Business Spotlight: The Good Egg

Bianca Salazar and her dad, Miguel, serve up homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner at their San Jacinto family restaurant


Photo by Corey Evan, The Valley Chronicle
The Good Egg has a banquet hall in the back for parties around 50 people.

■ by Corey Evan / Reporter

What’s in a name? What does that name stand for? For Bianca Salazar and her dad, Miguel, “The Good Egg” stands for good food… especially the eggs!

Located in the Farmer’s Corner at San Jacinto Street and Menlo in San Jacinto, The Good Egg got its name not from the Salazar’s book of names but rather from a customer:
“Miguel was sitting down with a customer at JR’s, and they were talking about his eggs, that when he cooks them, they always come out really good,” explained Bianca, spokesperson for The Good Egg. The customer suggested the name “The Good Egg” to her dad, and it stuck.
The Salazars started out in the restaurant game in Yucaipa at the Oak House Family Restaurant. Originally destined for Arizona, the family eventually settled in the San Jacinto Valley instead and purchased the former JR’s to re-launch their careers.
At breakfast, their eggs Benedict, stuffed French toast, California and feta-spinach omelets, and country fried steak are all popular there. In fact, their breakfasts caught the attention of KTLA’s Chris Burrous, who has featured The Good Egg on his “Burrous’ Bites” segment.

Photo by Corey Evan, The Valley Chronicle
The Good Egg has been featured on the KTLA Morning News.

At dinner, Porterhouse steaks, homemade meatloaf and roast beef are all customer favorites. Every Monday through Saturday, they offer an all-you-can-eat item, such as fish-n-chip Fridays.
Don’t forget to try their soups, which rotate daily, including a random soup every Sunday: “Sundays are always a surprise, it depends on what the cook wants to make that day.”
As much of the menu as possible is made from scratch at The Good Egg, including the marinara sauce used in their spaghetti dinners. It’s a way to make the Italian kitchens jealous, right?
“No cans, no preservatives. Homemade food here,” says Bianca.

Photo by Corey Evan, The Valley Chronicle
The Good Egg prepares its ingredients from scratch.

Also in development is a Mexican specialties menu with south-of-the-border orders being in-demand by customers. Your feedback will help them as they develop that section of the menu.
“We tried to do menudo, but it didn’t do such a great hit here.”
But other items, including their chili verde burrito and taco salad, do. Customer feedback has helped shape their restaurant and the Salazars strive to return the favor with the best service they know how to provide. The Good Egg is awaiting San Jacinto City permission to offer wine to their guests. That’s in progress, but the rest of their menu is available now.
The Good Egg also has a banquet hall in the back, which is great if you have around 50 siblings in town for a get-together. They can fit additional people, in a pinch.
With these things in mind, why not make The Good Egg part of your New Year story? The restaurant is located at 2563 San Jacinto Ave, in the Farmer’s Corner building. You can also phone in to-go orders at 951-929-3443.
The Salazars are always generous, giving of their time to the community as well as serving food to the good people of the San Jacinto Valley. It being Christmas time, the Salazars are feeling particularly generous: Bring in this article and you’ll receive a 15% discount on your order, good through Wednesday Jan. 04. Be sure to bring it, and the rest of The Valley Chronicle’s New Year edition to read with your family as you sit down to Prime Rib or honey-baked ham dinners on offer at The Good Egg. It’ll certainly take your mind off the dogs eating your turkey earlier…

Photos by Corey Evan, The Valley Chronicle
The Good Egg can’t be missed in Farmer’s Corner in San Jacinto.

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