May Valley Non-Motorized Trails Project begins in spring

F■ Gerrelaine Alcordo / U.S. Forest Service
orest officials are adopting 22 miles of unauthorized trails, constructing 2.5 miles of new trails, developing two trailheads, and rehabilitating 10.5 miles of unauthorized trails within the 5,500 acres for the May Valley Non-Motorized Trails Project near Idyllwild, on the San Jacinto Ranger District.
This project has been a long-term collaborative effort with Riverside County Park and Open-Space District, the hill communities, local groups and the Forest Service to promote healthy recreation. It also creates a sustainable and interconnected, shared-use, non-motorized trail network that will complement local, regional, and national trails and day-use opportunities.
Equestrian riders will be able to ride from McCall Memorial Equestrian Park to Hurkey Creek Park, while enjoying scenic vistas. Bicyclists and hikers will be able to ride and hike a variety of trails suited to both the beginner as well as the experienced user.
“I am very pleased to sign the decision today and express a huge thank you to everyone that has participated in the process,” said District Ranger Arturo Delgado. “The community and our staff are ready to initiate the project, and we anticipate beginning work in the spring.”

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