Broncos buck the Mustangs

West Valley Varsity Girls’ Basketball lost to Banning last Thursday, 60-47

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

It’s good to get an early start whenever you can. Last Thursday at West Valley High School, the varsity basketball girls tried to take advantage of an early start against the Banning Broncos. Unfortunately, the Broncos were ready for them.
The two varsity teams took to the Mustang gymnasium early, as Banning had no freshman team for West Valley’s 9th graders to face. But the girls that they did have put up quite a challenge for the Mustangs, as they took and kept the lead from early on. The Mustangs tried as hard as they could to put the pressure on the Broncos, but Banning anticipated this and distanced themselves toward the end to finish ahead 59-47.
Coach Dustin Holsapple found several deficiencies in his Mustangs, which he hopes to work on with them: “They beat us on the boards, they beat us on the rebounds; they out-rebounded us. They hit their open shots, we started off hitting our open shots and we blew it from there.”
That said, there was one Lady Mustang who held her own in this game: “Kayla Noyles, she was on tonight. It’d be nice to get everybody on, but it seems like there’s a different person who steps up every night.”
Hopefully, they all step up as they make their way to Perris tomorrow at 6 p.m. to face the Citrus Hill Hawks! The Mustangs could do with a win there, as they are currently 5-8 for the season.

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
West Valley’s girls struggled against the Banning Broncos on Thursday.

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