Lady Mustangs flush out the Rattlers

West Valley’s Girls Water Polo team blew Rancho Mirage out of the water at home Jan 30, 14-2

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Action shot taken during the Jan. 30 game against Rancho Mirage. The Mustangs defeated the Rattlers 14-2.

■ Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

You wouldn’t expect kids to hop in the pool during the winter months…but now that temperatures have been in the 70s this week, it’s not so surprising. This is especially true when your competition comes from West Valley’s Varsity Water Polo Girls Team facing off against Rancho Mirage on Jan. 30, and despite the Rattlers’ desert pedigree, the heat was on them.
Through the first half, the Mustangs had the scoreboard to themselves, scoring six points in the first quarter and adding one in the second.
Those winning ways continued in the second half, with the Mustangs adding four points in the third quarter before the Rattlers gained a point themselves. Then the Mustangs finished the quarter with a fifth and a sixth point.
The Rattlers would open the final quarter with their second point. But this would hardly make a ding against the Lady Mustangs, who took the game 14-2.
Goalkeeper Kendra Whitmore praised her team’s recent improvements in execution: “We actually came back really strong this time, last time it was more of a high score for them.”
Kendra cites teammates Raylee, Kyla, Mallory and Jetta as being key players in this strong showing against Rancho Mirage. “I have an amazing team, I’m so lucky to have the defense I have.”
The Mustangs are now 12-9 for the season and 3-2 in league, and will be swimming laps to prime for their next game against the visiting Beaumont Cougars. It’s interesting that the big cats would enjoy being in the water…

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