Walking the talk is everyone’s responsibility

Photo contributed by Karlee Meyer
It’s a group effort to make our community a better place.

■ By Karlee Meyer / Contributed

These people are homeless. Several of them have been asking me to bring them paint because of the awful graffiti across the street. Today I showed up with paint, and nine of them joined in to help cover a large area. Some of them stayed for pizza afterward for their hard work.
Please understand something about people that we categorize as homeless.
They can be veterans;
They can be mentally ill;
They can have clean records and be poor;
They can have records and not be able to get a job;
They can be thieves or drug addicts who don’t want accountability;
They can be gangsters or bullies who terrorize everyone that crosses their path.
They are rough and scary. They are dirty and hungry. They are depressed and poor. I will not give handouts, but instead give them an opportunity to earn something. I will help them up and out.

Photo contributed by Karlee Meyer
Everybody has something to contribute in cleaning up our community.
Photo contributed by Karlee Meyer
Hemet Councilwoman Karlee Meyer isn’t afraid to get her hands (or face) dirty when removing graffiti.

They are humans like you and I. Some want good for our community too. Can you take the time? I’m not talking about making them feel good about their situation. I’m talking about being honest and pointing them down the right path. There are many stages in life and everyone needs direction sometime or another, even if it means driving them to the courthouse to stand before the judge and take care of some warrants. Some may have to do time, but life is full of consequences. If you get the past behind you, you can move forward.
Think about how you can be creative and provide opportunity for growth. Keep praying for Hemet and for hearts to soften. God is moving and it is exciting to see.

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