
Koala the Chihuahua is three years old and not camera shy at all!
Photo courtesy of Joe and Susan Chavez
Paco the Chihuahua is pictured here in his sheriff’s outfit. We tried to make him smile, but he takes law and order very seriously.
Photo courtesy of Angelina Bagstad
“I didn’t do it!” says Uno.
Photo courtesy by Debbie Blankenship
Little Miss Mollie Moppet loves to flirt!

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