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Dear Editor:

I so enjoyed the article on the differences in gasoline. I have a Chrysler 300C and always argued with my late husband over what type of gas to buy. He insisted on getting the premium gas for it. I always lost the argument. Now that he is no longer here, I am buying the low octane fuel and I cannot see any difference in the power or miles per gallon. This makes me know that is it OK to use it.
Thanks again. I always turn to your page first when I receive the paper, then I go from there. Without you, there would be no paper !!!


Carrol Argyle

 Apathy and indifference in exchange for waste and ineptitude

Dear Editor:

It is one thing to have the deck stacked against you in a corrupt political system that impedes change for an honest government and quite another to have an apathetic and indifferent citizenry that contributes to the perpetuation of the status quo. On Nov. 8th, roughly 31 percent of the electorate made the effort to go out and vote, the other 69 percent didn’t bother.
It remains to be seen if these few voters can take the next necessary steps to oversee their elected officials or just stand by, along with the rest, and watch the house burn down.
Make no mistake, supervision of elected officials by the voting pubwlic is crucial in normal conditions but so much more when you have a grab-all scenario like a General Fund replete with cash.
Much has been said about the General Fund and how it can be used for anything by the majority City Council, even after they promised to use it only for public safety.
Rest assured that the fund will be used for everything and maybe some for public safety.
The fail-safes that will supposedly be put in place are nothing more than window dressing to get the measure passed.
The only way to prevent a rip-off is to establish mechanisms whereby groups of citizens can keep a close eye on how the funds are used.
In a previous letter, I wrote about the people being the legitimate owners of government in a democracy and that public officials are employees hired/elected to perform a job. Spending taxpayer money should be a function of the taxpayer and therefore closely monitored by the taxpayer.
Organizing groups of citizens for this purpose is easier said than done because of the intimidation by bullies in the private and public sector directed at all those who would thwart their perverse objectives.
Nevertheless, it is time to bite the bullet and start needed corrective actions immediately:
Attend City Council meetings every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in the City Council Chambers located at 450 E. Latham Ave., beginning at 6 p.m. For questions call (951)_765-2307.
Notice: Members of the Public attending shall comply with the Council’s adopted Rules of Decorum in Resolution No. 4545. A copy of the Rules of Decorum are available from the City Clerk.
Obtain a copy of the meeting agenda beforehand with the city clerk at (951) 765-2307, Monday-Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. or view it under the Government tab of the city’s website at cityofhemet.org.
Complete a speaker slip at the city clerk’s desk prior to the beginning of the meeting.
You will have three minutes to address the council. Come prepared.
Reality dictates that much of the above will fall on deaf ears, however, if just a few community leaders are willing to represent their fellow citizens in a seemingly never-ending and thankless endeavor to bring honesty and efficiency to city government, just a few should be enough to start.

Emmett Campbell, Hemet

City of Hemet should not be liable for Webb’s defense

Dear Editor:

This matter happened in the city of Murrieta. Deputy Chief Webb works for the chief of police in the city of Hemet. As I understand, his authority starts and stops at the Hemet city limits. So why would the Hemet city taxpayers be responsible for something that happens in the city of Murrieta?
If he was helping Murrieta, why isn’t the city of Murrieta paying for his attorney? Does Mr. Webb have a homeowners’ policy with liability? If so, he should request that they provide his attorney. Or is it just another way for Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP to get into the Hemet city taxpayers’ pocket?
It’s the same law firm that helped the city get into trouble with trying to build schools with Redevelopment Agency money in 1992. However Thomas W. Hays, through the Office of the State Attorney General, stopped that nonsense.
Then in 2006, City Attorney Vail provided a legal opinion that the Hemet City Council Term Limit Ordinance was in express conflict with State law. Now we learn that the initiative measure used to pass it was a Constitutional Amendment passed in 1911. I have asked Mr. Vail for a copy of the law that the term limits ordinance was in express conflict with. So far he has not been able to provide one. The city is still denying its citizens of their Constitutional rights. However, Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP, has made thousands of dollars from those opinions.

Art Scribner, Hemet


  1. February 9, 2017

    Letter to the Editor
    The legality of California becoming a “Sanctuary State” was determined at the end of the Civil War on April 9, 1865 after about 2,100,000 persons served in the Union military, and about 360,000 of them gave their lives in support of maintaining the Federal Government of these United States. When about one million immigrants enter the United States legally each year, it cannot be legitimately argued that in order to solve the human tragedy of illegal immigration we must vitiate the authority of our federal government.

    In accordance with their sworn oath of office, it is the responsibility of all elected federal, state and local government officials to protect and otherwise enhance our nation’s sovereignty by upholding the tenants of our Federal Constitution, and where appropriate, their respective state constitutions. Similarly, it is not the responsibility of our federal, state or local governments to ameliorate the negative consequences of dysfunctional social and economic policies of foreign governments.

    Unfortunately, until constructive written agreements with our southern neighbors can be arranged, we need to build a wall along our southern border. For, we cannot allow these distraught governments to externalize their self-perpetuating social problems onto the backs our citizens.

    Might I suggest that Governor Brown, our State Legislators, and locally elected officials, do not have, individually or collectively, the Constitutional authority to invalidate any portion of our Federal Constitution or the laws derived therefrom.

    Perchance there is an alternative to having sanctuary jurisdictions. That is, it might be better federal policy for the United States to sign a “Latin-American Farm Labor Agreement” having modified diplomatic agreements, with our southern neighbors reestablishing an upgraded “Latin-America Bracero Program.” If Governor Brown and the State Legislators insist upon dismantling our post 1865 Republic, it is time to impeach—justifiably—the lot of them.

    K. Paul Raver
    Hemet, California

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