Mustang boys get chased by Bulldogs

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Action shot taken during Friday’s game against West Valley.

■ By Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

Whether rain is good or bad luck depends on your view. For the Hemet varsity basketball boys, a little rain went a long way against the West Valley Mustangs. And the rain brought many sports fans into the Ted Smith Gym… mostly folks trying to escape the weekend storm. But they got a good show as a result, from both the boys and the cheerleader girls. While it wasn’t exactly a sold-out crowd, there was no shortage of Bulldog (and Mustang) pride as the game got underway.
The Bulldogs took a little over a minute to take the first two points in the first period… Admittedly from a Mustang foul, but from there Hemet’s winning ways immediately became apparent. The Mustangs picked up a pair of points, but the Bulldogs dropped in a whopping 20!
The second period proved to be another winner for Hemet, as the boys took another 17 points. But the Mustangs finally started getting into their groove, snagging 13. But it would prove to take more than that to undo the boys in red.
After a red, white and gold performance by the Bulldog cheerleaders, period three got going. And while the intensity stuck around, both teams encountered a bit of trouble; the dogs powered through a rough period and picked up 12 points, whereas the Mustangs’ score increased by just three.
Going into the final period, things for the Mustangs were not looking up, except for looking up the nose of a 31-point deficit. The intensity hit its boiling point at the 6:32 mark, with some players getting a little heated. But both teams got past the heat of the moment to finish strong… At least Hemet did, adding 23 points to their count, West Valley 20. With a win of 69-41, Hemet had properly recovered from last week’s loss to San Jacinto.
For Coach Jared Wells, the past two games have seen his Bulldogs’ finest action: “West Valley’s always a tough team; they’re very young, they’ve got three or four very solid sophomores. We’re 10-9 this year, every game’s been a battle. We’re all about defense, and I think we showed it again tonight holding them to 15 points at halftime.”
As for letting the game get away for a horrible spell, Wells admits the Mustang boys are “a very good young team.”
You may want to hit the gas station before tomorrow, as the boys will follow the Lady Bulldogs up Lamb Canyon as Hemet tries to leave Beaumont feeling blue tomorrow night. Just note, you’ll want to give yourself extra time; Interstate 10 and Beaumont Avenue jam every Friday afternoon. Actually, that’s every afternoon come to think of it…

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