Memories of the Valley

A bond to pave San Jacinto’s streets was passed in November 1916 by a margin of 333 to 33. It became prudent to pave at this time, not only for ease in travel, but also to control the dust caused by the faster-moving automobiles. Concrete is poured for road construction on San Jacinto Avenue near the corner of Main Street. Source: “Images of America – San Jacinto”
In 1897, San Jacinto’s first electric plant was built near Fifth Street and Pico by H.S. Roach and Charles Chambers. The plant, which was updated in 1905, provided electricity for the city. This photograph of the generator was taken inside the electric plant building in 1910; an unidentified maintenance man stands to the side. Source: “Images of America – San Jacinto”

Reprinted with permission from “Images of America – San Jacinto,” Arcadia Publishing. This book may be purchased at the San Jacinto Museum and online at

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