The votes are in!

Sheriff Paco wins in a landslide!

Photo by Joe and Susan Chavez
Sheriff Paco, winner of The Valley Chronicle’s Cutest Pet Contest.

■ Mary Ann Morris / Editor

After receiving numerous votes for The Valley Chronicle’s Cutest Pet Contest, we have a clear winner. Sheriff Paco, owned by Joe and Susan Chavez of Hemet, won by a landslide, receiving 93 percent of the votes.
Paco has won a holiday-themed dog bowl and toy emblazoned with the image of Bumble the abominable snowman from Rankin/Bass’ animated holiday classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”
Paco came in with his owners to get their prize, take a few pictures, and share Paco’s story.
Paco was born on March 29, 2009, and Joe and Susan adopted him from the Hemet PetSmart. His favorite pastimes include posing for photos (he has his own monthly calendar!), going for walks around his neighborhood, eating, and playing with his toys, including his favorite, a chirping blue jay. He likes being around people and other animals, playing with Mom and Dad, Grandma and Uncle Fred. The best part of his personality is making his family laugh and smile.


Photo by Mary Ann Morris / The Valley Chronicle
Joe and Susan Chavez are excited that their adorable Chihuahua, Paco, won The Valley Chronicle’s Cutest Pet Contest.
Photo by Corey Evan/ The Valley Chronicle
Paco is so beloved by his family that they created a monthly calendar devoted to Paco and his costume changes.

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