Eagles wash away the Spartans

MiraCosta College dropped in on MSJC for men’s basketball on Saturday, but were beaten 89-76

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Coach Patrick Springer discusses strategy with his Eagles during a time out on Saturday.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

Living inland, some of us may not be accustomed to coastal weather. But regardless, it’s good to be prepared in case of a rogue wave. Mt. San Jacinto College’s men’s basketball team has known a few rogue waves in their time, namely the MiraCosta Spartans. They washed up in the Eagles’ Nest on Saturday… and this time, they brought one player who hails from China!
The Eagles got off to a good start against the Spartans. But toward the end of the first half of game play, MiraCosta started to catch the venerable Eagles in their undertow and ended the half with a four-point lead over the Eagles 40-36.
After a plaid-clad Coach Patrick Springer dealt his Eagles some verbal stripes, said Eagles got back into the game and within minutes had regained the lead. Halfway through the second half, the Eagles had put a gap of more than 20 points between themselves and their Spartan competition. But not happy to take a face full of feathers sitting down, MiraCosta managed to close the gap to 13 before falling to the Eagle’s talons 89-76.
Tre Nottingham was the top scorer of the day with 24 points, including five three-pointers and six rebounds. Carl Brown chipped in 19 points. Mat Bradshaw was third with 18 points as well as a game high six assists. Each brought in five three-pointers. Talk about a terrifying trio. Curtis Weathers had 12 points, but was one three-pointer short of his teammates’ fiver club. The Eagles also out-rebounded the Spartans 42-35, thus making victory all but a foregone conclusion.
At the moment, in PCAC conference play the Eagles are 1-1 and for the season are 15-9.

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
The Eagles in action against MiraCosta on Saturday.

Springer believes today’s win was a combination of factors from both teams: “Home court advantage took over; they might have fatigued a little bit. And with our depth, I don’t think we did.”
Women’s Basketball Coach Chris Mozga, who’s Lady Eagles also defeated MiraCosta 113-57, dropped in to congratulate Springer. The two coaches coach their teams independently, but get along like a team should: “We bounce things off each other once in awhile,” Springer pointed out.
When asked about tomorrow’s double header with San Bernardino Valley College, Mozga pointed out that it’s been long time, no see: “It’s always a rivalry, so hopefully the kids will be excited. We haven’t played them in a couple of years, so we’re looking forward to it.”
The Ladies will kick things off at 5 p.m., right around sunset. Then the Gents will follow them up at 7 p.m.. Make plans to be there, if you don’t have any plans now.
It’s also worth reminding our readers that MSJC snack bar runs on donations, which in turn benefits the athletics department. So if you like seeing Eagles games, support them through donations. They could definitely use some Costco-size packs of hot-dogs and buns, as they were sold out of those before today’s halftime.

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