Kids’ bowling event benefits children’s section at library

The Hemet Woman’s Club is devoted to community improvement projects

Photos by Corey Evan/The Valley Chronicle
Ashley and her daughter, Abigail, were there to bowl and to celebrate a family birthday.

■ By Corey Evan / Reporter

Many of us have seen a public service announcement stating that too many kids’ activities today lack actual physical activity. The Hemet Woman’s Club understands this, and realizes that activities for kids in the San Jacinto Valley are few and far between. The Woman’s Club is working with the Hemet Public Library to expand and renew the children’s section, and on Jan. 14, held a fundraiser designed to get the blood pumping at AMF Hemet Lanes.
While the “Bowling for the Kids” event on Jan. 14 garnered a small turnout, it provided big fun.
“The library is close to our heart,” said Hemet Woman’s Club Chairwoman Michelle Ryneal. “[The event is] all about fun and the library.”
Interesting to note is that the Woman’s Club helped build the original Hemet Library over a century ago. But while the city’s Engineering Office stands where the original building once stood, the Woman’s Club still stands proud.
“Hemet Woman’s Club has been very actively involved in the San Jacinto Valley for over 110 years,” says Ryneal. “We do a lot for the community and are working on over a dozen different projects.”
This event is part of The Woman’s Club’s Community Improvement Project, which will help build a new Children’s Activities Center at the Hemet Public Library. Proceeds from this event will help make the new Activities Center a reality. Still, all that effort didn’t really impress 8-year-old Aryian, who was there with his family.
“The only thing I care about is games, games, playing some more games and games,” said Aryian, before trying to top his personal best score of 115.

8-year-old Aryian tries to top his best score of 115.

At the very least, Hemet Lanes Manager Paul Nielsen is happy to see kids getting out and having fun.
“We highly encourage any fundraising programs, anything to do with kids,” said Nielsen. “It’s a great place for kids. Safe for sure, absolutely.”
And for those who weren’t there to kill some pins, there were several opportunity drawings. Prizes, coordinated by the Woman’s Club, included gift baskets from Destination Coffee Bar & Bistro and the Downtown Deli & Coffee Co. Walmart and Target also donated to the cause. One could even win a brand new bowling ball of their own, donated by Hemet Lanes. Imagine that, never having to sift through the racks to find a ball that suits you again…
The Woman’s Club is hard at work to improve the community. The previous weekend they helped make travel safer for kids with the help of the California Highway Patrol at a car seat inspection, and they’re already working on getting the ball rolling for a bunco party and fundraiser at the Colonial Country Club on Kirby Street on Feb. 7 from 1 p. m. to 4 p. m. And don’t miss the Ramona Playhouse production of “Other Desert Cities,” put on by the Woman’s Club and directed by Susan O’Connell, which is scheduled for March 4 at 7 p.m.
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