Lady Bulldogs drop deluge on Mustangs

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
The Lady Bulldogs are happy to have defeated the Mustangs on Friday.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

When the rain falls, it can dampen one’s spirits. But inside the Hemet High School gym last Friday, not a drop could be felt as their varsity basketball girls took on the visiting West Valley Mustangs.
It took 45 seconds for the Bulldogs to score the first point of the game. But from there the Bulldogs did a good job keeping their Mustang competition marooned on zero for almost three minutes before West Valley got a three pointer. All in all, it was a good first period for Hemet, 24-7. The ‘Dawgs didn’t let up on the horsepower during the second period, dropping in another 12 points against West Valley’s three. To say the mustangs were seeing red would be an understatement.
During halftime, mascots Maggie and Spike showed up to show support for the girls and to keep up appearances with fans. The Bulldogs continued in their winning ways, adding 17 points to their tally in period three. West Valley showed some improvement in the same period… with eight points. It’s a plus, Mustangs! Don’t be downtrodden, now.
The final period proved what Mustang fans feared; the dogs were on top of their game. Hemet picked up another 11 points, while West Valley struggled to get two more. This one was for the Hemet girls, 64-20.
Coach Joe Cortez is quite pleased with the complete 180 from last week’s performance against San Jacinto: “Our big girls (Hope Suarez and ’T’ Proppe) played a lot better, got more rebounds than normal, and Cynthia (White) played her normal game.”
Let’s hope this performance becomes their normal game; At 1-3 in league and 8-8 for the season, the time is tomorrow night. That’s when the Lady Bulldogs drop in on the Beaumont Cougars. Head up Lamb Canyon, show them some support, and buy some Cherry Valley cherries while you’re at it. Rumor has it that they make a good ‘dog treat’ for Hemet bulldogs. But watch out for the pits.

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