“I’m not going to leave this alone”

Ramirez family asks Hemet City Council to “step up”

Photo by Kyle Selby / The Valley Chronicle
Corinna Moreno-Ramirez (top), Christy LaMorena (middle left), Marissa Vasquez (middle right), Jose Rodriguez (bottom left), and Nicole Otto (bottom right), presenting their comments to the City Council.

■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter

The fight for justice in the murder of Daniel Ramirez continues, as his mother, Corinna Moreno-Ramirez, and family spoke out at City Hall once more, Tuesday night.
Daniel Ramirez was murdered by an unknown assailant on Nov. 4, 2016, and his family still yearns to receive any sense of closure.
“I cannot go out at night,” said Christy LaMorena, who came to the last City Council meeting to support Corinna. Since then, she believes that she has been thrown into the crosshairs of the person they believe to be the prime suspect in Daniel’s death. She told the council that she has encountered decoys knocking on her door, and fully occupied cars driving past her house.
“I have a daughter that is being followed by this gentleman. I have to make sure she is protected at the University she is attending, I have to make sure that my minor is protected, and that I am protected.”
LaMorena has taken extra precautions to ensure her family’s safety. Under the protection of the gang unit of the San Bernardino Police Dept., she and her family are being watched around the clock. SBPD has even requested that she ask Hemet Police Dept. to forward them all of their existing information pertaining to Daniel’s case.
“I just hope that the [Hemet] police department does what they have to do, and if they don’t, they need to go out there and get help.”
Jose Rodriguez, Nicole Otto and Marissa Vasquez, also members of the Ramirez family, stepped up to the podium to express their thoughts as well. They each shared their thoughts on the lackluster efforts made by HPD’s investigative team, their encounters with other families affected by homicide, and their concern for the safety of the citizens of Hemet.
“The investigators know who killed my god-brother,” explained Marissa Vasquez, Corinna’s goddaughter. “They have it on video, describing the murder, who did it, and who was involved. What more does this detective need to arrest and solve this homicide?”
Vasquez was a creative writing major before Daniel was killed. Now she has switched her focus to criminal justice, so that in the future she can bring her family, and families alike, closure.
The pressure was on as Corinna approached the podium last. After introducing herself, and her outrage over the growing violence in Hemet’s streets, she shared a voicemail that was left for her by the owner of Grooming & Colors on Harvard Street.
The message revealed that she has surveillance video of the murder of Nicholas Males, 28, of Whittier, who was stabbed to death outside of Elite Bar & Lounge on June 19, 2016. She handed the video over to the police, but they have still failed to make any headway in the investigation, despite the enormous lead.
Corinna shared her condolences for the mother of family of Nicholas Males, and referred to her own son, Daniel’s brother Miguel, who is currently serving in the U.S. Army in Fort Carson, Colorado.
“I give the officers your props. God bless you guys,” said Corinna sincerely. “I pray for you guys. I hope you guys go home every night to your families; you guys are doing your job. But the homicide detectives–they’re lagging it. There’s no closure, and they’re not experienced. Where’s their credentials? What are they doing?”
Corinna challenged the City Council members to step up and be proactive in their community, so that others may follow their lead. She asked them to go to bed that night and consider the safety of their own children, and then graciously referred to Councilwoman Karlee Meyer, who has kept in touch with Corinna since the last council meeting.
“This lady has made a difference. She’s out there with a paintbrush doing little things that we see. Let her be your example, let her be your guidance.”

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