A seller’s guide to spring cleaning

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A nicely staged kitchen.

■ By Loni Vogler / Contributed

In 2017, what can you do to set your home apart from the rest of the market? Though your options, short of a complete (and expensive!) remodel, may seem limited, here are six quick tips that can spruce up any property for the spring season!

1. Dispose or donate
The most prominent component of spring cleaning is a motto perpetuated by nature at this time of year: out with the old, in with the new. When playing a long overdue game of Dispose or Donate, ask yourself a simple question: Have I used this in a year? If not, assess the quality. A perfectly good winter coat that simply isn’t your style anymore would make a great donation to your local charity. However, the stained shag area rug rolled up in the garage probably wouldn’t mind being thrown out. Ridding your home of old and unusable items not only clears your mind, but will make your home more appealing to buyers and preemptively ease the pain of your move.

2. Open up the space
De-clutter your walls to emphasize open floor plans and add the perception of height to your ceilings! Though a few artfully-placed paintings can create an expertly decorated atmosphere, too much interior hodgepodge can make it difficult for buyers to picture making a room their own. Instead, move pictures to standing frames that you can place in cabinets before showings.

3. The five-minute remodel
Simple touch-ups throughout your home can brighten and update the space without needing to repaint the whole interior. Touching up chips in paint, scrubbing built-up grime on light switches and door jambs, or buffing out scuffs in baseboards can upgrade your home in minutes. A Magic Eraser is paint-safe and works like a remodel in a box.

4. Consolidate clutter
Storage solutions are a lifesaver when it comes to being stuck in the purgatory of being too early to pack for your move, but too late to leave every item out without cluttering countertops and shelves. Plastic tubs can be filled with nonessentials and stored safely so that your possessions don’t interfere with showings to potential buyers. Try to buy clear plastic tubs so you can see what is inside.

5. Take the stage
Soft-staging vacant homes is a quick and easy way to help shoppers visualize themselves in a home. Talk to your agent, or strategically place items to enhance the space yourself. Decorative towels in the bathroom, potted plants by the entry and candles throughout the home are a few quick touches that make a world of difference. For a more finished experience, include a delicate coffee table or a dainty sitting area.

6. Ask the experts
Perhaps the most important part of selling your home is the first decision you make: choosing the right real estate agent for you. The best agent for your home will not only educate you as they walk you through this process, they will present you with a comprehensive and creative marketing plan for your home. Ask potential agents what types of marketing they employ, keeping an eye out for unique advertising solutions. They can help you decide what improvements will yield the most return once you’re ready to put your home on the market. The best agents will work hard to make sure your home reaches the perfect buyer.

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