Where’s Haney?

Disappearance of woman related to Soboba homicide raises more questions for family

Riverside County Sheriff’s Department
Kathleen Haney, 56, is still missing after her van was found on fire on the Soboba Indian Reservation.

■ By Kyle Selby / Reporter

It has been over a week, and pregnant Michelle Marinez is desperate for answers. Her mother, Kathleen Haney, 56, has been missing since last Sunday, Jan. 22, after her silver Chrysler Town & Country was found on fire at the Soboba Indian Reservation. Nearby, not 20 to 30 feet from the van, Haney’s youngest daughter’s boyfriend, 26-year-old Kah “Kyle” Cagey, was found dead, partially buried in a riverbed.
Marinez says that her mother drove Cagey and her sister Stephanie Seeley (Cagey’s girlfriend) to a local liquor store Sunday night, where they met with Angela Holt, Marinez’s cousin. Seeley exited the van and left with Holt while Kathleen offered to give Cagey a ride to the Soboba Casino, where he was supposed to collect money from an “uncle,” to pay for the motel room he, Seeley and Holt were staying in.
Marinez disclosed that there is surveillance footage of the transaction between Cagey and his “uncle” (Marinez found that the two were not actually related after speaking with authorities), while Haney gambled during the exchange. It was around that time that Haney called Seeley to tell her that she couldn’t find Cagey in the casino. While still on the phone, Haney and Cagey reunited and were preparing to leave when Seeley told her mother that she was on her way to meet them there.
“She said, ‘OK,’” said Marinez of her mother. “It only took Stephanie 20 minutes from where she was to get to the casino, and my mom’s van was gone. This was at 9:30. After that, we don’t know what happened.”
Marinez says that the casino’s surveillance did not identify anybody else getting into the vehicle, and the last shot in their surveillance range showed only Cagey and Haney in the van as they entered the reservation. Just hours later, Marinez says a non-Indian “citizen” called in the fire.
An investigation by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department’s Homicide Unit began the following Monday morning, around 6:39 am. Riverside County Sheriff’s Sergeant Walter Mendez determined the fire to be “suspicious in nature,” and confirmed that Cagey’s death has been classified as a homicide.
Marinez says that she spoke to a resident who lives on the reservation, and watched as two burned vehicles were towed away that morning.

Photo source: Facebook
26, Kah “Kyle” Cagey’s body was found shot, burned, and buried in a ravine near Haney’s van.

“She said, ‘well who does the other car belong to?’” Marinez recalled. “I said, ‘what other car?’ She said, ‘they were towing two vehicles off that were burned.’ I went, ‘what?’ They didn’t tell me that.” Marinez would come to find that Cagey’s phone was found inside the other vehicle, which belonged to Cagey’s cousin, who was murdered just days before him. Marinez believes that her mother and Cagey entered the reservation to retrieve the other vehicle, because they didn’t have any other reason to be there.
According to Marinez, Cagey’s mother informed Seeley that Cagey’s body was found shot four times and burned. Additionally, the remains of a burned dog were found in Haney’s van as well, a dog that did not belong to either of them. As far as Marinez knows, nothing belonging to her mother has been recovered from the scene.
“I have a really strong feeling that my mom is somewhere on their reservation,” declared Marinez. She believes that her mother was only collateral damage, being witness to whatever happened to Kyle. Currently, Haney is considered to be an at-risk missing person. She has also been informed that the Sheriff’s Department is not actively investigating the reservation any longer, and are waiting to follow any leads instead.
Haney had planned to gain custody of Seeley’s four young children, as Seeley is expected to be admitted into rehab this week for heavy drug use. Now, Marinez plans to obtain custody, and had hoped that her mother would be there to see the birth of her next child, who’s due any day now. “All I want is my mother, I don’t care about nothing else.”
Anyone with information regarding this investigation or the whereabouts of Haney can contact Investigator Jose Vasquez of the Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit at (760) 393-3529. Callers can refer to incident file number D170230024 and can remain anonymous. Citizens may also submit a tip using the Sheriff’s Homicide Tipline online form.

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  1. Where’s my Mom at ,she was my mom ,were not cop callers we won’t talk to the feds ,fuck the government,just please please give us her remains so we can bury her for our kids her grandkids ,it’s gonna be my mom’s 57 birthday on March 29,you would want us to give you your mom’s remains wouldn’t you ,bring her down off of there I don’t want her soul to be trapped up there it’s not right she didn’t deserve it,she was loyal,caring,giving, loving, hopelessly devoted,she was what a real Wife,Mother,Aunt, Sister,Friend was one in a million,the last of a dying breed,iam almost positive you could give to shits about her or her family but find it somewhere in ur hearts to set her Free,!!!!!!,Until we meet again I Love You Mom,Try in rest peacefully oxoxox,,,,,,,,,, Please Consider

  2. Someone that knows what happened needs to Come Forward (Even Anonymously) ATLEAST give this Ladies Family PEACE!!! If her body is out there … it needs to be Found ….and LAID TO REST!!!

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