Ramona Elementary math festival makes numbers fun

Photo Courtesy by HUSD
Ramona Elementary students get excited about math.

■ By Alex Cass / Contributed

Students all around the nation struggle to understand mathematics concepts and are therefore discouraged during math lessons. In an effort to educate students and make math more fun, Ramona Elementary hosted a Math Festival.
Principal Stacy Sorenson invited the California Math Council to come to Ramona during the day to show students that math can be fun.
This school-wide event allowed students to participate in a variety of different activities and challenges. Students used blocks, balance scales and beans to problem solve. Students were able to visit multiple stations and work with a variety of other students to solve mathematical problems together.
Ramona hosted a Family Math Night later that day for families to join in the fun. The California Math Council set up a similar Math Festival to allow parents to take an active role in their child’s mathematical journey. Sorenson said approximately 125 people attended the site’s first Family Math Night.
Thank you Ramona staff for creating an event that allows students to look at mathematics differently.

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