Valley fitness trends for 2017 worth their salt

Creative workout facilities combined with nutrition and wearable technology create unbeatably cost-efficient ways to burn those calories and tone those glutes

Photo by Mary Ann Morris / The Valley Chronicle
The Healthy Hub has devoted a wall to its clients who do the hard work and are meeting their fitness goals.

■ By Halima Haider / Reporter

Fitness trends are omnipresent, but the start of a new year is always a good signifier to keep one’s eyes peeled for the latest health regimens that are both effective, and locally accessible –– especially with obesity rates on the rise. What the San Jacinto Valley has to offer in this department may surprise you.
Embrace 2017 in this beautiful valley by focusing on the one resolution that matters most: improve the overall quality of your life by subscribing to a fitness plan that works for you. From the most lauded and creative workout facilities in town to wearable technology to acquiring the creme dé la creme of nutrition on a budget –– we have you fully covered.
Before you attempt any fitness plan, we encourage you to stop and smell the flowers here in your own locality, and visit your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough to begin an exercise program. Valley living means that we are nestled between beautiful mountains and hills — with an abundance of hiking trails. With that said, make hiking a top priority in 2017 and you might even get to soak in the famed SoCal sunsets.
The best hiking trails to date in the valley are the ambitious loop trails of Simpson Park located at 28505 Rawlings Road. These trails overlook the valley with a breathtaking panoramic view. Diamond Valley Lake, located at 2325 Searl Parkway, boasts sprawling trails and sweeping waterways that gives your eyes a feast while your body exercises.

Photo by Halima Haider / The Valley Chronicle
A view of the glowing mountain tops during sundown from a loop trail at Simpson Park in Valle Vista.

“We have a wall commemorating the results of thousands of our returning patrons,” said Ronda Tanguay Arend, owner of The Healthy Hub at 3212 W Florida Ave., one of three Hemet-based nutrition clubs under the eponymous umbrella, which was the first among the three to pop up in the San Jacinto Valley some five years ago. The Healthy Hangout, at 2135 E. Florida Ave., is owned by Rachel Marie Breckenridge. The Healthy Spot, owned by Maria Wilson, is at 4210 E. Florida Ave.
“I like to think of us as a healthy Starbucks,” said Arend. “I recommend our vegan protein shakes to all –– caramel apple shake, hot chai tea, and mango aloe shots are the go-to beverages in 2017.”
The Healthy Hub –– an all-inclusive herbalized nutrition club and workout facility offering free wellness profiles, 180-calorie meal replacement shakes, herbal teas, aloe vera shots and free fitness classes –– is a one-stop-shop for all of your health-related necessities. Whether you are considering going vegan, getting your hands on the best protein shakes in town, or simply committing to a workout plan that offers variety without making you feeling like a hamster on a wheel, you can get it here.
Dance your way to a healthier new you at Jazzercise Hemet Valley, which offers a medley of cardio workouts, dance, and strength training using weights and resistance bands. Women aged 16 to 21 can work out free year-round. Jazzercise Hemet Valley is located at 1001 N. Buena Vista Ave.
“It’s the first workout that I fell in love with; you can have fun while you work out and you get real results,” said Michella Welch of Hemet. “Jazzercise offers 25 classes a week and being a busy mom it gives me more options to making it to one or more classes a day. They also have child care, which makes it easier for me to be able to work out. Many people are on the same goal road, so it makes for an atmosphere of love and support.”

A yoga practice begins with setting an intention; the vision and intention of this studio is to offer wellness and healing, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual, and to help students find the connection of all three.”
– Jamie Beavers, founder of Barefoot Yoga Studio

Barefoot Yoga is another unsung Hemet-based fitness gem offering a 7-day schedule consisting of Introductory, Vinyasa Flow, Release and Restore, Yoga and 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR), and Kundalini Yoga classes. First timers pay only $10 for their session.
“A yoga practice begins with setting an intention; the vision and intention of this studio is to offer wellness and healing, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual, and to help students find the connection of all three,” said Jamie Beavers, the Founder of Barefoot Yoga Studio, in a statement. “The same passion for wellness guides the well-trained teachers at Barefoot Yoga Studio.” Barefoot Yoga Studio is located at 475 W. Stetson Ave., Suite E.
Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a multidisciplinary tradition that is part martial art, part combat sport, and a great self defense system that focuses on the mind, body, and attitude. Formed from Kodokan Judo ground fighting, Brazilian jiu-jitsu came to be its own art through the experimentations, practices, and adaptation from Judo. Gracie Hemet Jiu Jitsu Academy, located at 3605 Tanya Ave., offers up courses in the formidable art accessible to all ages.

Photo by Mary Ann Morris / The Valley Chronicle
People gather at The Healthy Hub at 3212 W. Florida Ave. to partake in healthy drinks and exercise together.

Take healthy, conscious eating to the next level with Sprouts Farmers Market. Economically priced fresh produce is made available in the neighborhood with the newest location at KPC Towne Center on Florida Avenue. Go a step further by visiting, where you will find recipes online that allow you to mix and match ingredients and diet type including, but not limited to gluten free, vegan, raw, dairy-free, paleo, budget-friendly, and healthy living diets.
If 2017 is anything, it’s a year of technology, and what better way to be in with the times than by getting on the wearable technology bandwagon as per Fitbit –– a high-tech device that you wear as an accessory that measures the number of steps you have walked, your heart rate, the quality of your sleep, and other valuable personal fitness metrics. Fitbit and similar monitoring equipment can be purchased at Walmart, Target and many pharmacies in Hemet and SJ.
Smartphone apps from the likes of MyFitnessPal or Nike+ Training Club, PopSugar Active App, Aaptiv and Sworkit –– are designed to track your fitness activities at the palm of your hands making the need for an expensive personal trainer obsolete.

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