Shellie Milne’s trip to Washington, DC

Dear Editor:

I read and appreciated Shellie Milne’s article about her trip to DC for the inauguration and how we, as Americans, should appreciate the constitutionally established office of President of the United States. This appreciation does not extend to the current holder of that office who I neither appreciate, respect nor trust.
My central concern with the Trump regime is Trump’s growing dependence on Steve Bannon, an alt right/alt reality neo-fascist and Trump’s admiration for Russia’s Putin, another neo-fascist. The most dramatic step so far toward a fascist-style government here is replacing on the ‘Management Team’ of the National Security Council, the leaders of the military and intelligence communities with Bannon: and this taking place under the smoke screen of the ‘no Muslims’ order which was issued earlier on the same day. The changes to the Security Council is a move that gives the Alt right/Alt reality movement more power to shape and limit the information that goes to Congress, the press and us; and worse, added Bannon (a real fascist) to the NSC.
The military and intelligence communities are the most adamant supporters and protectors of our democratic institutions; Bannon is definitely not. This is the first REAL move toward Trump becoming our first fascist dictator.
Thanks for reading this letter

Bob Burns

Here’s my response to Mr & Mrs Dickinson’s letter
(Jan. 26, 17)– “Trump’s election should be declared illegal.”

Dear Editor:

Your heartbreak over your candidate’s loss is understandable. Having voted in 14 Presidential Elections, I have ‘been where you are’ many times. Nobody’s candidates always win. …But to your points:
The Electoral College was established because our Founding Fathers, in their wisdom, recognized that electing presidents by popular vote would give major population centers control over elections. Voters across our vast nation would have no voice. For the same reason, the number of U.S. Senators is the same for little Rhode Island as it is for California.
Hillary’s labeled “basket of deplorables” turned in 63 million (round number) votes for Trump; she gained just 2.8  million more. Does that really sound like “so little of the popular vote”?
While most candidates for the Presidency choose to release their tax statements, there is no law requiring they do so. Tell me, were you as concerned about all the foreign funds pouring in for the Clinton and Obama elections?
Trump did say he thought Obama wasn’t born in the US–which he later retracted, but that was an opinion, not a lie. Lying is what Hillary did, perjuring herself before the FBI and the Benghazi Committee, for starters.
Please find a better news source. You obviously aren’t getting ‘fair and balanced’ reporting. Check out the Wall Street Journal, Christian Science Monitor, NewsMax, or try watching Fox News. There must be a reason they have more viewers than all the others combined.

Carolyn Straub

Election of the President and the Electoral College

Dear Editor:

How is it that a person exhibiting openly and cynically as many failings of character imaginable in a human being can now occupy the highest office in the land?  Can it be that the electoral system in the United States needs some rework, especially after the losing candidate received more than 3 million popular votes than the candidate who was declared the winner, truly in the fashion of a third-world country where elections are manipulated and high-jacked in the most vulgar of ways.
In a democracy or where there is rule of the majority, the candidate with the most votes should be the winner.  In this country however, the Electoral College that was created by the founding fathers as a compromise established in the Constitution between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by popular vote of a qualified citizenry, decided the election in favor of an un-qualified Donald Trump. Is it time for a change in the Electoral College system?
Each state has an equal amount of electoral votes as the sum of congresspersons and two senators for that state, so the candidate that receives the most popular votes gets all the electoral votes. Some states’ electorate will align more closely with a given candidate because the promises he or she makes are more to the liking of that particular populace, not necessarily the entire country, whether or not those promises can be fulfilled, is another matter.
In 2012, Barack Obama received 6 million more popular votes than Mitt Romney that gave him 332 electoral votes.  In 2008, Obama got 10 million more popular votes than John McCain, giving him 365 electoral votes.  Clearly Obama was voted into office by the people in both elections.
Some voices have already come out stating that Trump is an illegitimate president because he did not receive a majority of popular votes and his Electoral College triumph is a result of pandering to the needs and prejudices of the voters in states with a significant number of Electoral College votes.
The most interesting and long term negative aspect of this election is represented by those who voted for Trump.  My thoughts are that since his speeches are full of the racist, homophobic and misogynistic rhetoric, legal and illegal immigration issues, false trade inequities, foreign affairs, political incorrectness, feuds with the media and in general the establishment, his defiance of commonly and long standing accepted moral and ethical standards, his cynicism and disrespect of anyone that disagrees with him, etc., he played up to voters with the same  non-values, unconcerned with the importance for the entire country of casting their vote for an outrageous person that should never have been a presidential candidate.
The result of this shameful election – perhaps past elections too – should give us pause to reflect on our electoral system and make changes that reflect the present makeup of a complex and modern American society – certainly not the same as 230 years ago.
In a true democracy, the people should always decide who their President will be, however, in case anyone has forgotten, Donald Trump who publicly and cynically admitted to groping women in their private parts, claimed to be very smart when he was accused of not paying taxes, never denied accusations that he refused to pay his suppliers, sending many into bankruptcy, accepted that he made a killing when the housing bubble burst leaving many working class people to live on the street, etc., is now the President of the United States of America thanks to the Electoral College and not the people.
Especially bewildering is the fact that Donald Trump has effectively mesmerized with his demagoguery, millions of voters both men and women, from all walks of life, of good and bad will, into believing that his promises can be fulfilled without dire consequences for the country, when they are nothing more than thoughtless utterances of an ill prepared man to be the Commander in Chief of the most powerful and influential country in the world. The damage to the people of this country will be readily apparent in the immediate future, we only need to dig into history to find other men with the same profile that destroyed their respective countries.
We urgently need to analyze our Electoral College system to determine what  rectification is needed to avoid another Trump disaster.

God protect the United States of America.

Emmett Campbell

Thanks and get a life

Well, Thank You God for the rain, we needed it, you gave it to us and THANK YOU!
Secondly, to all the cry babies who are moaning, crying and marching in the streets because Trump is now president, hear this: I had to suffer for eight years because you all elected an arrogant community organizer to be your former president and while I did not vote for him, Trump is the duly elected president of the United States. He works in the oval office no matter who says he is an illegitimate president. The Constitution of the United States makes him the president, so stop your whining and move on.
Thirdly, to all the illegal aliens who think they have a right to be here because you paid a human smuggler to get you across the border — leave now before you get processed out without the opportunity to come here legally. There are millions of legal immigrants who have filled out papers, learned English, and want to become Americans who are waiting in line for 10 years for a visa to come here. America is a country with a generous legal immigration policy.
Fourth, you are still not safer with Measure U. The chief of the Hemet Police Department, Emperor Supreme Dave Brown, set up the Hemet police to do enforcement against pedestrians and bicyclists. You thought you were going to get the aggressive homeless off the streets, you thought the really bad crooks would be locked up, but it was all a lie. You are still not safer and now the Hemet Police Department is squandering Measure U funds to go after people who have no money or they would have a car. Ka-ching, Ka-ching, Ka-ching is heard at the bank when Brown’s $300,000+ (yearly) paychecks go into the bank and soon you get to pay taxes for the squandering of Measure U money.
They say there is a fool born every minute, but why do they become Hemet voters?


Bracha Sarah Meyerowitcz

[Editor’s Note: The Valley Chronicle doesn’t necessarily share the views of its readers. It is our understanding and hope that the U.S. Congress will be working on a fair, equitable and humane plan to address the many complex issues surrounding immigration and the millions of hard-working undocumented people who reside within the country.]

Response to the Dickinsons

Dear Editor,

In response to Katie and Jerry Dickinson’s “Letter to the Editor” appearing in the Valley Chronicle’s January 26-February 1 column, it is quite obvious the Dickinsons are not Trump supporters and still have bitter feelings over the results of our recent presidential election.
To start with, just because you do not “agree” with the opposing viewpoints of others does not make them a liar.
If you knew and understand our Constitution of the United States, you would know that President Donald Trump’s election is in point of fact legal.  I refer you to Article II, Paragraph 2 and following paragraphs of the United States Constitution which explains in some detail how the Electoral College works.  This process was slightly modified by the twelfth amendment, but in neither case is a “popular vote” mentioned.  If further explanation of this process is required, Mr. Alexander Hamilton writings under the pseudonym “Publus” did a much better job than I can in theFederalist Papers, Number 68 titled “The Mode of Electing the President”.  Copies of both the United States Constitution and the Federalist Papers are available throughout Riverside County from bookstores and the public libraries.  You should understand the “Electoral College” is absolutely necessary to safe-guard the election process whereby ALL the people get a say in voting (which was recognized by our Founding Fathers).  This is not a popularity contest.  In a Popular vote, votes of the people in the smaller States of the Union would not count.

Henry Blackadar

Needed new Hemet Post Office

Dear Editor,

Over the years a chorus of us have brought up the need for the feds to work with our Hemet city leaders and replace the current Hemet Post Office .  The former GTE/Verizon property south of the City Hall currently has a “For Sale” sign.  Maybe we could get Congressman Ruiz and other movers and shakers involved in our efforts to accomplish relocating the post office to that location.  The GTE/Verizon property being adjacent to City Hall might be well received and that location keeps our main post office close to the core of city.  If decision makers do not like the GTE/Verizon location, we have other available properties (some with a building) that could be considered.
It is time to get seriously committed to the replacement of our decades old main postal facility.   Just think how much the population has increased since the current post office was opened.  Per www.censusviewer.com , the City’s population, just between 2000 and 2010,  increased by 19,806 (33.65%).  And now, another six to seven years have come and gone!  We also need to take into consideration the increase in county-residents who use the post office.
In the interim, our local Postmaster needs to procure and expend funds to improve the landscaping and hardscape of the facility.  I, for one, do not perceive a demonstration of pride for the appearance of our post office.  When I was in school district administration, we took every effort to keep the appearance of our schools sharp:  parking lots slurry sealed, red and blue curbs, etc. painted, signage in good shape, planters maintained, etc. because we felt more than 50% of the community perceived the quality of the school district to be high, based solely on curb appeal.   The quality of a town’s post office says a great deal about the community.
If those in leadership positions desire community involvement with an effort to get a better post office, I would be willing to serve.

Tom Garnella, Ed.D.

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