Lady Bobcats take basketball championship from Diamondbacks

The Monte Vista Girls Basketball took the Valley League title from Diamond Valley, 26-18

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
Action shot taken during Thursday’s championship.

■ Corey Evan / Sports Reporter

Middle school sports seasons are notoriously short, so if you blink you’ll miss it. A standing-room only crowd at Monte Vista Middle School in San Jacinto didn’t miss their girls’ basketball championship against Diamond Valley of Hemet, as the two young teams vied for The Valley League title.
The first quarter was a slow start, but home court advantage gave Monte Vista the early edge, allowing them to take the score to 5-0. Both teams had trouble holding onto the ball through the second quarter, but the crowd continued to show these girls their support. The Bobcats took on another four points, whereas the Diamondbacks… didn’t.
After halftime, which included a quick trip to the snack bar, our championship teams started picking up the pace, as the Bobcats brought in 12 more points. Diamond Valley also got on the big board this quarter with one mighty point. Hey, at least that’s something! Could the Lady Diamondbacks slither their way back from this 20-point deficit to take victory from Monte Vista?
They sure gave it their all in their final quarter, as the Lady Bobcats struggled to maintain their rhythm. But despite a strong 17-point fourth quarter, the D-backs had to admit defeat as the Bobcats took the title… for the second year running.
Bobcat Sydney Woodley expressed her gratitude to teammates Jasmine and Trinity. “We play travel with each other, and Valley-wide with each other,” said Woodley. She also says they supported each other on the court and on the bench. Great teamwork!
So, how long will Monte Vista’s girls hold onto the Valley League trophy? How will Monte Vista do in spring sports? And if their girls win a third year in a row, will the Bobcats change their mascot to the Turkeys? Until the answers to these questions are made known, congratulations are owed to the girls on both teams for making it here today.

Photo by Corey Evan / The Valley Chronicle
The Lady Bobcats pose for photos after taking The Valley League title for the second year in a row.

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  1. Where can we pick up this issue of the paper. Wanted to hand it out to some of my players and their parents.

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