Hemet Valley Mall refurbishment near completion

Photo by Daniel Weiss
Concept art of the design of the new illuminated pylon sign (left), and design of completed exterior of the mall (right).

■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter

The renovations at the Hemet Valley Mall are nearing completion. The remaining construction consists mostly of the exterior design as well as the remodeling of the new illuminated pylon sign that will be completed toward the end of the project.
The interior renovations, by Quag Interiors, are just about complete, according to Daniel Weiss, principal at Hemet Valley Mall’s corporate firm, M.C. Strauss Company. Brand new furniture from such retailers as EuroStyle and Fourhands will be used inside.
The $2.5 million project, contracted by Jacor Construction, has already installed TV video marquees inside and removed the large interior planters that took up a large chunk of area inside the mall. Weiss says he hopes to expand the mall soon and has two vacant spaces already available. He is looking for new business opportunities, like more kiosk tenants, retail shops and even potential restaurants. According to Weiss, there are already a couple of restaurant designs in development, and a spec plan for one near the back-end entrance.
Weiss confirmed that a “re-grand opening” is slated for late January or early February when renovations are expected to be completed.

Photo by Daniel Weiss
Concept art for the interior design of the mall, towards Hobby Lobby.

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