Soboba rings in an enchanted new year

Photos by Corey Evan, The Valley Chronicle
Everyday People perform at the Soboba Enchanted Wonderland. Can you spot the Cheshire Cats?

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Some considered 2016 to be among the best years of their lives. Others considered it among the worst. Either way, 2017 brings the promise of a fresh start for many. Soboba Casino celebrated this fresh start with its “Enchanted Wonderland” Party to ring in the new year.
For $30 each, guests were treated to a lively atmosphere complete with all the “Alice in Wonderland” touches one could hope for. At the entrance, guests could have their fortunes for the new year told them by ‘intuitives,’ also known as psychics, who happened to be there for the party. Once inside, partygoers could knock back their favorite bubbly beverage, then take in the bubbly music which was pumped throughout AC’s Lounge.
The party started with live music performed by Everyday People, and then DJ Dennis Blaze took the reins to keep partygoers on their feet until the balloon drop at midnight. All the while, scenes from “Alice in Wonderland” played on the big screens throughout the lounge. Alice even showed up for the party!
All of this fun and excitement required a group effort led by the Soboba Marketing Director Michael Broderick:
“It was definitely a team effort between all the members of the marketing team, as well as putting together all of the elements to make it an enjoyable event.”

Photo by Corey Evan, The Valley Chronicle
DJ Dennis Blaze sets the party ablaze.

When asked about his hopes for 2017, Broderick stated, “I hope for a safe and prosperous year for everybody, and I’m excited for what the future holds for Soboba Casino.”
In addition to dancing all the way to 1:30 a.m., partygoers were also offered a Magic 8 Ball as a keepsake of the occasion.
Broderick wishes to thank all those at Soboba Casino and the Soboba Luiseño Band of Mission Indians who helped make this party happen.
It’s worth remembering that new year brings all of us new opportunities. Will this be your best year ever? With the right attitude, and perhaps a good shake of your Magic 8 Ball, “It is decidedly so.”

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