Lawrence and the Bear

By Rob Lindquist

Now Laurence was a cowboy.
You’ve heard that said before.
But, this here tale’s a new one;
I’ll tell you what’s in store.

See ‘White’ was quite ranger;
Some of you may know;
Stationed out at Cranston
Many years ago.

This time there was trouble;
Dodge rear-ends were bad.
Their pick-up trucks were lousy,
‘Worst they’d ever had.

The camp called in a breakdown.
The pick-up wouldn’t run.
Laurence left for Mill Creek
Before the day’d begun.

He loaded two new axles,
Took them off the train
And drove out from the city
To head back home again.

Up the Hill he traveled
And then just short of noon,
He parked aside the Banning Road
Where there was ample room.

Stone Creek was barely trickling.
White let the tailgate down
And was opening up his lunchbox
When he heard a sound.

He thought it was wayward cow
Movin’ through the trees
Until a black bear wandered up,
Pretty as you please.
Now, Laurence cut an apple;
‘Threw the bear a slice,
That sniffed and quickly gulped it down.
‘Thought it tasted nice.

White then took a cookie,
Laid it on the bed.
Up beside it climbed the bear
Happy to be fed.

But, Laurence was a cowboy.
Ropin’ was a snap.
Fast he tied the bruin down
With cookies in its lap.

He eased out on the highway
And drove for Idyllwild.
The bear sat on the auto parts
Just like a great big child.

Folks in town were ev’rywhere;
Summer time was on.
‘Should have seen them turn and stare
When Morris came along.

There they were the two of them,
Bear just proud as punch
Headed for the workers camp
Eating up White’s lunch.

They drove into Kenworthy,
The whole camp came alive;
Everybody jumped and yelled
The day that bear arrived.

Laurence was no blower;
Wouldn’t tell a lie.
But, onc’t he’d told that story
We laughed until we died.

The ending was the topper
Good as it could be.
For once the boys had fed that bear
He joined the CCC!

And that’s a fact!

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