Memories of the Valley

Idyllwild Area Historical Society
For all their beauty, snowstorms challenged the Idyllwild Inn in terms of both tourist access and building. To forestall damage from a heavy snow load, this 11-man crew went to work on the roof, adding to the white mountain already created by a snowplow. Such snow depth is rare nowadays, although winter can still supply the same beauty. Source: “Idyllwild and the High San Jacintos”.
Idyllwild Area Historical Society
Although the Idyllwild Inn was widely known as a popular summer resort, under Claudius Emerson’s ownership, it had become a year-round operation. Surrounded with maturing pines in its later years, it lay buried in white after a heavy winter storm while Lily Rock and Tahquitz Peak provided a picturesque backdrop. Source: “Idyllwild and the High San Jacintos”.

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